All Change

All Change

A couple of years ago I was sitting in a tube-train at Earls Court station in London. I was dozing, as I often do on trains, to be awoken abruptly by a loud announcement over the tannoy. The announcement was two simple words:


As I was waking up, suddenly I felt a strange feeling of awakening of a different kind. “Yes …” I thought, or rather felt, “ALL CHANGE – what a fantastic message!”

I glanced up, still half-asleep, my eyes skimming the faces around me, and up to the advertisements displayed above the seats; my ears half-hearing the chatter and mindless background noise in the carriage. There was a message in virtually everything I could see and hear, and even feel around me, and this message was the exact opposite of what I had heard over the tannoy. The message was:


After I had completely woken up and come to my senses, I changed trains, as I had been instructed to do by the faceless tannoy. But the memory of my strange semi-conscious quasi-illumination stayed with me.

“Yes … “I kept thinking to myself, “Yes … that’s what we need – we need to all change … yet what we are constantly being brainwashed into believing is that we should stay the same …”

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King Yoga Breathing – The Imitation of God

King Yoga Breathing - The Imitation of God

Breathing out and breathing in

We breathe automatically – without thinking. It is an action governed by the subconscious. When we perform yoga breathing, we are taking this action from the realms of the subconscious to the conscious. We make ourselves consciously aware that we are breathing, and then control the way we do this.

This can be compared to our Divinity. We are all Divine all the time. We don’t have to think about it for it to be true. We are God right now and always, albeit in an extremely limited form, incomparable to the full greatness of the Absolute – but we are God nevertheless. In spiritual development we take this unconscious fact and make ourselves conscious of it. We think about it, and then, hopefully, control our actions accordingly.

In the beginning, all was God – perfect and unmanifest. For some reason unknown and unknowable to mortal man, God chose to create the universe out of itself (Note 1). This is called the great out-breathing of creation – when the perfection of God became “wrapped up” in matter etc. This is what we are. The great in-breathing of creation is when these limited, individualized aspects of God, realize that they are God, and go back to that state of perfection.

When we perform yoga breathing we are virtually imitating this process. Rather than just breathing without thinking, we are, like God, choosing to breathe out and then in, conscious of what is happening. By acting like God in this way, we become more aware of our own Divinity.

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KING YOGA – the greatest karmic force for your own personal development!

King Yoga - the greatest karmic force for your own personal development

Raising consciousness through spiritual self-development

When you read a spiritual book, and allow its wisdom to sink into your consciousness, you change. Your vibration becomes that little bit higher. Your knowledge is that little bit greater – which, if you let it, will permeate your whole thought pattern. You will be that bit better informed when making decisions about your life, and understanding what life is, and what life is for.

When you chant a mantra, you sensitize your aura, which affects your whole vibration – including the vibration of the cells of your physical body. Even your brain becomes different – more capable of receiving higher thoughts, and translating them into conscious mind. Your chakras function differently as well – the lower chakras become less active, and basic emotion is risen onto a higher level. Base anger is transmuted into righteousness, jealousy into aspiration, sentiment into unselfish love. This applies to all spiritual practices to some degree or another.

To a lesser degree, correct eating and drinking habits, and taking exercise, will also help to raise our consciousness, but these physical aspects of self-improvement will only help us spiritually in the context of a spiritual life – they do not make us spiritual in themselves. As Dr. George King said: “You cannot eat your way to God!”

Similarly, a spiritual environment, and the company of spiritual people, will also help to raise our vibration and consciousness. We probably know this from our own experience – we all feel better up a mountain on a perfect day, than in a busy polluted city sitting in sweltering heat in a traffic jam. We all feel more spiritually elevated when talking to someone else on the spiritual path, than when arguing with an obnoxious materialist.

Service is the most important thing

We should do all these things as much as we reasonably can, in order to make us more able to serve others – to charge us up, to inspire us, to energise us. But we should not take them to the point where they take us away from serving others. This is an infinitely fine balance, and often a difficult judgement to make.

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The Gift of Recognition

The gift of recognition - seeing through the 3rd eye


The Master Jesus gave many of his greatest teachings in the form of parables. According to St. Matthew’s gospel (13:13) he did this “because they seeing see not.” He considered it necessary to illustrate his life-changing wisdom through stories in order for his audience to recognise its profound meaning.

As Secretary of the European Headquarters of The Aetherius Society for 38 years, I am all too familiar with those who look but do not see. During this time millions of people have come across our teachings and beliefs in a whole variety of ways, but only a relative handful have recognised them as the great truths they are, of which hopefully you are one. They are delivered in a very direct manner which is easy to understand, at one level at least. Dr. George King went out of his way to speak and write with an honest clarity, deliberately avoiding the complicated phraseology you frequently find in mystical circles. The Master Aetherius, Mars Sector 6 and other Cosmic Masters use accessible, sometimes even colloquial, language to deliver their timeless truths.

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Spiritual solutions to global disasters

How often have you felt a sense of helplessness when news of a global disaster reaches you? An inner despair that hundreds or possibly thousands of people could suffer death, disability or homelessness and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it? There would be something wrong with us if we never felt like this. Disillusionment with politicians has never been higher, and the unfair materialistic scheme becomes ever more unfair.

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Worship the God-Spark in the Temple of the Soul

Worship the God-Spark in the Temple of the Soul


Whether you regard yourself as religious, spiritual, or neither – you can never really know yourself without “going within”. It is going within that is the true journey of the soul – to Reality itself.

