Operation Prayer Power

What is it?

Operation Prayer Power is a mission designed by Dr. George King to invoke spiritual energy, store it in a spiritual power battery, and release it in a concentrated form when it is needed. 

This concentrated form of spiritual energy can be used to bring about ecological balance as well as relief from suffering for people who have been affected by war, natural disasters, humanitarian crises and so on. 

Spiritual energy is put into the specially-designed battery during regular “charging sessions,” using mantra and dynamic prayer – a technique devised by Dr. King. This requires concentration, deep feeling and reverence in order to invoke the right quality of spiritual energy, and as much of it as possible.

The battery is a radionic device designed by Dr. King. Inside of it are millions of tiny crystals which contain the energy until it is drawn out again by another radionic device that was also designed by Dr. King. It is then directed to a specific area of the world in need by the Cosmic Masters. 

Who can take part?

All truth-seekers are welcome to come and observe a charging session of Operation Prayer Power.

To actually take part you do not have to be a Member of The Aetherius Society, but you do have to be initiated into the mantras we use, which is simply a matter of listening to a recording by Dr. George King. You would then attend a simple free class to ensure you are reciting the mantras correctly and have a basic understanding of what the Mission is about. After that all you need is a sincere desire to help others, and faith in God...! (Note: If you are attending Operation Prayer Power on Holdstone Down, you will receive the mantras, and be given the basic instruction you require, on the mountain.)

It is a beautiful ritual to observe. It is an even more beautiful one to take part in. With a little practice, any sincere, open-minded person who takes part in Operation Prayer Power will start to feel the energy flowing through them, especially while praying at the battery. 

To people who take part in Operation Prayer Power and put their hearts and souls into this wonderful Cosmic Mission, there can be no doubt that it is something very special, very holy and very powerful.

The more people take part in this Mission, the more energy can be released in this way to bring about peace and healing throughout the world.

Once qualified as an attender, people have a wide variety of experiences during Operation Prayer Power. 

Perhaps the most common experience is feeling a heat or tingling sensation in your hands as the energy flows through the chakras in your palms. This is a powerful affirmation that something is happening, and can even be life changing. Everyone is different of course, but eventually, if you persevere, you will have this experience, usually after attending just a few times.

When is it?

Browse the schedule of Operation Prayer Power charging sessions at the following locations:

Los Angeles, USA

Michigan, USA

London, UK

Barnsley, UK

Auckland, New Zealand

We suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the event if you are attending for the first time.

What to expect during the event

During Operation Prayer Power, there are four 20-minute sessions and there is usually a short break between each one.


The Mantra Team

During each session, the mantra team invoke and radiate spiritual energy by chanting certain sacred sounds, led by a mantra director. To become part of the mantra team, you don’t need to be a member of The Aetherius Society, but you do need to observe an afternoon or evening of Operation Prayer Power, and be initiated into the four mantras we use in this Mission. This initiation is simply a matter of listening to an audio recording of Dr. King giving these mantras, after which any prospective participant can take a short class of about half an hour to an hour to practice the mantras and become a qualified attender.

The Prayer Team

During each session there are three people on the prayer team who take it in turns to pray in front of the battery using the blessings and prayers of The Twelve Blessings. Qualifying to pray at the battery can take years of practice, and is a richly rewarding and exhilarating spiritual experience.

Operation Prayer Power - Prayer Team

The prayer assessor and timekeeper

The energy invoked by the people on the prayer team has to be of a certain quality, which is not easy to achieve. Each prayer is assessed by a qualified prayer assessor, and this assessment, along with careful timing of each blessing and prayer, is used to calculate how much energy has been put into the battery.

What impact has Operation Prayer Power had on the world?

Since this mission began, which was in 1973, there have been dozens of Operation Prayer Power spiritual energy releases to help relieve suffering or ecological crises around the world.

Here are a few examples, taken from the book Contacts with the Gods from Space by Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence.

Note: In some of these examples you will see reference to additional discharges of energy by the Great White Brotherhood and other Masters. In accordance with the Law of Karma, they cannot intervene in terrestrial affairs beyond a certain point. They are literally waiting for our actions to manipulate this Law, which then allows their intervention. Our discharges act virtually as triggers for them to send their power and energy, which is, of course, far greater and more effective than ours.

