The importance of Service

Mother TeresaSelfless service to others is the most important aspect of The Aetherius Society’s teachings – because it is, quite simply, the most important thing in life. If you are seeking truth, this is the key. If you are seeking fulfillment, this is your answer. If you are looking for a purpose for being on Earth – a reason to get out of bed each morning – a reason to eat and drink and breath and live: this is it!

And we can all do it. Anyone capable of reading this website – is definitely capable of being of service – through positive thought and prayer if no other way. And positive thought and prayer really do help people, whatever orthodox science may tell us to the contrary.

The days of seclusion in the wilderness, cut off from the troubles of others, are gone. This is the age of service, among people – living in the world, while at the same time doing our utmost not to be of the world. As the Cosmic Avatar we know as the Master Jesus has stated in The Twelve Blessings, channeled through Dr. George King:

…he who in total disregard of universal suffering does search in these days for Peace, will find it not. For alas, ye are commanded even now, as ye were yesterday, to spread yourselves in sacrificial action throughout your suffering world.

And as Mars Sector 6 has said in The Nine Freedoms:

…I would inform those aspirants, who, in total disregard of human needs, retreat into the wilderness: ‘Come you hence, for you are fools!’

Service is the key to spiritual powers and enlightenment. As The Master Aetherius, also speaking through Dr. King, has stated:

Service, service, service – is the key which opens the doors to all powers, to all forms of enlightenment – service to others!

This is of course inseparable from the raising of the mystical power of kundalini. Here are a couple more extracts from the third of The Nine Freedoms by Mars Sector 6:

The greatest Yoga is – SERVICE.
The greatest religion is – SERVICE.
The greatest act is that act done in – SERVICE.
Serve – and you will become Enlightened.
Serve – and you will be practicing true selfless Love.
Serve – and the mighty power of Kundalini will rise in natural, unforced fashion and open the chakra jewels in your higher bodies, in will pour inspiration and you will be standing on the verge of the initiation into adeptship.
There are no words great enough to describe the wonder of – SERVICE.

Such is the importance of service in The Aetherius Society that our motto is “Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment”.

What is Service?

Service is helping others – really helping them.

Service takes many forms – from aid workers feeding the starving, to an artist painting an inspiring picture; from nurses tending to the sick, to firefighters saving lives; from politicians negotiating for peace, to charity workers raising money for a worthy cause. Service also of course extends to all forms of life, not just people, and most certainly includes animal welfare and environmental work.

The kind of service The Aetherius Society is engaged in is spiritual service – which is a very practical and extremely important means of helping the world. This includes giving spiritual teaching and healing, radiating prayer energy to the world, and, most importantly, performing Cosmic Missions such as Operation Prayer Power. One key benefit of this kind of service is the raising of consciousness on Earth – which in turn helps to solve, or at least alleviate, numerous other problems.  Connected with all these forms of service is what is termed “karmic manipulation” – which, in simple terms, is all about working to improve the karma of the world as a whole. One major benefit of this is that the better world karma is, the more the Gods from Space are karmically allowed to help humankind to advance.

Karma Yoga

Service, especially in the context of religious practice, is sometimes termed “karma yoga” – the yoga of action. One aspect of karma yoga not to be underestimated is that we should always do our best at whatever it is we are doing – providing of course that what we are doing is not harmful, in which case we shouldn’t be doing it at all. Given this proviso, whatever our work is, we should do it with enthusiasm, a positive outlook and good cheer – paying attention to detail and taking responsibility to ensure that the job is done well. Even without any kind of religious philosophy, it is simple common sense that if everyone on Earth had this approach, the world would be a much better place.

Traditionally, in simple terms, karma yoga is explained as doing your duty with detachment – all results being for the Divine, whatever you may call it. In The Aetherius Society this would be elaborated upon as meaning that we should do our highest duty for the world as a whole, detaching from materialism and petty self-interest, and instead attaching to the purest possible spiritual motive – doing it all for God.

The magic and motive of Service

A key element of service is motive. Our motive should be as pure and selfless as possible. And the more we serve, the purer and more selfless our motive will become. It is the motive behind an action which creates the karmic magic of that action.

All service is good, but if our service is done in true dedication to God, this will add a Divine power to it. It does not matter what name we give to God, or what religion we are, what matters is that our actions are then for the sake of the Spirit within and behind all creation, rather than for the sake of any one part of it.

Another way to describe this would be to say that our service will be empowered by genuinely “acting in God’s name”. This does not mean that anyone who claims to be acting in God’s name is definitely performing spiritual service just because they say they are – sometimes horrendous things are done supposedly in God’s name, which in fact have nothing to do with service at all. The magic of service is not about what people claim their motive is, or even necessarily about what they believe their motive is, it is about the true spiritual love in their hearts – and the positive impact of what they actually do.

There is no doubt that the greatest magic on this planet is created by those whose every deed is done in the name of almighty God. This outlook brings strength and power way above the norm to all those who make such dedication in their hearts and souls.
This dedication is the path to accomplishment in all honorable fields of endeavor – it is the path to spiritual glory!

Dr. George King

It is service to others which is lacking on Earth today – and service to others which is needed above all else. In the extract below, in two short, simple sentences, Dr. King brilliantly sums up the importance of service, using its more metaphysical name, as explained above – karma yoga:

Of all the yogas I have studied, karma yoga is the greatest yoga of all. It is karma yoga which will save the world.