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God and the Gods

What is God?

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

God is known by many names – the Absolute, Jehovah, Brahma, Spirit, Divinity, the Divine, the Creator, and the Divine Architect being those commonly used in Aetherius Society teachings. All the great religions worship the same God under different names – interpreting God in different ways, and focusing on different aspects of what God is. Regrettably, however, sometimes religious teachings wrongly attribute basic, all-too-human flaws to their image of God – portraying God as a wrathful, jealous, vengeful being who smites his enemies.

God is not an old man with a long white beard on a cloud who sends people he likes to eternal heaven and people he doesn’t to eternal hell, answering or ignoring prayers according to his whims. Nor does God favor people of one religion over another – and certainly not people of one country or race over another. Someone’s spiritual advancement is not determined by a membership card, a passport or skin color – but by the love in their hearts, and the wisdom in their minds, which they put into active service to others in dedication to a higher principle.

God is not a person – because God is above that. God as creator is sometimes termed “he,” and God as preserver is sometimes termed “she” – but God as God is neither he nor she but both of these and much more, hence the pronoun “it” is sometimes used.

God is all – and yet more even than that – because as well as being everything in creation, God is also above creation. God is eternal and infinite – and yet more timeless than eternity and more vast than infinity. The essence of everything in creation is Divine – and the meaning of life is to realize this Divinity, and to ever more closely reflect its supreme perfection; to shed the limitations which God has imposed upon itself – and let the wondrous light within shine forth to all.

The laws of creation are not just created by God – but are God. God is the true laws of physics; God is logic; God is the law of karma. Everything in creation happens within the confines of God’s great laws. Some of these laws may seem “scientific” and others “spiritual” – but this is a man-made distinction, and all these laws are in fact perfectly in harmony with one another – and ultimately all laws are one.

The laws of God are not laws of punishment and reward, and cannot be twisted or escaped or misused like the laws of man – because they are natural laws which are the very framework of manifestation.

God is simplicity. God is love. God is life. But most of all: God simply – is.

One of the finest descriptions for God, as the Absolute, is in the twelfth of The Twelve Blessings.

Who are the Gods?

The term “Gods” is used in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it has been used to describe the devic kingdom or the Ascended Masters, but, in The Aetherius Society, it is most commonly used to describe the Cosmic Masters (e.g. the Master Jesus, the Master Aetherius, Mars Sector 6) – beings from other worlds who are both technologically and spiritually much more advanced than we are. The term “God” is used because they are God-conscious. By obeying the laws which are God, they have realized their Divinity to a much higher degree than we can even conceive of at our current low level of development.

Like the Gods of ancient religion and myth, they come to Earth from the skies, and are capable of what appear to be supernatural miraculous feats of magic. But, in actual fact, these feats are not supernatural – they are simply higher applications and manifestations of natural principles which we do not yet understand. The ability to perform miracles is not a gift randomly bestowed by God, it is something which we can all learn and master – though it may take us many lives of experience to do so.

Above the level of a Cosmic Master, is the Mother Earth herself, who is a living, breathing Goddess – a being of incomprehensible compassion, power and wisdom. And greater even than her, is the mighty Sun – shining life-giver of the Solar System. The Lords of Karma are also sometimes referred to as Gods; these are the elevated beings upon whom we depend for experience itself – experience being what we need to return to the Divine source from which we all came.

* * *

The Aetherius Society is unusual in being monotheistic, pantheistic and polytheistic. It is monotheistic in its belief in one God as the Absolute behind all creation. It is pantheistic in its belief that this God is the essence of all things, in all places, at all times. And it is polytheistic in its belief in advanced beings, conscious of their Divinity, who are sometimes termed Gods. In addition to this, there is a great reverence for the Goddess Earth. Some religions may regard these beliefs as mutually exclusive, but in Aetherius Society teachings, each fits harmoniously with the other without contradiction.

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