Why The Aetherius Society?

Dr. George King, western Master of yoga and Founder of The Aetherius Society

There are many great spiritual paths – each of them unique. Here are some of the key aspects of The Aetherius Society which make it a very special and effective path at this time of great change on Earth:

  • Selfless service to others is at the core of all Aetherius Society teachings and values, and the Society offers a very potent way to be of service to the world as a whole.
  • The Aetherius Society works in direct co-operation with the Gods from space to help bring about peace, healing and upliftment on Earth.
  • The Society was founded by a Master of yoga, Dr. George King.
  • The teachings of The Aetherius Society hold the answers to numerous profound questions which philosophers have pondered for centuries – regarding subjects such as: life on other planets, life after death, the nature of God, the creation of the universe and the meaning of life.
  • These teachings have been given by the Gods from space in language which is as simple, concise and accessible as possible.
  • The wisdom of these teachings has not been diluted over time, as has happened in some older paths. The vast majority of Transmissions given through Dr. King were recorded for posterity, so spiritual seekers can actually hear the words of the Gods for themselves.
  • The Society does not claim to be the “one and only way” as do some religions, and Aetherius Society teachings share truths with many great faiths and mystical traditions.
  • The Society teaches a variety of simple, effective and practical techniques for spiritual development and service to others, such as yoga breathing and spiritual healing.
  • The Society’s beliefs and practices include aspects of Christianity, eastern mysticism (especially yoga philosophy) and cosmic new age spirituality.
  • The Society reveres the Mother Earth as a living Goddess.
  • The Society maintains that all people have Divine potential, and that no one is ever “beyond redemption”.
  • The Society offers a series of powerful spiritual initiations to its Members, and gives equal opportunities regardless of gender or race.
  • The Society organizes countless events around the world to send out much needed spiritual energy to individuals in need, to regions in crisis and to the world as a whole.

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