Service to others

What does "spiritual" really mean?

Those who have a yearning desire to serve and indeed are doing so, are those who have slain selfishness; are those who are gradually overcoming their lower materialistic aspects; are those who are, sometimes slowly but nevertheless surely, advancing towards Enlightenment.

– Mars Sector 6

You don’t have to be spiritually-minded or even clever to see that our world is in a bad way.

Poverty, violence, disease and environmental turmoil have become a part of everyday life for millions of people, and there don’t seem to be any easy answers.

Lots of good people and organisations are working to improve conditions, but much, much more is needed if we really want to solve the problems that we face.

As the world lurches from one crisis to another, we need to embrace a radically different, more spiritual approach – something that can give us bold, fresh hope for the future.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King said:

It is the spiritual approach which will eventually put this world right, not the political one, not the materialistic one.

But what does “spiritual” really mean?

Some spiritual aspirants choose to retreat from the troubles of the world. They go into the wilderness of the forests or enter mountain ashrams, so that they can go within and focus on their own spiritual enlightenment.

This may have been a good idea hundreds of years ago, but the state of the world today is such that there simply isn’t time to concentrate on our own self-development and inner peace at the expense of the dire immediate needs of the world in crisis around us.

Today, the path to enlightenment is one of service to others. Being spiritual is not about retreating from the world, but about living in the world, helping others in some practical way.

The modern-day spiritual aspirant can live in the hustle and bustle of a city like London or Los Angeles, with all of its problems, but still remain focused on the spiritual path. These “urban buddhas” devote their time to both helping others and going within.

Urban Buddha

The modern-day spiritual aspirant can live in the hustle and bustle of a city like London or Los Angeles.

So, what's the problem?

The real cause of our problems on Earth is two-fold: our karma and our state of consciousness.

Karma - the lessons we need to become wise

Karma is the law of action and reaction. It is not “good,” or “bad,” it is simply a teacher that helps us to become better, wiser people. 

If we try to understand how it operates – and work with it, we can make the most of our experiences and the vital lessons these experiences offer to us. 

Some experiences are extremely difficult; not to punish us, but to teach us. Other experiences may be much easier and more pleasant, and provide us with other essential life lessons. Earth is a classroom providing us with all kinds of different lessons and experiences; suffering is an important teacher, but certainly not the only teacher. 

You can change your karma for the better by helping others – which will ultimately lead to enlightenment and beyond. Along the way you will experience moments of joy but also challenging times, which may prove too much for all but the most determined spiritual worker.

You can also help to change the karma of the world.

Improving world karma has a direct effect on the conditions we face on Earth: environmental disasters, disease, war, poverty etc. It also has a direct effect on how much the Cosmic Masters are allowed to intervene on our behalf – to help us in our spiritual evolution.

Today, we still have many difficult lessons to learn and, as a result, world karma is dire. But, if we all start to think and act in the light of oneness, we can prove we don’t need those lessons – because we have mastered them. 

We can change everything.

Consciousness - our realization of Oneness

Lasting positive change is possible when we listen to the wisdom of our own Higher Self. The Higher Self is that aspect of us which is responsible for inspiration, conscience, selflessness and so forth. 

When we listen to the wise counsel of our Higher Self, we will become better, more compassionate people. Our every thought and action will be motivated by the realization that we are interrelated parts of a greater whole. We will know that God is all.

If you help to raise global consciousness, you will be helping more people to have greater contact with their own Higher Selves. 

People will begin to think differently – more clearly, more wisely and more compassionately. This will lead to unconditional love, detachment from materialism, a selfless yearning to help people who are suffering, etc. And if people begin to think like this, they will begin to act like this too.


When we change our consciousness, we will change the world...!

The wisdom of Oneness

In true meditation you experience a deep state of oneness. In this state, you don’t just believe in oneness, or even feel a sense of oneness; you know from personal experience that we are all “one.”

Those few people who have ever experienced true Cosmic Consciousness know, beyond all doubt, that they are interrelated one with another. They are fully aware that they are but an expression of the One Life which is manifesting Itself through the different sexes, colours and races in order to gain the all essential experience as it gradually makes its way back to its Divine Source. Such a one as this no longer takes pride in being born in this country or that, but rather says with a strong inner conviction: “I belong to the one race of Life!”

