Prayer Energy – Make your prayers really work

Discover the power of prayer to change the world

Have you always felt that there was more to life than the physical world we see around us? That there might be – must be – an all-pervasive, subtle energy that exists throughout the universe?

To wise men and women throughout the ages, this energy isn’t something vague or imaginary; it is something we can physically feel.

They made themselves a channel for this energy and sent it outwards for the spiritual healing and inspiration of others in need. They understood how they could invoke this energy through prayer. Not prayer in the sense of asking God for a favor, but in the yogic sense of radiating energy with true love.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King (1919-1997) used his unique experience of prayer to teach thousands of people a simple, effective technique for attracting and radiating this subtle energy.

He called it “Dynamic Prayer.”

If you want to help people, and change the world for the better, using a simple technique for radiating subtle energy that anybody can learn, this is it!

“Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. George King

Master of Yoga Dr. George King

“ work in a spiritual way is good. To pray in the right way is good. But to work in that way and pray in this way is perfect… A man is indeed the worst kind of hypocrite who realises that he must help his brothers and yet sits lazily upon the laurels of a few odd prayers now and then... If, on the other hand, you are willing to work as hard as you can in the best spiritual cause you know, and pray as hard as you can in the best spiritual way you know... then this year will be crowned with the golden crown of great success for you, and that can be guaranteed.”

Mars Sector 6, speaking through the mediumship of Dr. George King

Dr. George King


Even as a child Dr. George King (1919-1997) knew how to pray.

In a lecture describing his secret of prayer, he said:

Play the extract from Master of Yoga Dr. George King, or read it below.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King

“ work in a spiritual way is good. To pray in the right way is good. But to work in that way and pray in this way is perfect… A man is indeed the worst kind of hypocrite who realises that he must help his brothers and yet sits lazily upon the laurels of a few odd prayers now and then... If, on the other hand, you are willing to work as hard as you can in the best spiritual cause you know, and pray as hard as you can in the best spiritual way you know... then this year will be crowned with the golden crown of great success for you, and that can be guaranteed.”

– Mars Sector 6, speaking through the mediumship of Dr. George King

Even as a child Dr. George King (1919-1997) knew how to pray.

In a lecture describing his secret of prayer, he said:

Play the extract from Master of Yoga Dr. George King, or read it below.

At the age of nine, I knew it, and at the age of nine—I did it, and at the age of nine, or thereabouts, I had outstanding physical manifestations during prayer—which in those days, as a child... they seemed to be angels...

Now I know who the presences were and where they came from, and why they came, but always the results were unusually good. I’ve saved lives, I’ve pulled people from the very door of death with prayer like that.

Dr. King's experiences proved to him what prayer could do if you put your heart and soul into it, and he maintained throughout his life that anyone could bring about amazing results with prayer.

But those early experiences were just the beginning.

In his mid-twenties, while living in London, Dr. King began to practice yoga. Not just hatha yoga asanas for well-being, but also practices to attain self-realization.

He did this for an average of eight to ten hours per day for ten years!

Like most of us, he had to work to earn his living, and to this end turned his hand to a variety of different jobs. But unlike most people, he had to grapple with the everyday, practical challenges of city life at the same time that he was experiencing states of consciousness usually reserved for advanced yogis in places like the Himalayas, far removed from so-called civilisation.

By the age of 35 he had attained the extremely rare and elevated state of consciousness known in Sanskrit as samadhi. Not long after this he was able to enter Cosmic Consciousness (also known as nirvikalpa samadhi) – the highest state of consciousness we can experience on Earth.

Anyone who experiences this state doesn’t just believe in oneness, or just feel a sense of oneness; they know from personal experience that we are literally all ONE. Oneness with all life means that service to all life is not only a good thing to do - but is in fact the only way of life that really makes sense.

Dr. King’s early spiritual experiences, and his burning desire to make a difference, led him to the inevitable conclusion that he could - and should - teach people a simple, easy-to-learn technique of prayer that really worked. A technique that, if people really put their hearts and souls into it, could change the world .

He called his technique “Dynamic Prayer.”


Master of Yoga Dr. George King on Mt Tallac – a holy mountain in Northern California.

What to pray for?

