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The Aetherius Society offers spiritual healing free of charge, though donations are welcome.

We offer contact healing by appointment, and also absent healing. While this treatment can be highly effective, we cannot guarantee results, and patients are advised to seek the appropriate medical help in addition to receiving this complementary treatment.

Please contact your local centre for more information or to request healing.

…a human body, when governed by the deeper feelings – the higher types of magnetism – becomes virtually a transmitting station, and it can transmit various types of magnetic energy from itself to another human body which needs this charge. So, what then is spiritual healing? This is what it is. It is the transmission of required – note, required – magnetic energy from and through – note that, from and through – the body of the healer to the patient. Certain healers have a quality which allows them to see, quite clearly, what type of energy is necessary, and this energy is requested or demanded – either consciously or super-consciously – by the healer from the universal supply and this energy then flows through the nervous system and cellular structure of the healer, and out to the patient.

The Master Aetherius


My younger brother Rob died suddenly at the age of 52. Our friends at The Aetherius Society began sending healing to our family as soon as they heard. And the results were extraordinary.

It was obviously a very sad time for us all, but anyone observing the joyful laughter at the ensuing family get-togethers would not have thought we were bereaved! Somehow we were able to focus on the good memories, and enjoy being together, which is not something that happens very often.

In common with most families, there are difficult relationships between individuals, and I am still struggling to comprehend the degree of healing that took place between these people. Notable examples include the reconciliation between my youngest brother, and the mother of Rob’s daughter, who had been estranged for years following a row at a family gathering, and all these years later, she apologised and healed the rift.

Our parents have been estranged for decades, and had not spoken to each other for over 40 years. So there was some nervousness as the funeral approached, as, against all the odds, they were both going to attend. On the day, they shook hands warmly, exchanged a few words, and actually smiled at each other – another minor miracle.

The funeral was followed by a wake at which around 200 of Rob’s friends, many of whom enjoy a drink and a punch up, just had a peaceful, fun, friendly time, reminiscing about the ‘good old days’. Another wonderful occurrence!

And finally I would like to thank you for the healing sent to my mother. She and her husband both have health problems, and she was already feeling quite low before Rob died. However, despite being diagnosed with diabetes just 3 days afterwards, and one of her oldest friends dying a few weeks later, she actually coped better after the event than she had prior to it.

In summary, our story is a testament to the power of healing, and I would like to thank everyone involved from the bottom of my heart.

Helen F