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Prayer for Spiritual Workers

This beautiful prayer was given to Earth in a Cosmic Transmission given by The Master Jesus, channeled through Dr. George King in 1962.

As with the New Lord’s Prayer, you can make these words come to life by performing the technique described in How to pray, putting as much dynamism and sincerity as you can into every single line.

This prayer expresses one of the greatest aspects of true mystic Christianity – offering unconditional Divine love to those who oppose us. This is not passive defeat, and is certainly not to condone a wrong; it is a way to transmute hate into love – by means of practical love in action through prayer. This will help to raise consciousness and even to psychically protect us from negativity directed by others.

Oh mighty God, I bless all those
Who, because of their limitations,
Would smite me.
Oh mighty God, I bless all those
Who, because of their weakness,
Would not heed me.
Oh mighty God, I bless all those
Who, because of their ignorance,
Would defile You, through me.
And I ask, oh mighty God, Oh Wondrous Power
That Your Strength may be given to me now;
So that I might be fortified by this,
So that I might go forward bravely into the world
And, despite reception, send forth my Love of Thee
Throughout all races of man.
Oh mighty God, give me the Power and Strength
To rise above my karmic weakness,
The deficiencies in the pattern of my evolution,
So that I might evolve and become stronger,
Aye, and even stronger, in Thy Everlasting Light.
Oh God, Thy Will be done.

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