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

In the light of oneness, selfless service to others becomes the only logical way to live and act – as logical as your right hand and left hand working together to help your whole being.

In fact, the greater our realization of oneness – the greater our love for all. And the greater our love for all – the greater our desire to serve others. Indeed, service to others is exactly what enlightened men and women have always done. 

Greater and more spiritually evolved beings than ourselves, like the Mother Earth, or the Sun, devote their entire existence to helping others – because of their direct knowledge of God. 

That said, we certainly don’t have to become enlightened before we can start helping others. Helping others is in fact the best way to become enlightened; it’s not just something you do after you get there.

It is the importance of service to others that is the keynote of the message of the greatest spiritual masters who have ever contacted Earth. Selfless service will lead us to enlightenment, and is the solution to all problems facing humanity today.


In true meditation you don’t just believe in oneness, you know that we are all “one.”

Dr. George King

Dr. George King – Your guide to spiritual truth

Dr. George KingDr. King (1919-1997) was a true spiritual master. He devoted himself for 8 to 10 hours per day for 10 years to yoga practice. Not so much hatha yoga asanas for well-being, but practices including mantra yoga, yoga breathing, raja yoga etc to attain enlightenment. 

As a result of his extraordinary spiritual determination he was able to raise kundalini, the mystic power in the base of the spine, and enter the highest state of consciousness you can experience as a mortal on Earth: Cosmic Consciousness. 

Dr. King was extremely active in promoting the path of service to others. But he didn’t just talk about helping others, he dedicated his life to helping the world himself in unique spiritual ways. 

He was a man of action, not theory. He did not believe in detaching from the world and its problems. He knew the practical, selfless action was the key to our salvation:

Dr. George King – Your guide to spiritual truth

Dr. King (1919-1997) was a true spiritual master. He devoted himself for 8 to 10 hours per day for 10 years to yoga practice. Not so much hatha yoga asanas for well-being, but practices including mantra yoga, yoga breathing, raja yoga etc to attain enlightenment. 

As a result of his extraordinary spiritual determination he was able to raise kundalini, the mystic power in the base of the spine, and enter the highest state of consciousness you can experience as a mortal on Earth: Cosmic Consciousness. 

Dr. King was extremely active in promoting the path of service to others. But he didn’t just talk about helping others, he dedicated his life to helping the world himself in unique spiritual ways. 

He was a man of action, not theory. He did not believe in detaching from the world and its problems. He knew the practical, selfless action was the key to our salvation:

Play the extract from Master of Yoga Dr. George King, or read it below.

So, therefore, when I advise you, I am not guessing. I know the path, having trod it successfully.

You have to temper your journey within with true regard for the suffering of your fellow men.

You have to shorten your journey within because of this. 

Because you need to give service. It is essential that you do.

If any man in The Aetherius Society or in the world decides to cut himself off from civilization and go into a retreat so that he can gain ecstatic bliss; if any man hopes that by doing this – and this is a statement of fact – if any man hopes that by doing this to get out of reincarnation, to prepare himself for his ascension, this man will fail.

And I say that not on any terrestrial authority, but on a greater authority than that. The Masters have stated this through myself for some years.

This is one thing that has made some of our teachings unpopular, because they are startlingly true. Not just true, but almost devastatingly true.

We have many responsibilities, and whether we like it or not we are our brother’s keeper.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Dr. King gave hundreds of lectures and addresses to spiritual seekers around the world on many different metaphysical topics including karma and reincarnation, levels of consciousness, psychic powers, psychic self-defence and many more!

Dr. King giving a lecture

Dr. King was directed to climb 18 mountains around the world in order to act as a channel for spiritual energies to be put into these mountains by the Cosmic Masters. In this photo he is praying on Mt Tallac, California, after the mountain was charged in 1959.

Mt Tallac - Dr. George King

Dr. King designed radionic equipment that could store and transmit spiritual energy to help raise the consciousness of humanity. Here Dr. King is holding a spiritual power battery.                                                                                                                            

Dr. King with a Spiritual Power Battery
Dr. King demonstrates The King Technique

Dr. King, on the public platform in the Bloomsbury Centre Hotel in London in 1974, demonstrates the King Technique to the audience while a skilled spiritual healer, trained in the technique, gave a healing treatment during the demonstration. You Too Can Heal released in 1976 by Dr. King, was a revolution in the spiritual healing movement.


