The King Yoga Experience

What is it?

The King Yoga Experience is for seekers of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds who wish to explore – and begin to experience for themselves – the life-changing spiritual path of King Yoga. 

King Yoga is not just a theory – it is a living teaching that can change your life and the world. 

You don’t just believe in King Yoga – you experience King Yoga. This is not a metaphor – it is literally true. Experience, more than any debate or philosophy, will prove to you that King Yoga works. All you need is an open mind and a truth-seeking heart.

Come along to one of our King Yoga Experience events held around the world and explore the profound spirituality of Dr. George King, the Cosmic Masters and King Yoga.

When is it?

See dates of upcoming events at these Centers:

When to arrive

Doors open 30-45 minutes before the event so that you can join a discussion group and meet other new people before the event starts.

What to wear

Come as you are!

How much does it cost?

There is a small entrance fee to help cover the costs of the event.

What to expect during the event

Guided Practices

Simple guided practices and experiences

Raise your consciousness, experience spiritual energy and radiate spiritual power.

Profound wisdom

Develop a deeper spiritual understanding of life.

Profound Wisdom
Lively spiritual discussion

Lively spiritual discussion

Share your own experiences with other people in your discussion group.

New connections

Join us afterwards for an informal social to connect with other like-minded seekers.

King Yoga Experience

What are people saying about The King Yoga Experience?

As a seeker I've come across a lot of information in regards to spirituality through different traditions be it yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, but when I go to these King Yoga Experience events I always leave with new wisdom that I haven't learned anywhere else. Even if I think I know a lot about a certain topic I always walk away wide eyed and inspired about something new I just learned.

– Natalie, Los Angeles

Eye opening. If you are seeking the truth, this is the place.

– Attender in London

Listening to people share their healing stories and learning and practicing the techniques... Being made to feel welcome, accepted and not judged. Thank you so much for this magical experience.

– Kelly, Los Angeles

Thought provoking and informative and challenging.

– Attendee in London

I liked the fact that what was taught is directly related to our daily lives, and it is now up to each one of us to apply it to get the outcome that these practical actions can bring.

– Cassia, Los Angeles

The event was an amazing experience. I enjoyed every part of it and look forward to the next event.

– Liz, Los Angeles

Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience of unity, gratitude and absolute genuine love that is so rare in our society.

– Attender in London

I found the talk very enlightening and inspirational, and will definitely recommend.

– Attender in London

King Yoga Experience welcome