The Twelve Blessings

Change the world with spiritual energy

Do you want to heal the world?

Humanity today faces countless crises – some localised, others global.

We need to address these crises at their source.

To do this, we need a radically different approach.

The magic of ‘The Twelve Blessings’ is a powerful, positive, practical way that you can help.

... While joining in with a Twelve Blessings Service I suddenly felt a rush of energy that I thought was going to lift me off my chair! ... Now, gradually practicing every day I have become attuned enough to always feel the energy flow.

– Debra, UK

When I first began to practice The Twelve Blessings I felt an intense physical pressure in the middle of my palms. I also began to feel heat in my hands, and a tingling sensation at the top of my head. These experiences were all completely new! They were proof to me that spiritual energy is something real, and that was a major catalyst for me on the spiritual path.

– Darren, UK

At first I was hesitant and didn't feel much of anything. However, after a while, I felt tingling in my hands, then pulsing in my hands and heart center area. These feelings continue to this day and have only gotten stronger. It is a beautiful almost transcendent experience to feel that power!

– Kay Weber, USA

What is 'The Twelve Blessings'?

‘The Twelve Blessings’ is a series of blessings to spiritual workers and great cosmic beings, incorporating profound wisdom – as well as some of the most beautiful prayers ever given to Earth.

When you read them, and especially when you make them a part of your everyday life, they will give you a deeper, more spiritual appreciation of our living cosmos.

For centuries religious dogma and materialism have limited our perception of the real awe-inspiring greatness of the Divine and the mystery of creation. ‘The Twelve Blessings’ changes that.

But they are not just mystic teachings.

They can also be used as a way to help our world. In fact, the whole of ‘The Twelve Blessings’ can be used as a powerful mystic practice to invoke and send out spiritual energy; something you can do in as little as a few minutes.

When you do ‘The Twelve Blessings’ as a practice, you help to change the world with spiritual energy - raising the consciousness of humanity as a whole. This raising of consciousness will enable us to correctly address the challenges that we face.


The more you express yourself with real feeling when praying, the better the results can be.

Who is Master of Yoga Dr. George King?

Dr. George King (1919-1997) was one of the greatest mediums the world has ever known and one of the very few genuine extraterrestrial contactees.

He was capable of receiving information, mainly through trance mediumship and telepathy, from highly elevated sources, from other planets, with outstanding accuracy. 

Why did these interplanetary beings choose him to be their primary channel on Earth from 1954 until his passing in 1997? One reason was that he had trained for 8-10 hours per day for 10 years, practicing very demanding forms of yoga - not just physical postures but advanced techniques of trance meditation known as samadhi, while living and working in the noise and bustle of London. 

Read more about Dr. King’s channeling

Listen to Dr. King's lecture on The Twelve Blessings


Dr. King in siddhasana. Dr. King practiced the higher forms of yoga for an average of 8 to 10 hours a day for 10 years.

Dr. George King on the radio

In a radio studio circa 1960, giving one of his many interviews to help spread the message of the Cosmic Masters.


Dr. King in the Transmission Room at the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society in Los Angeles, where he would enter a yogic samadhic trance condition to serve as a channel for the Cosmic Masters to speak through him.


Dr. King on Mt Tallac – a holy mountain in Northern California.

The Master Jesus - Avatar from another planet

The Twelve Blessings are known as Jesus’s New Age teachings; an extension to his Sermon on the Mount, which reveal more profound and far-reaching truths than those recorded in the Bible.

This wonderful series of simple yet eloquent, and often very poetic, modern teachings was given through the mediumship of Master of Yoga Dr. King, by the Master Jesus, on twelve consecutive Sundays in 1958, from July 27th to October 12th, while Dr. King was in a trance state of meditation known as samadhi.

The Master Jesus is a Cosmic Master from another planet. He is often described as a Master of Love, a quality which he demonstrated throughout his life on Earth some 2000 years ago. In his own words from the Sixth Blessing, he came at that time to bring us “the way to God through Love and Service.”

The practice of The Twelve Blessings exemplifies the beauty of the spiritual path he gave to Earth.

Read more about The Master Jesus

The Master Jesus

The Master Jesus is from a higher plane of existence on the planet Venus, undetectable to terrestrial science.

What are each of The Twelve Blessings?

Each of the Twelve Blessings is given to a group of spiritual workers, e.g. “They who work for peace,” or advanced cosmic intelligences, e.g. “The Supreme Lords of Creation,” and most of them are followed by a prayer.

