What we believe

The Society’s beliefs cover a very wide spectrum of philosophy, religion, metaphysics and the spiritual sciences, including the following key concepts:

Selfless service to others

Service to others, also known as “karma yoga”, is the greatest spiritual practice anyone can perform. This is the most important aspect of The Aetherius Society’s work and teachings.


Far from just being a way to stay fit and healthy, or even a relaxation technique, yoga is in fact a profound and ancient spiritual philosophy with enlightenment and selflessness at its core.

Spiritual energy, prayer and healing

Prayer on Mount Baldy

Sending out energy through prayer on a holy mountain

Spiritual energy is no less real than electricity and operates according to natural laws. It can help to heal, inspire, guide, bless and protect whoever it is directed to.

We can all learn to invoke and transmit this light energy – this love energy – to help ourselves, individuals in need, and most importantly, the world as a whole.

Dynamic prayer is not about requesting a favor from a whimsical deity, but about attracting spiritual energy to oneself and directing it to a focal point to bring about positive change. Mantra – the recitation of holy sounds – is also a great way to invoke and transmit this mystical power.

Spiritual healing works in a similar way and can be learnt by anyone.

The Divine within

The essence of us all, and of everything in creation, is Divine – a spark of God.

We all come from the Divine source – and we will all eventually return to this source. It is known by many names – God, Brahma, Jehovah etc, and is described differently by different faiths. It is eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing. It exists everywhere – and it is everything. In fact, it is more even than that.

By correctly navigating our own personal journey through experience, we evolve and become increasingly aware of our Divine nature. As a result we gain greater and greater enlightenment, and also greater and greater spiritual powers which can be used in selfless service to others.

Intuition and psychic powers

It is possible for all of us to develop our intuition and innate psychic ability through service and yogic self-development techniques.

The Mother Earth

The Mother Earth is a living Goddess who is sacrificing her own evolution to provide a home for humankind – a backward and often barbaric race. The Aetherius Society works in various ways to help her in this self-appointed task – a task of unimaginable self-sacrifice.

Extraterrestrial life

Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist on other planets in this solar system. Science as we know it has not detected this life because it exists at higher frequencies of vibration on these planets. In The Aetherius Society these beings are sometimes termed “Cosmic Masters”, or even “Gods”, in deference to their high state of spiritual evolution.

In great compassion and self-sacrifice, they help humankind on Earth in countless ways. Without them we would have long since perished.

Certain Cosmic Masters have in the past chosen to be born among us in Earth bodies in order to give teaching and other forms of essential assistance. The Master Jesus, the Lord Buddha, Sri Patanjali, Sri Krishna, Confucius and Lao Zi were such beings.

The Aetherius Society cooperates directly with the Cosmic Masters in the performance of five Cosmic Missions, including Operation Prayer Power.

Intelligent life also exists beyond this solar system – some worlds being more advanced than our own, some less advanced – some extraterrestrial intelligences being benevolent, and others hostile.


Some so-called “unidentified flying objects” have in fact been identified as extraterrestrial spacecraft. These have been visiting Earth for millennia; in the Bible they are described in various ways including “cloud”, “star” and “flying scroll”, and in the Hindu scripts there is a specific term for them: vimana.

Karma and reincarnation

Karma is not about punishment, but about learning. Karma is the great cosmic teacher which gives us the lessons we need in order to advance in our journey through spiritual evolution.

Between incarnations we spend a period of time on another “plane” ( also referred to as another  “realm”). This is part of Earth but exists at a different frequency of vibration. When, after many lives, we have learnt all the lessons provided by reincarnation, we are allowed to leave this “wheel of rebirth” and start a higher experience cycle on another planet as a Cosmic Master. Some people choose to sacrifice this opportunity to remain on Earth as an Ascended Master.

Due to the wrong thought and action of humankind for millennia, the balance of world karma at present is not good. This prevents more direct intervention from the Cosmic Masters, such as an open landing in a major city.

Much of The Aetherius Society’s work  is done specifically in order to improve world karma, especially through the Cosmic Missions it is instrumental in performing.