The Twelve Blessings

The Twelve Blessings are a series of blessings to spiritual workers and great cosmic beings, incorporating profound wisdom – as well as some of the most beautiful prayers ever given to Earth. As well as giving us an enhanced appreciation of the great cosmos in which we live, The Twelve Blessings also form a spiritual practice which is easy to perform and can be done correctly in just a few minutes. They are a way of expressing gratitude to those upon whom we depend for our continued existence on this planet, and also a way of helping to heal the world by raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole. As such they are an excellent way of improving world karma, as well as our own individual karma. They are performed in the same way as is any prayer, by raising the hands and visualizing the flow of spiritual energy as white light.

Dr. George King holding an early edition of The Twelve Blessings

Each blessing was given as a Cosmic Transmission channeled through Dr. George King by The Master Jesus – a Cosmic Master from another planet. Dr. King entered a positive yogic trance condition, brought about by raising the kundalini to a high chakra, on twelve consecutive Sundays from July 27th to October 12th, 1958, allowing, on each occasion, The Master Jesus to speak through him to deliver this wonderful series of simple yet eloquent, and often very poetic, modern teachings.

The blessings are as follows:

  1. Blessed are they who work for peace
  2. Blessed are the wise ones
  3. Blessed are they who love
  4. Blessed are the planetary ones
  5. Blessed are the thanksgivers
  6. Blessed are they who heal
  7. Blessed is the Mother Earth
  8. Blessed is the mighty Sun
  9. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Karma
  10. Blessed is the great being known as the Galaxy
  11. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Creation
  12. Blessed is the Absolute

In addition to these twelve, there is a final blessing, known as ‘The Last Blessing’ which is a blessing to The Master Jesus.  This was given by Dr. King himself in 1959.

At the end of most of the blessings is a prayer. Here is the prayer at the end of the Sixth Blessing as an example:

Oh Divine Lord of all Wondrous Creation,
We raise our voices and minds to You – NOW – in prayer.
Knowing even as we do, that this is answered at this moment.
Oh Wondrous God,
We ask that the hearts and minds of man
Might be opened to Thy Presence,
To Thy Mighty Light.
So that they may forever Glorify Thee.
So that they may realize, that within them
Beats a Spark directly connected to
Thy Wondrous Heart.
We raise our minds in thankfulness
For the fulfilment of our prayer.
For this SHALL – come to pass
Upon this Earth.

The Twelve Blessings are available as a book, and also as a multi-CD album, which means you can actually hear, in the comfort of your own home, the words of The Master Jesus, as well as three other Masters, as spoken through Dr. King. As well as this, there is a series of lectures by Dr. King explaining each blessing in more depth, which is also available as a multi-CD album.

At our Divine services, one of the blessings is played and then the congregation joins in the prayer, if there is one. In addition to this we hold special Twelve Blessings services and power circles which focus on this practice. Operation Prayer Power also incorporates some of the blessings. If you would like to observe or take part in any of these activities, please contact your local centre. Alternatively, please feel free to contact one of  The Aetherius Society’s Headquarters or Branches for guidance on how to perform the inspirational, life-changing practice of  The Twelve Blessings at home.


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