Dr. King invented a global healing mission called Operation Prayer Power, in which energy is stored in a spiritual power battery through prayer and can be released to specific areas of the world in crisis when it is needed. In this photo, Dr. King looks on as a prayer team member prays at the battery. 

Holdstone Down Prayer

Dr. King stands at the summit of Holdstone Down in Devon, England, and directs spiritual energy out into the world to uplift and heal humanity while Aetherius Society pilgrims chant sacred mantra. 

Religion on other planets

An artist's impression of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. The Cosmic Masters who spoke through Dr. King come from other planets whose civilizations are literally millions of years more advanced than ours in every way. 

The Cosmic Masters – wisdom from other planets

Service, service, service is the key which will open the doors to all the powers, to all forms of enlightenment. Service to others. A thousand years ago it was meditation in the silence. Today it is service in the noise, service in the clatter, service in the foulness, in the smell, in the ignorance of mankind.

– The Master Aetherius

The first time Dr. King was contacted by the Master Aetherius was May 8th, 1954. After this first contact, it soon became apparent that the Master Aetherius was in fact an enlightened being from another planet.

The Master Aetherius used Dr. King as a channel for extremely advanced and vitally needed spiritual teachings that address the most serious problems we are now facing on Earth. This contact was possible because of Dr. King’s exceptional yoga training and unique abilities as a medium

Dr. King spent the next 43 years spreading and acting upon the teachings of the Master Aetherius and other “Cosmic Masters” – named as such in deference to their great spirituality. 

Most of the Cosmic Masters who spoke through Dr. King come from other planets in our own Solar System. Their civilizations are literally millions of years more advanced than our own in every way

They are so advanced, in fact, that they live on higher planes of existence, which we cannot yet detect with our existing scientific equipment or physical senses – in the same way that we cannot detect, except psychically, the higher planes we have on Earth as well. 

The Cosmic Masters do not have war, poverty or disease; they have outgrown the problems we now face on Earth, which are almost entirely, if not entirely, of our own making due to our selfish, limited outlook. On their own planets the Cosmic Masters have achieved a paradise-like quality of civilization because their outlook is entirely selfless; they live their lives in service to others, and this includes helping us.

Why do they help us? Because they appreciate the oneness of all life better than we do; because they love us with a divine love; because they see our spiritual potential and they want to help us to realize this potential. 

After all, that’s what service is really about. 

Dr. King taking a Transmission in London

Dr. King frequently entered a trance state of meditation known as samadhi so that the Cosmic Masters could speak through him. Dr. King received hundreds of messages in this way, almost all of which were recorded. Copies of some of these recordings are available here.

Two other great Cosmic Masters: Mars Sector 6 and The Master Jesus

The Master Aetherius was one of several Cosmic Masters who spoke through Dr. King. Here are two other very significant communicators, with some examples of the teachings that they offered to us about selfless service.

Mars Sector 6

In 1961, a being we know only by the pseudonym “Mars Sector 6” gave to Earth, through Dr. King's mediumship, a groundbreaking spiritual teaching called The Nine Freedoms.

The Nine Freedoms are a series of Freedoms which mark stages in our spiritual evolution.

The First Freedom is Bravery, the Second Freedom is Love and the Third Freedom is Service, which leads to the fourth: Enlightenment.

Mars Sector 6 stresses the importance of Service as follows:

There are no words great enough to describe the wonder of—SERVICE.

And no words can describe the crime of selfishness.

Know this. Whether you like it or not does not matter, it is the Truth. I, Mars, do declare it as such. If you believe it not today, terrestrial man, you will know it in your morrow.

What is SERVICE but Love in practical action.

SERVICE is the result of applied Spiritual logic. It is the lasting flower in the garden of Enlightenment. SERVICE is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment.

– Mars Sector 6

That last sentence was adopted as the motto of The Aetherius Society. He continues:

…One person who is rendering true Spiritual SERVICE—not self-delusion, but true Spiritual SERVICE to those who need it, is worth ten who retreat from the suffering of others in order to bring about a state of joy and peace within themselves.