July 21st – 22nd, 1974

Between 9.30pm and 12.50pm an Operation Prayer Power Battery in London was discharged. Some 542 prayer hours were released during this manipulation. At the time, a vicious war between the Turks and the Greeks was being waged over the island of Cyprus, which threatened the peace of the whole Middle East and possibly the world. The spiritual energy was directed to the peacemakers gathered in the United Nations in New York, as well as on Cyprus, under the threat of the Greek government of an all-out war with Turkey. Within hours after the battery had been discharged, a first ceasefire in the war was accepted by both sides. Further, the Cyprus regime, headed by terrorist gunmen, was forced to quit and a few hours later the seven years of inhuman rule by the military dictatorship of Greece by the so-called ‘Colonels’ also came to an end.

April 23rd, 1981

Three hundred and sixty-three prayer hours from an Aetherius Society prayer battery, and 1,046 prayer hours from a battery of the Great White Brotherhood, were released to Poland. After this discharge, against all the predictions of political experts, the Soviet Union decided not to invade Poland, despite the anti-communist feelings there. This was unprecedented in the history of the Soviet Block up to that date. Poland was later to become the catalyst for the downfall of communism throughout eastern Europe.

September 19th – 21st, 1985

Operation Prayer Power discharges were made to Mexico City after an earthquake of 8.5 Richter Scale magnitude, which consisted of 1,250 prayer hours from The Aetherius Society and 8,626 Prayer Hours from the Great White Brotherhood. Additionally, there was a release of 11,220 Prayer Hours from Satellite No. 3 through the Spiritual Energy Radiator. Mexico City is the largest city in the world in terms of population, with over 17 million people, and is the most densely populated area on this Planet. Despite this, only around 7,000 people were killed, far less than might have been expected. There were numerous reports of miracles, such as Mexican labourers, who often worked 14 to 18 hours without rest for no pay, unexpectedly finding people amidst the rubble when many would have given up, and so on. Expert international rescue teams were also brought into the area. A potentially destructive tidal wave which had been forecast did not materialize.

Operation Prayer Power discharge

Dr. George King directs members of the Great White Brotherhood and the cosmic masters in a coordinated discharge of Operation Prayer Power energies for the earthquake in Algiers in October 1980. 

March 16th, 1986

There was a discharge of Operation Prayer Power energy from the Society’s American Headquarters to alleviate “Tornado Watch” conditions on the west coast of the United States. A total of 350 prayer hours was discharged, after which, tornadoes did not materialize and the storm was not nearly as severe as had been forecast. In fact, even though storms were predicted to continue, the following morning, the sun was shining from a blue, cloudless sky, much to everyone’s amazement.

September 16th, 1988

Three hundred Prayer Hours were discharged to alleviate the predicted devastation from “Hurricane Gilbert.” A further 12,900 prayer hours were released by the Great White Brotherhood and other Masters around the Earth. Despite forecasts that this hurricane would move northward through Texas, it did not, but instead travelled into a relatively uninhabited area and gradually reduced in power. There were many reports of heroic deeds and a massive relief effort was mounted.

January 6th – 8th, 1993

Two separate discharges of over 550 prayer hours each were made following the oil spill of the “Braer” tanker in the Shetlands, Scotland. Despite dire warnings of ecological disaster, the final death toll reported in the press on June 16th 1993, was only 1,542 birds, six otters and no whales. This was in contrast to the “Exxon Valdez” spill in Alaska during 1989 when 300,000 black guillemots alone died, and this spill was only half the amount of oil released by the “Braer” tanker. Some reports described the ecological recovery in the Shetlands as miraculous.

What are people saying about Operation Prayer Power?

From personal experience I can say that regular participation in this Cosmic Mission, improves one's healing abilities and sensitivity to spiritual energy. I can literally feel intense heat on the palms of both hands anytime I take part in the operation.

– Yomi, London

I feel super lucky to have the opportunity to help the world in this way. I'm always buzzing with energy afterwards and feel so much peace.

– Natalie, Los Angeles, USA

To me, Operation Prayer Power is an incredible opportunity to help the world in a very real way. It's amazing to think that we can put energy into a battery that can later be discharged to help people in need somewhere around the world. You actually feel that you're really making a difference in the world by your participation.

– Julian, New Zealand

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Operation Prayer Power

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