Find out what prayers to avoid, what prayers to use instead, and why it matters.

What is prayer?

The Divine Source

God is the name used to refer to the divine creator, but whether we use this name or use a different one such as Brahma, Jehovah, the Divine, the Great White Spirit, and so on, doesn’t matter at all – it’s the same thing.

The true nature of the Divine is infinitely greater and more beautiful than any of us can imagine.

Even in the highest state of consciousness possible on Earth we can still only appreciate a fraction of the real awe-inspiring greatness of what God is: That which everything came from in the beginning, and That to which everything will return in the end.

And yet, God is not remote. It is our Essence – the Divine Spark within all things! The journey within is the quest for contact with this Divine Spark. It is the beginning of knowledge of what we are – our Real Self – and of the very nature of God Itself.

When you pray, you are not asking for a favour from a mythical being, you are invoking the all-powerful, sacred energy of the Cosmos - the Essence of us all, and indeed of all things.


The universe is manifested by God as the Creator – and the essence of every part of it is Divine, since nothing can exist outside of Divinity. Spiritual evolution is about manifesting this Divine essence – about realizing the inner potential within all life, which you can do through prayer and other forms of selfless service and so on.

Prayer is about energy

“Prayer is a way to transmit energy from point A—the prayer, to point B—the person who needs that Prayer.”

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms

The power to create change is – quite literally – in your hands.

Prayer is not supernatural. It operates according to precise, natural laws, and is simply a facet of nature that science as we know it doesn’t yet understand. To someone like Dr. King, however, it wasn’t a mystery at all. In fact, he called it “an exact metaphysical science.”

The spiritual energy you invoke through prayer is not imaginary. It is not a flight of fancy or wishful thinking – it is a tangible energy – no less real than electricity, and far more important.

Different qualities and quantities of energy are required to bring about different results, but broadly speaking, the more energy you radiate, and the higher the quality of that energy, the greater the result will be.

But what is spiritual energy exactly?


Spiritual energy is prana carried by love. Hence, prayer is a formula for sending that prana, conditioned by love, from the person praying – i.e. you – to the focal point of your prayer.

Prana is everywhere and there is no shortage of it.

Prana, as it is known in yoga philosophy, is also known as ch’i or qi in Eastern philosophy, and "universal life force" in the West. This is a good name for it because it is literally the force of life throughout the universe.

We can all invoke and use this energy simply by the power of thought.

For example, if you visualised a person being filled with a vibrant white light, and saw them radiant with good health, spiritual joy etc, you would be having a positive effect on that person.

And, as a basic principle, the more you visualized someone in this way, the more energy you would send out, and the more good it would do. A fleeting thought may not do much, but concentrating on someone in the right way for a period of time can have a real impact on their life.

What is Love?

Prana can be used for good or evil. When it is used for good, it has been conditioned by “love” – making it spiritual energy.

Dr. King said in The Nine Freedoms:

“The Spiritual energy which is sent from the prayer [i.e. the person praying] to the recipient was referred to by the Ancient Yogis as, “Prana” or “The Universal Life Force.” But, the carrier of that energy is Love. Please note: the energy called pure Love, not the feeling, the emotion, the like or dislike erroneously referred to as—Love.” 

Imagine yourself filled with a burning desire for the spiritual evolution of all life; an aspiration for the greatest good for all. The more we imbue our prayers with this true love, the higher the quality of energy will be.

Praying on Mt. Wakefield

Praying on Mt Wakefield - a holy mountain in New Zealand. 

Experience spiritual energy for yourself

With a little practice and experience, spiritual energy is something that you will definitely feel – physically – when you pray.

Most people feel this as a pressure, and/or heat/coldness, and/or tingling in the palms of the hands.

When you look at yourself in a metaphysical way, there is more to you than just a physical body.

You have a subtle body too (the aura), which is receiving and transmitting energy all of the time, whether you are conscious of it or not. Energy flows into and out of your subtle body through your chakras.

When you pray you draw prana into yourself. You then condition this energy, and radiate it outwards again through certain chakras towards the target of your prayer.

Dr. King described his own experience in the following way:

Play the extract from Master of Yoga Dr. George King, or read it below.