This declaration do I throw into every mental realm. I would inform those aspirants, who, in total disregard of human needs, retreat into the wilderness: ‘Come you hence, for you are fools!’

– Mars Sector 6

Seminar - The Master Jesus (2)

The Master Aetherius, the Master Jesus and even the Lord Buddha come from the higher planes of the planet Venus.

The Master Jesus

In The Aetherius Society we know another one of these Cosmic Masters as the Master Jesus; the same Jesus who was on Earth some 2000 years ago.

In 1958, he gave to Earth, through Dr. King, a spiritual teaching called ‘The Twelve Blessings’ – an extension to his earlier Sermon on the Mount in biblical times.

Like Mars Sector 6, he was also very definite about the importance of selfless service to others:

…he who in total disregard of universal suffering does search in these days for Peace, will find it not. For alas, ye are commanded even now, as ye were yesterday, to spread yourselves in sacrificial action throughout your suffering world.

– The Master Jesus

While service must always be the first priority, going within is still essential of course. In fact, we have to develop ourselves at least to some extent if we are to be of the best possible service that we can be. In short:

  • Service is the key to enlightenment
  • When you go within it should be motivated primarily by the desire to be of service, i.e. you want to develop a greater realization so that you can be of greater service, rather than just to free yourself from suffering.
  • When you have found that light within, to whatever degree you have found it, we should be prepared to use the realization of that light to help others in need, which is so absolutely necessary at this critical time.

Think of it like breathing: the in-breath (inspiration) is self-development and the out-breath (expiration) is service. You cannot achieve true success in one without the other—they are completely interdependent.

Your journey to enlightenment – through service

It is when the lesson of service has been learned that we will be able to attain the thing we are all here to realize, namely—enlightenment.

Mars Sector 6 tells us:

If you would be free from the materialistic prison cunningly devised to enslave you, you would serve.

If you would be detached from your own petty worries, you would serve.

If you would enjoy better health, you would serve.

– Mars Sector 6

Enlightenment is mastery over experience. Good karma will give you the experiences you need to attain enlightenment, so that you can advance more quickly, and, in lives to come, even rise above the so-called “wheel of rebirth” to Ascension.

The main difference between an ordinary person and someone who has attained enlightenment, is that an enlightened person has near perfect control over their chakras, and can open their higher chakras at will. As a result, such people have tremendous wisdom and spiritual powers. You too can open these chakra jewels by serving others!

Kill possession. Transmute selfishness into SERVICE for others and your
reward will come. Enlightenment, like the break of dawn upon the darkest
night, will cast the shadows of this night before it.

Serve – and you will become Enlightened.

Serve – and you will be practicing true selfless Love.

Serve – and the mighty power of Kundalini will rise in natural, unforced fashion and open the chakra jewels in your higher bodies, in will pour inspiration and you will be standing on the verge of the initiation into Adeptship.

– Mars Sector 6

In short, if you are searching for enlightenment today, service is the key.

If you are looking for your purpose for being on Earth – a reason to get out of bed each morning – service is the greatest answer.

The Perfects of Saturn

The most spiritually advanced planet in this solar system is Saturn. The great masters of Saturn, who exist on higher planes invisible to our current technology, work ceaselessly for the good of all life in the Solar System. Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

What is spiritual service?

Of all the yogas I have studied, karma yoga is the greatest yoga of all. It is karma yoga which will save the world. The other yogas are necessary to obtain the powers and to get the inspiration, but then you must use your powers and your inspiration for the benefit of all. They must be brought into living manifestation to be of any good to the world.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Selfless spiritual service is essential if we want to achieve extraordinary, lasting change. It is a simple, practical and powerful way that you can help other people in need.

Some examples of spiritual service include:

  • Spreading spiritual truth, such as The Nine Freedoms.
  • Giving contact spiritual healing, using a technique such as The King Technique.
  • Radiating spiritual energy to others through prayer. For example, giving absent healing.

How does spiritual service help others?

  • Spiritual truth raises consciousness.
  • Receiving spiritual energy during a spiritual healing treatment helps to bring about a greater balance – i.e. spiritual healing – within the recipient.
  • When you radiate spiritual energy to someone through prayer, it helps to raise their consciousness so that they can rise above their lower aspects like selfishness, embrace their higher aspects like compassion, and overcome their challenges in life, such as illness, accidents, financial difficulty, difficult relationships, etc.