But what does “going within” really mean?

In the following simple words, given by a great Master from another planet,  this question is answered:

If you would attend a temple, then attend the temple within. Bathe yourself in the lasting Fire of your highest aspirations and come out as an inspired one. Yet inspired into Spiritual activity rather than theoretical lethargy. 

“The World is yours, the Universe is yours, the Cosmos is yours, but only when the Spark speaks through you to all, about all, in all. Note it, be revived by it, be inspired by it, be risen by it, and come upwards, oh children of Earth. Rise upwards, oh children, of Earth, and express the greatness in your souls, express the lasting Divinity of your higher selves. 

“Rise, oh Earth, into glory.” 

– Jupiter 92, speaking through Dr. George King in 1962

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Master your karma and be free!

Master your karma and be free

This blogpost is the third in a series which analyzes the outstandingly beautiful Transmission given through Dr. George King on February 2nd, 1962, by a great Cosmic Master known simply to us as “Jupiter 92”, as published in Cosmic Voice Issue No. 26 (July-August 1962).

Civilization on Jupiter exists at a higher material plane of existence, therefore it is not yet detectable by terrestrial science. This, however, certainly does not mean that it does not exist! The spiritual profundity of this Transmission is more than enough to prove to any true spiritual seeker that life does indeed exist on Jupiter. Physical evidence can sometimes be faked, but wisdom never can!

In this post we will look at two sentences of this great message to Earth, which talk about karma:

 You have been told many times that you came not to be a slave of the basic Karmic wheel, but to be master of its every revolution. Evolution is borne from Karmic revolution, if this be controlled by the higher aspect of each of you.

What is karma?

The law of karma has been described in various ways throughout history:

“What goes around, comes around.” – proverb

“…whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Christianity (Galatians 6:7)

“Action and reaction are opposite and equal.” – Buddhism

“Karma is pressure toward Conformity. It is Pressure directing you, the mind – and you, the soul – toward You, the Spirit.” – King Yoga (Note 1)

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Let cosmic inspiration change your life!

let cosmic inspiration change your life


This blogpost is the second in a series which analyzes the outstandingly beautiful Transmission given through Dr. George King on February 2nd, 1962, by a great Cosmic Master known simply to us as “Jupiter 92”, as published in Cosmic Voice Issue No. 26 (July-August 1962).

Civilization on Jupiter exists at a higher material plane of existence, therefore it is not detectable by terrestrial science – this, however, certainly does not mean that it does not exist!

In this post we will look at the next nine sentences of this great Transmission, which talk about inspiration:

For centuries we have impregnated your World with our different essences. The essence of music we have sent upon you. The essence of colour we have laid at your feet. The essence of sound, of Love, of inspiration, these we have sent unto you. The essence of subtle beneficence, we have sent, but alas, too few have reached and grasped this from the very living ethers around them and taken this essence of inspirational culture to their very souls. Nay, they have eaten of the fruits of Earth without appreciating the greatness which was still small, yet all resounding. We have impregnated you with these essences, quite freely, save for an inward searching on your part, a lack of selfishness on your part, an urge to rise upwards on your part and this their only cost. Upon the temple of your very soul is placed even now great inspiration which could lift you upwards and away from your present dilemmas. Reach out the hand of your conscious mind and accept the fruits of super-consciousness and mentally digest them and life will become different for you.

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How to overcome spiritual aloneness – a three-point plan

How to overcome spiritual aloneness

This blogpost is the first in a series which will analyze the outstandingly beautiful Transmission given through Dr. George King on February 2nd, 1962, by a great extraterrestrial Master known simply to us as Jupiter 92. Civilization on Jupiter exists at a higher material plane of existence, therefore it is not detectable by terrestrial science – this, however, certainly does not mean that it does not exist!

In this post we will look at the first four sentences of this great Transmission, which talk about how to overcome spiritual aloneness – something which no doubt many of us have experienced at one time or another. So rich is the wisdom of just these few lines – that even a whole blogpost seems to do faint justice to the full extent of the spiritual depth and refinement of the truths expressed.

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Love, the bringer of peace

Love, the bringer of peace

What Love Is

Love is the secret elixir of life. This truth is engraved on the Sphinx, it is in the caves of the Anchorites near Mount Sinai and, on the great rock near Deir, Petraea, we are told: “The Torch of life is fed by the oil of Love.” In I Corinthians 13:13 we hear: “So faith, hope, love remain, these three; But the greatest of these is love.

It is the elixir, the oil, the spiritual energy to bring lasting peace on earth. In the mystic text The Nine Freedoms we learn many things about this mysterious, alchemical power. We learn that love is an aspect of the initial Creative Force. It was out of love, therefore, that the Earth, the Sun, the stars, indeed, the entire Solar System and beyond, were created. It is boundless, limitless and inexhaustible. It is the fuel of our most ardent spiritual desires, and the desire itself.

But how do we recognize love? Is it the touch of a mother’s hand on her child’s fevered brow? Yes, indeed. Is it the feeling we have when we see our beloved across the room? Yes. Is it the warm glow we feel when we offer our seat to the frail, elderly lady? Yes, it is. It is all these things, and much more. All these are glimpses of love. All these are small aspects of this one great, all-pervasive, all-permeating energy of the universe. For love is not just about feeling or emotion; it is an energy that holds manifestation in place and is the force of preservation throughout existence.

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