“ will feel the energy physically, absolutely physically—and I mean absolutely physically. 

“As far as I’m concerned it feels cold, I can feel it coming through the spine—because the spine is one of your main antennas—coming through the spine in tremendous pulses, and I can feel it physically, not only mentally but physically. 

“And if you are psychic at all … you can see the energy coursing from you. 

“It not only comes out the palms of your hands but it travels out through other psychic centers [chakras] as well, depending on the energy plane that you have contacted. 

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

This physical sensation of subtle energy flowing through you will eventually become so intense, so undeniable, and so uplifting that you will no longer have any doubt at all that it is something real!

Anyone who prays will invoke energy to some degree or another. This applies even if they don’t believe, or understand, that they are invoking energy. As we said, even just a positive thought for someone will do some good. 

But if you pray using an effective technique and consciously make yourself a channel for spiritual energy, your results will be vastly better.

Even during my first attempts of prayer, I felt a tremendous energy flowing through me which profoundly changed my life. This energy was gentle, it was strong, it was vibrant, it was soft, it was ALIVE. It came through me, it was around me, I had no way of describing it - except as Love. Never think, 'I am only one person what I can do?' Pray, Pray, Pray.

– Gary, USA

At first I was hesitant and didn't feel much of anything. However, after a while, I felt tingling in my hands, then pulsing in my hands and heart center area. These feelings continue to this day and have only gotten stronger. It is a beautiful almost transcendent experience to feel that power!

– Kay, USA

It was like having an ‘inner light switch’ turned on – BAM – and never would I pray the same again! This is no exaggeration. As I poured all my love, concentration and feeling into The Twelve Blessings prayers, my opened palms felt a heat from the energy flow, and this continues today. A deep spiritual satisfaction and humble gratitude was and is felt to this day, for it changed my life forever. It is because of this combined technique and discipline that I've become a more empowered global servant.

– Rita, USA

I was used to praying down on my knees with my hands together. We don’t do that in The Aetherius Society. We hold our hands open in front of our chest and we send power out. I just remember shafts of white light leaving the palms of my hands. My arms were like rods of steel. It almost felt difficult to lower them.

– Paul, USA

When I first tried dynamic prayer it was liberating, unfettered and the energy flowed... 

– Pat, UK

I hadn't done any prayers like that before, where they were meant to be used in such a practical way and that in itself began to shift my thoughts on what spirituality was. It wasn't this wishful thinking, airy fairy, woo-woo thing anymore. It turned into more of a scientific, energetic and grounded metaphysical reality where the person who is praying is empowered to do good for mankind.

– Natalie, USA

How to make your prayers really work

Dynamic Prayer – express your spiritual power

You can make your prayers really work using Dr. King’s technique – Dynamic Prayer.

Dynamic Prayer is based on the ancient science of yoga, and is in essence a way to make yourself the best possible channel for spiritual energy that you can.

Dynamic Prayer is about:

  • Expressing yourself with the utmost feeling, so that you can invoke and send out a greater quantity and higher quality of energy;
  • Using your powers of visualization to enhance the flow of energy coming through you - and help manifest the desired result; and
  • Holding your hands in an ideal position to allow the energy to flow freely outwards.

You can find a step-by-step guide for beginners here. Let’s look at three of the keys to Dynamic Prayer.

Express yourself with the utmost feeling

The main difference between prayer, shall we call it ‘ordinary’ prayer, and shall we call it ‘dynamic’ prayer – is the depth of expression.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, The Truth About Dynamic Prayer

Whenever you say a prayer you are invoking an energy. When you pray with your utmost feeling, you invoke a greater quantity and quality of energy.

To really guarantee results through Prayer, it is no good just paying lip service
to the constant, unfeeling repetition of words no matter how beautiful the prose may be. Prayer, to be effective, should be said with real feeling.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms

Dynamic Prayer is, therefore, not a lifeless appeal to God; it is an expression of your true love – the burning desire within you to help those who are suffering and in need.

Whether we make up our own inspirational prayers, or repeat those already given, we should put all our heart into them. Every vestige of our Love and feeling should be transmuted into each prayer we perform so that the very essence of our highest Love energy is sent out in one continual, vibrant stream to everyone.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, The Nine Freedoms

Dr. King also referred to Dynamic Prayer as “a spiritual song coming from deep within.”