1. Blessed are they who work for peace

Described as the “backbone of modern civilization,” those working for peace are absolutely essential to our progression on Earth. It is obvious that war is contrary to spiritual evolution and must cease for the New Age to be brought about.


2. Blessed are the wise ones

True wisdom is an extremely rare quality on this planet. Those who are wise give vitally important teachings to others, and simply by the power of their thought pattern, they constantly radiate healing energy to those in need.

3. Blessed are they who love

When the Master Jesus talks about love, he does not mean emotion or even affection, and certainly not possession. The love spoken of in this Blessing is the unconditional desire for all life to be risen up to realize its Divinity, and then putting this desire into action in whatever way necessary.


4. Blessed are the planetary ones

These are the extraterrestrial intelligences who have left the bliss of their own advanced cultures on other planets, and chosen to live on Earth in order to help us. This is a tremendous sacrifice and act of true selfless love – as demonstrated by the Master Jesus himself.

5. Blessed are the thanksgivers

Gratitude has a great power. This Blessing refers to those who give thanks to the spirits of nature who control the weather and so forth. This helps to create and preserve ecological balance.


6. Blessed are they who heal

Spiritual healing is at the heart of true Christianity and can be learnt and practiced by anyone. It is not based on faith, but on the control and direction of spiritual energy.

7. Blessed is the Mother Earth

The Mother Earth is such an advanced intelligence as to be worthy of the title “Goddess.” She is more significant to the cosmic whole than everyone on Earth put together, and yet she makes the tremendous sacrifice of limiting herself to her current physical form purely so that we can live here in order to gain essential karmic experience.


8. Blessed is the mighty Sun

The Sun is an even greater intelligence than the Earth, and we are constantly dependent upon its radiations for survival. The Master Jesus tells us that it is the closest thing to God in our concept of manifestation.

9. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Karma

Karma is a natural and universal law that governs everyone and everything in creation. The Lords of Karma are those unfathomably advanced intelligences behind this.


10. Blessed is the great being known as the Galaxy

The galaxy is a living intelligence of which we are all tiny parts.

11. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Creation

These are the intelligences who manifest the will of God that the universe should exist. They are so elevated that part of them is not even in manifestation.


12. Blessed is the Absolute

The Absolute is God seen as the essence of all things – the creator of the universe and every single part of the universe. There is nothing outside of it because it is quite literally everything. Its name – Brahma, Jehovah, the Divine Source or whatever – is irrelevant – and it is certainly far greater than the old-fashioned conventional view of God as an old man on a cloud.

In addition to these twelve, there is a final blessing, known as ‘The Last Blessing’ which is a blessing to The Master Jesus. This was given by Dr. King himself in 1959.

The Prayers

In almost all of the prayers that follow the blessings you radiate spiritual energy to humanity as a whole – so that people might be more inspired by their own Higher Selves. This inspiration will help mankind as a whole to become more compassionate - and more aware of the Oneness of all life.

When you do this, because of the law of karma, more and more spiritual energy will be attracted into your life - giving you greater personal magnetism, enhanced healing powers, and a higher state of consciousness.

You can then use this energy to send out greater energy still, and further your journey to enlightenment. This makes the practice of The Twelve Blessings an extraordinary way to improve your own karma - and, most importantly, to improve the karma of the whole world.

This is one of the great secrets of The Twelve Blessings, and why it is one of the most effective spiritual development practices that anyone can do.

Service to others is the most potent path to enlightenment, and is the solution to all problems facing humanity today. In fact, it is the keynote message of the greatest spiritual masters who have ever contacted Earth.


Allow the energy to flow freely from you by raising your hands so they are roughly parallel with your shoulders, palms facing forwards.

Experience The Twelve Blessings

The Twelve Blessings is a powerful, positive, spiritual way that you can help to change the world with spiritual energy, which is our number one priority in King Yoga.

The Blessings and the prayers are performed by raising the hands and visualizing the flow of spiritual energy as white light.

With an open mind and sincere effort, you can physically feel a heat, a pressure, or a tingling, either in the palms of your hands and/or in other areas of your body, known as chakras, where energy flows in and out of your aura. This may not happen the first time you try performing The Twelve Blessings - but it won’t take long before the sincere practitioner has a genuine psychic and/or spiritual experience as a direct result of this practice.

Practicing The Twelve Blessings regularly is a life-changing step forward in your spiritual development – a way to serve others selflessly and advance more quickly towards enlightenment. There is no doubt that it will awaken the extraordinary potential within you – if you practice it.

