Membership and Initiations


A gathering of Members, Friends and sympathisers of The Aetherius Society in the Aetherius Temple London after a session of the Cosmic Mission Operation Prayer Power

A gathering of Members, Friends and sympathizers in London after a session of Operation Prayer Power

We invite all spiritually-minded individuals who wish to support the aims and objects of The Aetherius Society and cooperate with our world-healing activities, to apply for Membership.

The price of Membership varies according to location. The Aetherius Society is a non-profit organization and Membership fees are deliberately kept low.

All Membership applicants should have a grasp of the key teachings of The Aetherius Society and are required to have studied the following: The Twelve Blessings, The Nine Freedoms, Contacts with the Gods from Space, and Realize Your Inner Potential; Full Membership applicants are also required to have studied The Cosmic Plan.

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You can also contact us for further information.

(Please note that being a Friend of The Aetherius Society is not the same as being a Member. Becoming a Friend is for those people who are interested in, and sympathetic towards, the Society and its teachings, but does not involve any formal commitment. For some it is a very helpful step towards Membership, though it is not necessary to be a Friend before applying for Membership.)


Every second of our lives is an initiation. As we go through karmic experience, we have countless choices to make, countless tests, countless opportunities to learn more about life. By making the best use of these opportunities, by making the right choices, and by mastering the tests life gives us, we rise up the ladder of spiritual evolution, coming ever closer to realization of the Divine Source.

However, as well as this continuous stream of initiations through experience, many spiritual teachers and metaphysical organizations also offer specific initiations to their more dedicated students, as does The Aetherius Society. These initiations, which take the form of holy ceremonies, are only available to Full Members and include being made a Member Initiate (of various grades), a Staff Team Member, a Minister, and a Priest.

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Contacts With The Gods From Space

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REALIZE YOUR INNER POTENTIAL through the path of spiritual service – King Yoga

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