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Heal the world

We can all make a difference

Dr. King manipulates energy invoked by pilgrims on a holy mountain through the use of yoga mudras (hand signs)

It sounds too good to be true – and yet true indeed it is: we can all help to heal the world! Far more in fact than we may ever have dreamt possible. And one thing is certain: the world sure needs healing.

It doesn’t take a great intellect to see just how troubled this world is. Disease, confusion, depression, hate, violence – and so on – plague almost every inhabited corner of Earth. And why? Because of us human beings.

You might say: “Not me – I don’t cause any of those things.” And maybe you don’t, but we are all part of the human race upon this planet and therefore inseparable from those who do. Not doing any active harm is of course better than the reverse – but it is still not enough. Nor is self-improvement on its own enough – however spiritual it may be. To heal the world, we have to go out of our way to help others to bring about a positive change in their lives as well. There are many ways to do this – and many wonderful people – of all the great religions, and even of no religion – who perform various kinds of invaluable service in this respect.

Spiritual energy can change the world

In The Aetherius Society one of the key ways we help to heal the world is through sending out spiritual energy. This is not about spirituality for its own sake, but is a vital and extremely practical form of service. Spiritual energy can heal others in mind and body – and most importantly also raise consciousness thereby helping people to rise above the weaknesses of greed, materialism, violent emotion, hate, jealousy, desire for vengeance and so on.

One of the best and simplest ways to do this is through prayer, especially dynamic prayer based on yogic principles, as was taught by Dr. George King. Prayer is so much more than just “asking God for a favor which he may or may not answer depending on how much he loves you.” This is nonsense. Prayer is about channeling spiritual energy from the Divine Source through yourself and directing it to bring about a predetermined end which is unselfish and wholly spiritual. The quantity and quality of this energy – and also how well it is directed – determine how effective the prayer is. As such, prayer should be viewed as both natural and scientific – but a higher form of nature and science than contemporary orthodoxy is currently able to appreciate.

In The Aetherius Society we gather together, often several times a week, to invoke and radiate this sacred power. Anyone sympathetic to Aetherius Society teachings and values is welcome to join us at one of our services to observe how this is done, or to take part. As well as prayer, mantra, which is in fact the highest form of prayer, also forms an integral part of these services, since it is a potent way of raising vibration and attracting spiritual energy. In addition to this, The Twelve Blessings also constitute a key part of many of our services, since this unique practice is a beautiful, balanced way of sending out healing energy to the world as a whole.

We also run pilgrimages, around the world, to the 19 mountains charged with spiritual energy by Cosmic Intelligences and Ascended Masters in Operation Starlight (1958-61). Anyone with an unselfish motive can access the colossal powers in these holy places and transmit them outwards to our suffering world, to help bring about healing, upliftment, enlightenment, peace and freedom.

Operation Prayer Power and the four other Cosmic Missions performed by the Society are the most significant forms of world healing the Society is involved with because they are dependent on direct co-operation with the Gods from space, and involve the release of large quantities of high quality energy directed by them.

Improving world karma

Anther aspect of world healing, inextricably linked to the methods touched upon above, is changing world karma. The more good we do – the more service we perform – the better the karma. The better each individual’s karma, the better the karma of the world. Improving world karma has a direct effect on conditions on Earth, and also, related to this, on how much the Gods from space are allowed to intervene on our behalf, helping us, albeit behind the scenes as it were, in our spiritual evolution.

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