It will help to lift you into a higher, more expansive state of consciousness, so that you can better appreciate the mystery of creation – the nature of “God” in the beginning as the ultimate being of supreme universal Love.

You will begin to see that everything is alive – conscious to one degree or another – and responsive to this great energy of Love that you are sending out into the world.

The first time I participated in a Power Circle, I was not familiar with the Twelve Blessings. It was my first experience with The Aetherius Society. I raised my hands and listened to others say the prayers. I was amazed at what I felt. It seemed as though there was a force in the middle of the circle. I could move my hands slightly inwards to the circle, and the force got stronger. At the time I thought it felt like there was a bubble in the middle of the circle that was very strong. The more I concentrated on this, the stronger it seemed to get. In hindsight, I think it is incredible that although I had no knowledge of the prayers, how to pray correctly or prayer energy, I could still feel it so strongly.

– Lisa, USA

The first time I did The Twelve Blessings I felt the energy coming out of my hands…and felt the energy in our circle. Finally I felt that I was doing something for mankind…that I was helping…not just sitting back, not just feeling sorry.

– Anna, USA

When I first practiced The Twelve Blessings it felt like coming home. The practice just felt very right somehow, despite its new cosmic content. It took a while to learn them by heart... But once I did that, I was able to apply greater feeling and flow, and my Dynamic Prayer went to another level. I can only say this has continued to build over the years. Now when I say The Twelve Blessings I can be heartfully immersed in them and feel as if I don’t want to be anywhere else. Truly joyful.

– Sue, UK

I just remember shafts of white light leaving the palms of my hands. My arms were like rods of steel. It almost felt difficult to lower them. That experience, combined with the hallmark of sincere, honest, deep truth and goodness in the [Twelve] Blessings themselves caused me to take it a step further…

– Paul, USA

I have practiced dynamic prayer through The Twelve Blessings for over 40 years. The power of these practices never diminishes, just gets better.

– Wajid, USA

The first time I did a Twelve Blessings Service I began to feel a warm tingling throughout my whole body, even down to my legs. I was flabbergasted! I had never, in all my searching, experienced anything like it! It was a physical sign which convinced me to become a Member.

– Bryan, UK

When I first read The Twelve Blessings, I was completely blown away! ... An awareness occurred that it is my responsibility to transform the world and be of service to others ... And, the time to act is now, by participating in The Twelve Blessings. It honestly took a few times to “feel” the energy flowing….It was “letting go” that proved to be the biggest reward. Once I completely embraced the prayers and trusted that I indeed have the power to invoke energy – there was no turning back. ... I have transformed myself and connected with the Divine in this unlimited universe.

– Daya, USA

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Online Services

We broadcast live, online Services of The Twelve Blessings throughout the week. They are free and anyone can participate in them. Some Services are live-streamed, and often feature the playing of the recording of one of the Blessings as given by the Master Jesus through Dr. George King in 1958, while many of our other Services are audio only and feature the complete practice of The Twelve Blessings.

Tuned in from Tucson, AZ… I feel charged with energy! And what a powerful prayer for the Middle East! Thank you for this opportunity to join as a group soul and be of service.

– Heidi, USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been tuning in to The Twelve Blessings online services the last three weeks. The energies this evening were exceptional!

– Sonia, USA

I have found that your Twelve Blessings Service is very uplifting and helps me as I seek inspiration and a way to help in a group to heal the Earth and all living things. Thank you for making it available to me!!

– Sharon, USA


The Book

The book contains the text as given by The Master Jesus.

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The Lectures

These are the audio recordings of the extensive lecture series given by Dr. George King covering each of The Twelve Blessings.

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The Transmissions

These are audio recordings of the actual words spoken by The Master Jesus through Dr. George King while in a positive yogic samadhic trance.

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I first started to practice the Twelve Blessings with dynamic prayer, when I was 17... Very quickly I noticed a remarkable uplifting change in my energies. But the biggest noticeable difference came when there was a Spiritual Push, which was like 10 times the effect. This effect was even greater when I performed the Twelve Blessings on a Holy Mountain for the first time.

– Steven, USA

We felt the power of the Twelve Blessings as soon as we started using them. We especially feel the power when joining in with the online services. I think this is due to the awareness of being part of a global group of people, all dedicated to world healing – a truly wonderful and inspiring experience.

– Helen and Jon, UK

The Twelve Blessings gave me an expanded perception of God, reality and my purpose in life.

– Ayub, UK

Powerful, soulful, inspirational…

– Rita-Rose, USA

Thank you ... that was well worth tuning into ... could feel the light energies flowing through me.

– Frazer, UK