He said:

Dynamic Prayer is a wonderful expression, it is a song of the soul and the soul wants to sing, it wants to express light all around itself, it wants to go forward and help and raise others who need the transmuting power output of a joyous soul.

You must allow your inner soul to do this; you must allow this beautiful manifestation to take place, this great surge of energy to fill your mind and aura... And the more effort you expend in this respect, the more sure the result must be…

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, The Truth About Dynamic Prayer

The more effort you expend in this way, the greater the demand you will make on the sea of prana that is all around you, the better channel you will become for this energy, and the more sure the results of your prayer must be.


The more you express yourself with real feeling, the more effective your prayers can be, and the deeper the intensity of that feeling, the better your results can be. 

Visualize the white light – and the end result

You can use visualization to enhance the flow of energy through your chakras and help manifest your desired result. The more potent your visualization, the more you will bring this energy and the result you desire into active manifestation. Dr. King said:

I bracket the words visualization and imagination together. Without imagination you cannot visualize anything…. Imagination is the difference between success and failure in all mystic practices. When you begin to use visualization, everything is enhanced. You are sending out a request; you are creating a set of conditions in such a way that, if it is done strongly enough, those conditions must be brought into being. In your visualization you think of a certain thing—make it out of mind substance and sooner or later it will be made out of physical substance.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, 'Imagination – Your only creative faculty'

How does this apply in practice? Dr. King gave an example of absent healing, i.e. praying to help heal someone who is unwell or injured in some way:

While you are praying, try to visualize your patient. Try to imagine an image of them as being perfect. Do not allow yourself to see one blemish on them. When you have this visualization, try to hold it while saying the prayer and visualize them being charged with the energy coming through you. Visualize the energy as being white; never try to modify the colour of the energy—always make it white. Then, thank the source for this energy, and also for giving you the divine privilege of being able to act as a channel.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, Realize Your Inner Potential through the Path of Spiritual Service – King Yoga

The same principle would apply to a war-torn area, e.g. the more potent your visualization of the white light coming through you, and the more potent your positive visualization of people living together in lasting peace and harmony, the more successful your prayer will be!

Allow the energy to flow freely outwards

Some people pray with their hands clasped together over their chests. This causes the energy to circulate within you, rather than be directed outwards. It also blocks the free flow of energy from your heart chakra, which is a few inches in front of your breast bone.

In Dynamic Prayer what you do instead is raise your hands so they are roughly parallel with the top of your shoulders, palms facing outwards, fingers together (see the photo below).

This is known as the prayer mudra; mudra being a yogic term for hand position. In the prayer mudra the energy can flow out through the heart chakra and the chakras in the palms of the hands towards the target of your prayer more freely.


Allow the energy to flow freely from you by raising your hands so they are roughly parallel with the top of your shoulders, palms facing forwards, fingers together.

What happens when you pray?

We’ve talked about how to pray, but how does prayer really help?

The way we think, and consequently the way we act, are the result of our state of consciousness.

If we raise global consciousness, people will begin to think differently – more clearly, more wisely and more compassionately. In other words, according to the inspiration and guidance of their Higher Selves–the higher aspect of their own consciousness. The Higher Self is not pure Divine Spirit, which is above even that, but it is much closer to pure Divine Spirit than our normal conscious minds.

In a world where everyone was more in touch with their Higher Selves, fear and hatred would not exist, and therefore there would be no war; greed and selfishness would not exist, and therefore there would be no poverty; and so on.

The key to raising global consciousness is: an increased output of spiritual energy. When you pray you radiate spiritual energy to the target of your prayer, which helps to raise the consciousness of that person or those people.

For example, if you prayed for world peace you would be helping people, including global leaders, to be inspired by their own Higher Selves – to help them to do whatever is best for the world. As we’ve said before, while one prayer won’t change the world by itself, it will still make some difference, and if enough people pray for long enough and with sufficient intensity, change will come.

What about helping a specific region plagued by war, or helping in the aftermath of a natural or ecological disaster?


