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Cooperating with the Gods

Group prayer on a Holy Mountain.

Praying on a holy mountain

The Aetherius Society literally works in direct cooperation with beings from other planets – in a way which is entirely unique upon Earth.

Every act of service – every act of true spirituality – is a step closer to world peace and enlightenment. Selfless service is the cornerstone of the Divine Law which is the very fabric of the cosmos. Working with the Divine Law through any kind of humanitarianism, elevated inspiration or expression of true spiritual love, will help humankind as a whole to advance towards the heavenly vision that the Cosmic Masters have for our world.

However, the Cosmic Masters have not just given us teachings highlighting the importance of selfless service, but also ways to make our service much more potent than it could otherwise be. For example, radiating love through heartfelt prayer is always a good thing – but during a Spiritual Push this practice is enhanced 3000 times. Similarly, if we pray on a Holy Mountain that has been charged with spiritual energy by a cosmic intelligence – our prayers, if truly unselfish, will be vastly more powerful.


Charging a Spiritual Power Battery with spiritual energy during Operation Prayer Power on a holy mountain.

Even more importantly, The Aetherius Society performs five Cosmic Missions, including a Mission called Operation Prayer Power. In these Missions the Society works with the Cosmic Masters in releasing vast amounts of much-needed spiritual energy which is of great benefit to our world. These spiritual energy releases are ongoing, some taking place regularly, and others in response to world crises. If you would like to receive updates on how this energy is being used, you are invited to register as a Friend of The Aetherius Society and receive our monthly E-Newsletter.

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