Enlightenment and beyond

The first three of The Nine Freedoms  – namely bravery, love and service  – lead us to the fourth Freedom  – enlightenment.

4. Enlightenment

Enlightenment is much harder to attain than many may realize, and much greater than any of us can really imagine – unless we are already enlightened! It is a wonderful, glorious and very holy state – far deeper, and far more mystical, than just basic peace of mind, or even advanced psychic vision.

It is the fourth of The Nine Freedoms – and as such is the result of bravery, love and service – the first three Freedoms. In this profound yet also very practical text, Mars Sector 6 explains that we should first put our physical and mental abilities to correct use, and that if we then develop and correctly apply our psychic abilities, this “will begin to open the door of enlightenment.”

The next step is “the transmutation of mental energies upon the plane of inspiration, called high intuition.” At this stage the spiritual aspirant is capable of meditation, and by practicing meditation “opens the door, even wider, so that the brilliant, everlasting vibration of enlightenment may forever surround him” (or her).

This may sound complex – but this is only because it is unfamiliar to us. Mars Sector 6 says that “ignorance is the result of the complication devised by terrestrial man, therefore, enlightenment is simplicity.” It is materialism which is complex; whereas Divinity is infinitely simple. By surrendering to this simplicity – we will attain enlightenment.

5. Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic consciousness is the fifth of The Nine Freedoms. As such, it is above enlightenment – or, to put it another way, it is an even higher degree of enlightenment than that described in the Fourth Freedom. Some people have glimpses of this state prior to enlightenment, as described in the book Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke, recommended by Dr. King, but the full state, as described by Mars Sector 6 is very rare indeed.

In The Nine Freedoms, Dr. King describes his own personal experience of cosmic consciousness in gripping detail, using vivid but easily understandable language. In this unique account, cosmic consciousness is explained as a full rise of the mystical power of kundalini up the spine to the crown chakra. Dr. King also describes how, while in this state, he felt a tremendous compassion for the Mother Earth, which inspired him more than ever to be of service – all the more able to be of service, of course, for having had this elevated experience. It is a very important aspect of metaphysics that, once a great state has been attained, the spiritual aspirant should be able to detach from it to help others, as opposed to just concentrating on his or her own bliss and advancement.

Mars Sector 6 describes the wonder of cosmic consciousness in the following beautiful words:

There comes a stage when, at once, the consciousness of the individual soars to mighty heights, unlimited, unbounded by mind. High into the realms of Intuition, of Divine Inspiration it goeth. Through Space, where time stands quite still, non-existent, immobile.

Cosmic Consciousness, like the flower of God, breaks from a bud into full, lasting bloom…

6. Ascension

The next step – the sixth of The Nine Freedoms – is Ascension. This is freedom from the cycle of reincarnation, also known as the “wheel of rebirth” – and could therefore be described as a state of immortality. An Ascended Master may change his or her body from time to time, but would do so consciously – without going through old age or childhood. And they would, it would seem, not have to do this anything like as often as we do. The Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling, for example, has been in the same physical body for some 2000 years.

To attain this Freedom, the Master has to not only have experienced cosmic consciousness, but be able to enter this state at will, which, we are told, is very much more demanding. Ascension cannot be gained by the average person in one life; it takes many lives of sustained spiritual effort – but, nevertheless, however distant it may seem, it is, Mars Sector 6 informs us, the birthright of us all to one day reach this mighty spiritual goal.

Ascended Masters do not need to remain on this planet at all – but they choose to do so, working mainly behind the scenes as it were, in order to help the rest of suffering humanity.

7. Interplanetary Existence

This is the seventh of The Nine Freedoms. Once an individual has learnt all the lessons that reincarnation upon Earth can teach them, if they do not remain on Earth as an Ascended Master, then they begin life as a Cosmic Master on another planet. It should be noted, however, that this does not of course mean that all Cosmic Masters originate from Earth.

Cosmic Masters exist on higher material planes of their respective planets. So the fact that Mars, for example, may appear barren and uninhabited on the plane of existence which we are able to observe, does not mean that it is uninhabited on a higher plane, also known as a “higher realm” or “higher frequency of vibration”. However, Cosmic Masters can also move from one plane to another, including this plane on which we live, if they so choose.

8. Saturnian Existence

This is the eighth of The Nine Freedoms. Once experience of the life cycles of other planets in the Solar System has been mastered, the intelligence begins life on Saturn, which, again, would of course exist at a higher frequency of vibration than this physical plane. Saturn is the most advanced planet in this system – and is where the Lord Babaji, and the Cosmic Avatar Sri Krishna, who gave the Bhagavad Gita, came from.

9. Solar Existence

The last of The Nine Freedoms is Solar Existence, when the intelligence becomes a part of the mighty Sun itself. Needless to say, this is millions upon millions of lives away – and is a state so advanced as to be beyond our comprehension. Nevertheless, Mars Sector 6 does give us a brilliant and tantalizing glimpse of this exalted state – a state which is the destiny, however distant, of us all.

Spiritual advancement is all about service. And the Sun is the living embodiment of service – giving light, and life, to the whole of the Solar System. Hence, however strange it may seem at first glance, this Freedom does in fact make perfect metaphysical sense.

This is not the end

Spiritual evolution goes ever onwards, ever upwards, to ever-greater heights of awareness and service – until total absorption back into the Divine Source – from which we all came in the beginning.

For a more in-depth explanation visit The Nine Freedoms website which includes substantial extracts from the words of Mars Sector 6 and from Dr. King’s commentaries.