Consider a country suffering severe famine in the midst of ongoing civil war, in which the factions have finally agreed to come to the table for peace talks. The energy from people praying for peace would help to empower these talks–to inspire those involved in the talks.

A Natural Disaster

Consider a region devastated by a category 5 hurricane, which has left tens of thousands of people homeless and in need of immediate humanitarian relief. The energy from people praying at that time would help heal those who are suffering, and help to inspire rescue operations and the timely provision of essential humanitarian aid.

An Ecological Disaster

Consider a region engulfed in wildfires, which had ravaged hundreds of thousands of square miles of natural habitat and burned down homes. The energy from people praying at that time would help to bring about a state of ecological balance in the region, give strength to emergency medical, fire and rescue teams, and help heal those affected - both people and wildlife.

Discover more about healing our world.


Praying to help people affected by natural disaster using the The Dynamic Prayer technique taught by Dr. George King, at The Aetherius Temple in London. 

Twelve Blessings Service

A Priest leads a Service of The Twelve Blessings for global healing at The Aetherius Temple in Hollywood, California. 


Operation Prayer Power is a mission designed by Dr. George King to invoke spiritual energy, store it in a spiritual power battery, and release it in a concentrated form when it is needed. Read more.

During my first attendance at a Divine Service at The Aetherius Society, I felt a strong sensation of energy flow through the body, especially a tingling, pulsating sensation in both hands... I felt uplifted, energised and elated...!

– Bipin, UK

The first time I did The Twelve Blessings I felt the energy coming out of my hands…and felt the energy in our circle. Finally I felt that I was doing something for mankind…that I was helping…not just sitting back, not just feeling sorry.

– Anna, USA

... while joining in with a Sunday Twelve Blessings Service I suddenly felt a rush of energy that I thought was going to lift me off my chair! ... Now, gradually practicing every day I have become attuned enough to always feel the energy flow.

– Debra, UK

Dynamic Prayer helps me to focus and put any mundane worries aside effortlessly. It gives me a feeling of wholeness and of being one with the universe. I also feel a sense of calm, tranquility and physical warmth. Even from the beginning I felt it was something real...

– Maria, Spain

The first time I participated in a Power Circle, I was not familiar with the Twelve Blessings. It was my first experience with The Aetherius Society. I raised my hands and listened to others say the prayers. I was amazed at what I felt. It seemed as though there was a force in the middle of the circle. I could move my hands slightly inwards to the circle, and the force got stronger. At the time I thought it felt like there was a bubble in the middle of the circle that was very strong. The more I concentrated on this, the stronger it seemed to get. In hindsight, I think it is incredible that although I had no knowledge of the prayers, how to pray correctly or prayer energy, I could still feel it so strongly.

– Lisa, USA

I first started to practice the Twelve Blessings with dynamic prayer, when I was 17... Very quickly I noticed a remarkable uplifting change in my energies. But the biggest noticeable difference came when there was a Spiritual Push, which was like 10 times the effect. This effect was even greater when I performed the Twelve Blessings on a Holy Mountain for the first time.

– Steven, USA

This evening's Twelve Blessings service was absolutely beautiful... I could feel my hands pulsating with loving energy... It was absolutely amazing and I feel so much better for it. It was truly an inspiration for me! I will be with you when we do this again. Thank you.

– Robert, Mexico

I'd never heard of Dynamic Prayer before I came upon the Teachings of Dr. George King and The Aetherius Society. Gradually, I began feeling sensations in the palms of both hands and a heightened sense of wellbeing as I continued praying for our world so much in need of healing and enlightenment!

– Min, UK

When I first read The Twelve Blessings, I was completely blown away! ... An awareness occurred that it is my responsibility to transform the world and be of service to others ... And, the time to act is now, by participating in The Twelve Blessings. It honestly took a few times to “feel” the energy flowing….It was “letting go” that proved to be the biggest reward. Once I completely embraced the prayers and trusted that I indeed have the power to invoke energy – there was no turning back. ... I have transformed myself and connected with the Divine in this unlimited universe.

– Daya, USA

So why doesn’t prayer always seem to have any effect?

