UFOs and Extraterrestrial life

Extraterrestrial life definitely exists, and beings from other planets have visited – and continue to visit – our world.

What are UFOs?

Extraterrestrial intelligences visit our skies in spacecraft which are sometimes, rather clumsily, referred to as “flying saucers”, “cigar-shaped objects” or “UFOs”.

The term “UFO” – “unidentified flying object” – is often inappropriate since many so-called “UFOs” have clearly been identified as vehicles from other worlds. The overwhelming body of evidence for the visitation of extraterrestrial beings to Earth in this way – including literally tens of thousands of eyewitness accounts – should be enough to convince any skeptic that we are not alone in the universe.

Some people have had spectacular sightings, clearly seeing a craft, and occasionally even extraterrestrial beings. But most sightings are limited to distant lights in the skies. Often there is a conventional explanation – such as Chinese lanterns. But often there is not. There is nothing irrational about seeing a craft from another planet, and the idea that “we are not alone” is becoming ever more common.

How do you identify a UFO?

UFO or flying saucer in the sky

Of course not all UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft – each case must be judged on its own merit. However, here are some simple guidelines to help distinguish the sighting of an extraterrestrial spacecraft from the sighting of a plane, helicopter, ordinary satellite, comet, star etc.

  • Did it dramatically change its speed?
  • Did it suddenly change direction at a sharp angle?
  • Did it change size?
  • Did it flicker in and out, as if appearing and disappearing in quick succession, in a way that could not be explained simply by flashing lights? (Many craft do this – possibly because they are moving from one plane of existence to another very quickly)

Higher planes of existence

There is intelligent life on other planets within this Solar System, but it exists at a frequency of vibration which is higher than the frequency of vibration of the plane that we inhabit on Earth.

If, for example, NASA were to send astronauts to Venus, they would not discover any signs of Venusian civilization unless the intelligences on Venus chose in some way to make their existence known to them. If, however, a great adept of yoga were to consciously leave the body and project to a plane of Venus that is inhabited, he or she would be able to see that Venus is in fact teeming with life. Such a plane would be physical – but a higher form of physicality than our physical senses or science as we know it is currently able to detect.

What are extraterrestrial beings in this Solar System like?

Our planetary neighbors do not fight and scheme against one another as is the norm upon Earth. Murder, theft, racism, greed, cruelty, war etc. – are entirely alien to them. They have no countries – and travel freely between planets. Their whole outlook is one of selfless compassion based on cooperation with the Laws which are God. They do not reincarnate like we do; they have mastered the “wheel of rebirth” and are therefore effectively immortal – though they may change their physical structures from time to time. They have colossal psychic powers, and, more importantly, perfect intuition which works in complete harmony with a flawless sense of logic. They are masters of all known sciences, and also masters of what we might call the arts. They are sometimes referred to as “Cosmic Masters”, or even “Gods from Space”, in deference to their elevated evolutionary status.

Aetherius Society philosophy and teachings come largely from highly advanced intelligences from the higher planes of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Cosmic Masters help humankind as much as the Law of Karma allows. As well as giving spiritual teachings, the Cosmic Masters have also gone out of their way to assist us in other ways, including providing us with sources of much-needed spiritual energy which would not otherwise be available to us.

The contacts of Dr. George King

Dr. George King is not the only person in history to have had contacts with beings from other worlds, but he is definitely one of the most remarkable. He was in contact with the Cosmic Masters from 1954, aged 35, until his death in 1997. During this 43-year period he received a vast amount of spiritual teaching from these intelligences in various ways, including by telepathy, and also by entering a positive trance condition and allowing them to speak through him. The teachings given in this way are termed “Cosmic Transmissions” – of which there are more than 600, the vast majority of which have been recorded for posterity, and many of which appear in print as well. Dr. King also saw and met certain Cosmic Masters, and visited an extraterrestrial spacecraft known as “Satellite Number 3” in a projected state.

The political system adopted on the more advanced planets, can be correctly summed up as… a compassionate system of spiritual welfare offered to all in need.

There are no caste systems or social positions on these planets nor do they recognise any on the other planets that they visit. They do, however, hold their spiritual Masters in great reverence. GOD IS ALL – ALL IS GOD – irrespective of planet, colour, race or creed or position. Such philosophies, which form the basis of all their actions, have rid the planet forever of ignorance, fear, want, war, disease and political snake-bite-snake methods so “enjoyed” by backward terrestrials!

Dr. George King


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