The Twelve Blessings


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The Twelve Blessings – The cosmic concept as given by The Master Jesus, delivered through Dr. George King

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This beautifully-presented gold-colored hardback contains twelve inspirational blessings given by the Cosmic Master we knew as Jesus, through the mediumship of Dr. George King. Each blessing focuses either on spiritual workers, such as “they who work for peace”, or great Divine beings, like the Mother Earth. As well as being filled with revelations about the wondrous cosmos in which we live, The Twelve Blessings is also a spiritual practice in itself. Taking as little as ten minutes a day, experiencing the magic of the blessings will make you a better channel for spiritual energy and even improve your karma. But most importantly of all this sacred practice will help send light, healing and inspiration out into the ethers of our troubled world.

Hardback; 63 pages.

Highly recommended to all.

Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Also available for purchase: The Twelve Blessings lectures album and The Twelve Blessings transmissions album.


From pages 9-10 (Dr George King):

When Jesus walked The Earth as a man, He taught the path to God- realisation through Love and Service. At that time His Teachings were given at the beginning of a Cosmic Cycle known as the Piscean Age.

In The Twelve Blessings, Jesus, operating from His own Shining Planet, Venus, has again given to Earth great Teachings on the eve of The New Cosmic Cycle — The Aquarian Age.

These Teachings, given as actual Blessings, are an extension of those He gave two thousand years ago. In those days, from the clay of Earth, He gave to the Earth a moral and ethical code of behaviour specially designed to ignite the Flame of Spirituality within man so that he could live successfully within his environment.

The Twelve Blessings constitute a great extension to His previous Teachings inasmuch as they give to thinking, believing man, a tremendously wide conception of the Vast Universe and a deeper appreciation of the everlasting Reality of the One Supreme Creative Intelligence behind all manifestation. Here are mighty Cosmic Truths given with a simplicity which is the hallmark of the true understanding found only in the consciousness of a Great Avatar.

The Twelve Blessings have been given so that by their continued study as profound Truths and use as Mystic Practices, the student may better prepare himself for the journey into the enlightened state of Cosmic Consciousness. The energy released by the student must be returned from the point to which it was directed. The Twelve Blessings, therefore, constitute a system of sacred practices by the continued use of which the student may avail himself of the energy necessary to gain enlightenment. Even more important than this, the student can be energised to that extent which enables him to be of great service to all humanity. It is this type of service through Spiritual enlightenment which the Earth so desperately needs in these dark days. It was to bring about a Spiritual revitalisation of Earth that Jesus released His transmuting Power of pure, selfless Love during these Blessings …

From pages 37-38 (The Master Jesus):


Blessed is She, Who, in sacrifice, has made a Space Refuge for you all.

Blessed is She, Who, instead of taking the unlimited gowns allowed to
this Goddess, did accept material limitation, so that you — the lower Aspects of God — could walk through experience back to God again.

Blessed is the Logos of this Earth, for She shineth like a Sun doth shine.
Yet — of purpose — She hideth this Light beneath the bushel of a material form, which renders unto man, sustenance.

Blessed is the Logos of this Earth.

She weeps not when the vandals do tear Her body with wounds. She weeps not when the fools do commit foul acts against the very Nature, which forms Her Fruits.

As yet, man, She has borne you.

I request most strongly NOW — that you do not take such for granted.

She has not, as yet, demanded that you change — or leave.

Thrice Blessed is such a One as this. For by Her Wondrous selfless
actions, She proves how near unto Her Source, She really be.

Thrice Blessed upon all of Her hundred stages is She.

Seven times Blessed upon all of Her forty-nine cloaks is She, for She
has illustrated the great Love — that of sacrificing Salvation for another.

Her Mighty Flame now burns within Her large Heart.

There was a time when the whole of the Galactic System could see this
but alas, ye have quenched it …

From page 46 (The Master Jesus):


For this Mighty One, Great in proportion and wondrous in content, stretches through Space Its magnetic Body, so that thousands of inhabited Worlds may reside therein.

Blessed is this Mighty Lord, for It is One of the Greater Lords of Creation, which is now sacrificing Its Wondrous Self upon the plane of preservation, so that trillions of life-streams may gain essential experience. So that thousands of inhabited Worlds may gain experience. So that great and mighty Suns may gain experience. So that Solar Systems may gain experience.

What description is there for this? None — not even in the great language of TUL . . .

Blessed is the wondrous Being known as the Galaxy.

A hundred million aeons ago this wondrous and Mighty Lord did cast Its Crown from Its Head and did sacrifice Itself upon the plane of preservation in order to be of service to the GOD of Gods! ….