Helping specific individuals in need is a fantastic thing to do. But what if you could do even more? What if you could help the world as a whole?

It doesn’t take all of humanity to change the whole of humanity.

All it takes is a sufficient number of determined, spiritually-minded individuals working together in the best possible way… You could be one of them!

Truth - The Nine Freedoms

A Priest in The Aetherius Churches reads from The Nine Freedoms – a spiritual text given by Mars Sector 6, through the mediumship of Dr. George King. 

Spiritual Healing

Giving spiritual healing in our Temple in Los Angeles. Anyone can learn to give spiritual healing. 

Absent Healing

A Member of The Aetherius Society prays for global healing using the Dynamic Prayer technique, as taught by Dr. King. 

Giving spiritual service to the world as a whole

One of the things that really marks out a spiritually advanced person today is their sense of responsibility.

And not just a sense of responsibility for their family or their work, but for people they have never met; for people on the other side of the world; in fact for all life on Earth.

Such a person is willing to make sacrifices and work with others to make the greatest possible, positive difference to the whole.

King Yoga is the spiritual path of The Aetherius Society, named in deference to our Founder, Dr. George King, after his passing.

It is a balanced path rooted in the importance of service to others. To be of the best possible service to others, practitioners of King Yoga also study spiritual truth and spend time in self-development – exactly as the Cosmic Masters have advised.

If you want to change the world for the better; if you want to work towards enlightenment for yourself and others – King Yoga is for you!

In King Yoga we use spiritual energy, in cooperation with the Cosmic Masters, to help raise global consciousness and improve world karma.

There are a few people around the world like Sir George King who have tried to show the world that when spiritual energies are harnessed they can contribute enormously to the transformation of our society.

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne - Gandhi Peace Prize (1996) and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2005), Founder of Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka.

The opportunity you have to cooperate with the Cosmic Masters in this way is what makes King Yoga so completely unique – and so powerful. In fact, it is an unprecedented opportunity to help others and open the door of enlightenment within you.

People on the whole tend to underestimate what they can do – they don’t really believe in the difference they can make, let alone that they can change the world...

And yet, in King Yoga, the difference you can make is literally world-changing.

Our time is running out

The evolution of mankind is now being speeded up, in order to reach a certain point within a certain time limit. Cooperate with the speeding up, help it, become the beings who speed this up and I promise you a million helpers. If you do, you will never regret any time you have spent in this wonderful way.

– The Master Aetherius

The New Age is a time in our future when the Mother Earth will raise her vibration and more fully express her tremendous inner light. In fact, this great change has already started…

When it is complete, we will literally no longer be able to live here – unless we raise our consciousness and the consciousness of others so that we can live in harmony with the spiritual vibration of the Mother Earth.

Our time is running out. It’s no longer just a question of creating a world we want to live in, it’s a question of whether we’re willing to change before it’s too late...

Already it seems like we are experiencing the birth pangs of world-wide transformation.

We need a spiritual approach, rooted in service, in order to navigate this period of upheaval and make the change necessary within us all.

In the words of Mars Sector 6:

The greatest Yoga is – SERVICE.

The greatest religion is – SERVICE.

The greatest act is that act done in – SERVICE.

Kill possession. Transmute selfishness into SERVICE for others and your
reward will come. Enlightenment, like the break of dawn upon the darkest
night, will cast the shadows of this night before it.

Service to others may not be an easy road to follow, but it is our opportunity to work towards something that really matters; something urgent; and something that will result in definite, positive change in the world.

It can be your path to greater wisdom, lasting spiritual fulfilment, and the reason we’re all here: to attain enlightenment for ourselves and help others to do the same.

The Master Aetherius continues:

“There is so much for all of you to do, but so little time in which you can do it. Then strike the gong of the present, so that the echoes may be magnified by the future. These are the teachings which we, from the Interplanetary Governmental Systems wish you to take, absorb, believe and act upon.”

– The Master Aetherius

New Age

The New Age is when the Mother Earth will more fully express her inner light. Will we be ready when she does?

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