What about cases when your prayer doesn't seem to have any effect at all? This can be explained by the following three factors:

(1) Quantity and quality of energy

The main answer to this question is that the quantity of energy you have invoked and sent out is simply not enough to see visible results.

The more dynamically you pray, the more energy you will invoke and send out. Hence, the more effort you put into your prayer, the better the results will be. On the other hand, if you spend just a few seconds at it, or even if there are simply too few people praying, the energy output will be insufficient.

Another factor is the quality of the energy you send out. As you become better at Dynamic Prayer, you will want to think more about the quality of the energy. To attain a higher quality of energy, it is not just about dynamism, but about having a deeper, more subtle realization of the oneness of all things.

Hence, if you pray for one minute for world peace your prayer will do some good - it always does, but you will not cause an immediate end to all global conflicts, any more than you can fill a reservoir with one drop of water. You will not have sent out enough energy.

If, however, a million people come together and pray their hearts out for an hour a day for a year for world peace – there would be definite visible results.

If all the billions of people on this planet prayed dynamically one morning, before the afternoon the world would be completely changed!

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, Realize Your Inner Potential through the Path of Spiritual Service – King Yoga

(2) Karma

There are certain experiences someone may have to go through no matter how much you try to help them.

This is because of the karma of the person you are praying for. Karma is the law of action and reaction. It is a teacher, which gives us the vital experiences we need in order to learn life’s lessons and grow in spiritual wisdom.

This is sometimes the case with spiritual healing, which works according to the same principles as prayer. In fact, it happens even with the greatest spiritual healers, such as Harry Edwards:

I read the case of one of the most prominent spiritual healers in the world [Harry Edwards] whose greatest friend died in his arms of meningitis; the next day a total stranger came to him suffering with the same complaint and was cured. It is a fact that all diseases will respond to spiritual healing, but not all patients; it all depends on the karmic pattern of the patient at the time, as to whether or not he will answer at all, or in the degree that he benefits from these treatments.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

While your prayer may not solve the problem, it may still help that person to deal with that problem better than they could otherwise.

There will also be cases you experience where it really is the right karmic moment for someone to be healed or helped in some other way and the results are significant.

(3) Receptiveness of the person you are praying for

The vast majority of people will be receptive to the energy you send to them. Some, however, may, to some degree or another, reject it.

Change the world with spiritual energy

A properly devised prayer said with all your true Love is a key to the door of the miraculous.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, A Book of Sacred Prayers

According to Dr. King a properly devised prayer is “one which is not in any way selfish, one which is correctly balanced... all inclusive. One which includes humanity or creations outside of the prayer [i.e. the person praying].”

Prayers such as ‘The New Lord’s Prayer’ or the prayers of The Twelve Blessings are all excellent examples of this principle

In each of the prayers of The Twelve Blessings you send out spiritual energy to God, or to humanity as a whole so that people can be more inspired by their own Higher Selves – more wise, more compassionate, and filled with a greater realization of oneness.

When you send energy out to the focal point of each Blessing, a greater energy is returned to you, so that you are able to send out even more energy again in future.

For this reason, practicing The Twelve Blessings creates a powerful, positive spiral of spiritual development and selfless service that will take you towards true enlightenment.

It is a practice you can do to help change the world with spiritual energy. This is our focus in The Aetherius Society and a core tenet of King Yoga, the spiritual path we practice.

We believe the only way to bring lasting peace and enlightenment to Earth is to change the karma and the consciousness of humanity. Spiritual energy is the key to doing this.

If enough people like you, with a real burning desire to help others, were to send out a sufficient quantity and quality of spiritual energy using Dynamic Prayer, our world would be utterly transformed. We would usher in a new age of peace and enlightenment!


No matter who you are or where you come from, you can raise your hands in prayer and your heart in a spiritual song coming from deep within, and send out spiritual energy to help change our world for the better. 

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I attended a Dynamic Prayer workshop sometime after coming across The Aetherius Society. They first had us recite the Third Blessing and then we were instructed to say the prayer with as much love as possible as we said it. It was awkward at first being dramatic how I said the prayer but what power! I felt radiant and my hands tingled. My heart center felt open, full of love. A remarkable difference compared to how I used to pray.

– Heidi, USA