The Aetherius Society has two journals – Cosmic Voice and The Aetherius Society Newsletter (now The Aetherius Society E-Newsletter). Since the Society began in 1955, sometimes we have produced a single journal under one of these names, and sometimes two separate journals – one under each name.

You are welcome to apply to subscribe to The Aetherius Society E-Newsletter and Cosmic Voice, which keep you up-to-date with Aetherius Society news and also focus on various aspects of our teachings and history. The Aetherius Society E-Newsletter is emailed to subscribers monthly in PDF format, and at least one edition of Cosmic Voice is mailed out to subscribers per year.
How to subscribe to our E-Newsletter and Cosmic Voice

Archival journals
A large number of archival editions of our journals are also available – some in digital format, some in hardcopy format, and some in both. These serve as an invaluable historical account of the Society’s development since 1955 – and are packed with life-changing spiritual teachings.
Archival journals – books, booklets and ebooks
Archival journals – digital copies (CDs & emailed PDFs)
Recent back issues – hardcopies, please contact us to arrange this.

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How to subscribe to our E-Newsletter and Cosmic Voice

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Archival Journals – Books & Booklets

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Archival Journals – Individual Digital Copies

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