Spiritual Healing

What it is, how it works and how you can learn to do it

Do you want to help others?

Do you want to help others?

Perhaps you’ve heard stories of people who’ve received spiritual healing, or you’ve been inspired by another healer, like Jill was (see video below). You might be asking: “Is it real?,” or “Could I become a spiritual healer?”

Or, perhaps you’ve already received spiritual healing yourself – and are wondering if it’s something you could do too.

You can help people with aches, pains, injuries and illnesses – sometimes in miraculous ways – with spiritual healing.

Jill had always been inspired by spiritual healing but wasn’t sure she could do it.

Can anyone become a spiritual healer?

Some people say you have to have a special gift to be able to give spiritual healing. 

Others say you need the help of a spirit guide. 

Or that you need to have amazing psychic powers

This isn’t true! Anyone can learn to give spiritual healing to others. 

We can all tap into the universal supply of energy around us and send it to people, animals, and even plants, who need our help. 

Spiritual healing is a natural process. Even though your results might appear miraculous to medical science, they are not “miracles.”

Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature. 

– St Augustine of Hippo

It is a skill that can be learned by anyone who wants to help others. And the more determined you are to give spiritual healing, the better healer you will become. 

Like any skill, it helps to have a good teacher – especially one who is living proof of their teaching.

Dr. George King

You Too Can Heal - a revolution in the spiritual healing movement

Dr. George KingDr. George King (1919 - 1997) was a Spiritual Master with great knowledge and spiritual power, which he used to help humanity as much as he could. 

From his mid-twenties he spent 8-10 hours per day for 10 years practising advanced forms of yoga, as a way to attain enlightenment. He became an expert psychic and spiritual healer who could psychically see, smell or feel what was wrong with someone, and treat this condition precisely as needed. 

Sometimes he had the assistance of expert guides working on the higher realms who helped him with specific healing cases, and with research that he was doing.

In 1976, with more than 30 years’ experience, and countless hours devoted to healing others under his belt, Dr. King published a book which revolutionized the healing movement, making spiritual healing accessible to all.

It was called simply: You Too Can Heal.

In Dr. King’s own words:

You Too Can Heal - a revolution in the spiritual healing movement

Dr. George King (1919 - 1997) was a Spiritual Master with great knowledge and spiritual power, which he used to help humanity as much as he could. 

From his mid-twenties he spent 8-10 hours per day for 10 years practising advanced forms of yoga, as a way to attain enlightenment. He became an expert psychic and spiritual healer who could psychically see, smell or feel what was wrong with someone, and treat this condition precisely as needed. 

Sometimes he had the assistance of expert guides working on the higher realms who helped him with specific healing cases, and with research that he was doing.

In 1976, with more than 30 years’ experience, and countless hours devoted to healing others under his belt, Dr. King published a book which revolutionized the healing movement, making spiritual healing accessible to all.

It was called simply: You Too Can Heal.

In Dr. King’s own words:

Play the extracts from Master of Yoga Dr. George King, or read them below.

Some years ago I started to make quite a close study of different types of spiritual healing and I discovered, beyond any doubt that, number one, everybody had this so-called gift and, number two, most people did not practice spiritual healing because they did not know how to start. So I evolved a technique which would enable someone to make a start....

...Before this, ladies and gentlemen, the spiritual healing movement was still doing tremendously good work—but how? They couldn’t tell you how. They didn’t know how—or very few of them knew how. 

The spiritualist said it was some vague power from spirit. 

Other people said they had a gift from God. 

But nobody could come up and say well, of course, it works because of that, that, that and that. And it has to work.

It looks as though it was my responsibility to do this. And I did do it.

Suddenly people said, 'My God, I wonder, can I do it? Why don’t I try?' 

For one thing, with this technique, you can’t do any harm. 

'Why don’t I try?' 

So they tried and they found, gradually, they were getting better and better and better at it…”

...people say, ‘this has changed my whole life because now I feel I can be of use. I’ve found something that I can do.’ 

And if it’s only to have helped those people, then the book You Too Can Heal was worth all the trouble it took to write and all the expense it took to publish... 

It is a great thing, this healing. It can change your life. It can make you forget your own little world. It can bring you out. It can cause expansion within your own consciousness. And give you—and this is very important—a greater faith in yourself. A greater knowledge of your own wonderful abilities.


– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Dr. King demonstrates The King Technique

Dr. King, on the public platform in the Bloomsbury Centre Hotel in London in 1974, demonstrates the technique to the audience while a skilled spiritual healer, trained in The King Technique, gave a healing treatment during the demonstration.

You Too Can Heal

You Too Can Heal, released in 1976 by Dr. King, was a revolution in the spiritual healing movement. It includes step-by-step instructions for contact spiritual healing, self-healing and absent healing.

Dr. King Spiritual Healing Stage Demonstration

At the same meeting in 1974, Dr. King invited 20 trained spiritual healers from The Aetherius Society Healing Band on to the platform. While he answered questions, the healers gave treatments to about 60 people.

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is a natural process in which spiritual energy is conveyed from and through you into your patient, in order to bring about a state of greater balance – or healing – within them.

Dr. King described healing as: A science in which the universal life forces are conveyed from the healer into the patient.”

He said: “Outside of you now, from the surface of this globe way beyond the Sun, is your storehouse of tremendous natural forces. Bring these into yourself and then you can greatly help your suffering brother.”

Certain experienced yogis, monks and martial artists have learned to harness this same energy to perform superhuman feats of great strength and healing. 

You too can channel this energy, and use it to help bring relief to people who need it.

In fact, you can even begin to physically feel this energy for yourself – and your patients can feel it too!

Jill’s friend had received treatment for cancer and had a lot of pain in her limbs. Listen to what she experienced when Jill sent her healing energy over a distance.

How can I become a spiritual healer?

Dr. King said there are three things you need in order to give effective spiritual healing:

  • A technique to start with
  • Compassion for people who are suffering
  • A balanced faith in your own ability

A technique to start with

There are many different ways of giving spiritual healing. The Aetherius Society has been teaching the King Technique of spiritual healing, which Dr. King devised, for over 60 years and since that time has taught the technique to thousands of students around the world.

It is simple, effective and easy to learn.

Because of his own experience, Dr. King knew there was an intimate relationship between your aura - your subtle energy body, and your physical body.

This relationship between these psychic and physical systems is what makes spiritual healing so effective. Disease in either one is reflected in the other.

The way The King Technique works is very simple. It aims to bring balance and harmony to the aura of a patient. This in turn is reflected in their physical body.

Your aura

Around your physical body you have a psychic counterpart called theaura. This energy body extends a few inches away from your physical body and glows with many different colors and patterns.

Your chakras

Within your aura are many different psychic centers, often known as chakras

Chakras are floodgates which allow energy to flow into and out of your body 24 hours per day. Sometimes they are called “power vortices”, because this is a good description of what they actually look like according to people with clairvoyant vision, like Dr. King.

In spiritual healing, the healer radiates energy from the chakras in the palms of their hands, into certain chakras in the body of the patient.

Nine Major Psychic Centers

Your subtle nervous system

Your chakras are linked together by a vast interconnected web of psychic channels, known as “nadis” which act as the subtle counterpart to your physical nervous system. This subtle nervous system relates to your physical nervous system. This essential relationship is what helps make spiritual healing so effective.

So how does spiritual healing work?

When the spiritual healer radiates energy into certain chakras in the body of the patient, it helps to bring harmony and balance to the aura of the patient, and this harmony and balance is then reflected in the physical body of the patient. This means that when the healer helps to heal the illness in someone’s aura, they can help to heal their physical body too.

According to Dr. King, “dis-ease” or illness is the result of either:

  • damage to our physical body, including our nervous system, 
  • damage to, or inhibition of, our chakras or subtle nervous system, or 
  • our own wrong thought. 

He said: 

Some diseases start within the physical body and are reflected into the aura. Some termed ‘psychosomatic diseases’ start in the aura or psychic centers and have their reflection in the denser cellular structure of the physical body. 

Some expert healers, who are able to see the aura, can make a very exact diagnosis of a physical ailment by seeing its outward reflection in the subtle bodies or in the incorrect working of a [chakra]. 


– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

These expert healers:

  • Can see precisely what type of energy is needed to bring about healing. 
  • Make a conscious request for this energy from the universal supply, and transmit this energy from and through their subtle body into the body of their patient. 

Other healers work super-consciously. 

  • They are not aware of exactly what they are doing in the same way, or how they are doing it, but they know that praying to God, for example, gives them a certain power. 
  • When they pray with the right motive of helping others, they make a demand for energy from the universal supply. This energy is given to them so that they can transmit these energies into the body of their patient. 
Spiritual Healing

Trained spiritual healers treat patients in our Temple in Los Angeles. Free spiritual healing is available from The Aetherius Society around the world.

Using The King Technique

When you use the King Technique you do not need to be able to diagnose a condition or make a request for a specific type of energy in order to heal your patient. 

You just need to follow the steps. 

The technique involves laying your hands on your patient and visualizing energy flowing into them. Specifically, into certain major chakras and into any area of pain or discomfort. 

  • When you follow the steps, you will naturally transmit the energy your patients need from yourself, and from the universal supply of energy outside of yourself, in a balanced way.
  • This is also one of the reasons why you will use white light in your visualization. White contains all colours of the spectrum, and therefore includes whichever color vibration your patient needs at a particular time. This is as opposed to color therapy, which uses specific colors to help relieve specific conditions. 

Dr. George King’s full spiritual healing technique is explained in his book You Too Can Heal, as well as at our one-day workshops held at our Centers around the world.

You can also read more about an easy-to-learn self-healing technique, which Dr. King devised based on similar principles to contact healing, together with various other steps you can take to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. 

Jill read the book and attended the You Too Can Heal workshop. Shortly afterwards she visited her mother who had had a fall. Listen to what she experienced when she practiced the technique on her mother.

Compassion for people who are suffering

You don’t have to be a saint, but you do need some degree of selfless compassion if you want to give effective spiritual healing. 

This means:

  • a deep feeling for anyone who may be suffering, and
  • a burning desire to help them in whatever way you can. 

Dr. King even went so far as to say that: “Without this kind of outlook and empathy for one another, no one can become a successful healer.”

Faith in your own abilities

Dr. King also said that you will never become an effective spiritual healer without faith in your own wonderful abilities:

Faith in your own ability is essential to success. 

To have too much faith in your own ability is wrong. 

To have too little faith in your own ability is wrong. 

To have just enough faith in your own ability is correct. 

This is the balanced approach which can only come with experience. But it will come if you work towards this goal of balance within yourself.

Remember, that every man, woman and child on Earth is capable of giving Spiritual Healing.

...After all, there is no mystery attached to Spiritual Healing, it is purely the conveyance of energy from the healer to the sufferer.


– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

The best way to improve your confidence in your healing abilities is to give healing to others whenever you can. The results will speak for themselves. People will tell you how they feel afterwards. They may even be amazed. 

A balanced approach also means having a balanced outlook on the whole subject. Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy. It is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. If someone needs medical attention, you should recommend they seek it. You can always continue to give them spiritual healing while they receive medical treatment. 

The King Technique - Spiritual Healing

The method of contact healing used in The Aetherius Society has been named “The King Technique.” It is a simple, effective and balanced technique that was devised by Dr. King to heal the physical body by treating the aura of the patient.

Spiritual Healing

The King Technique involves cleansing the patient’s aura and sending spiritual energy into some of their major chakras and any specific area of discomfort.

When you are using The King Technique, you will either lay your hands on your patient's physical body, or a few inches away from their body if they are not comfortable with physical contact.

Does healing always work?

You won’t always see results in your healing work. Sometimes the difference you make will not be apparent at all, and there may be little, if any, physical change in your patient’s condition. 

Jill’s son had injured his knee playing football in the playground. A couple of days later he was still limping. He was skeptical but eventually asked Jill if she would give him healing. Listen to what happened afterwards.

All conditions, but not all people

All conditions can be treated by spiritual healing – but not all people. 

Some people are less receptive to healing because of their own mental outlook. A positive outlook; a practical approach; and faith in God, the healer and the technique should help the spiritual healing process. However, this isn’t faith healing, and it is perfectly possible for a skeptic with no belief in the technique whatsoever to benefit from spiritual energy sent to them in this way. 

In addition, we all have to go through certain experiences in life and these can sometimes be very painful. Sometimes people are not able to be healed of a particular condition because they have to go through a certain experience as a result of their karma, and no amount of healing can alter that fact. 

You may work extremely hard to heal them, and persevere with treatment after treatment – but with insignificant results. This can – and does – happen even with the greatest healers, like Harry Edwards and Dr. King: 

It is a knowledge of the workings of the Law of Karma which has brought me to this conclusion. I read the case of one of the most prominent Spiritual healers in the world [Harry Edwards] whose greatest friend died in his arms of meningitis; the next day a total stranger came to him suffering with the same complaint and was cured. It is a fact that all diseases will respond to Spiritual Healing, but not all patients; it all depends on the Karmic pattern of the patient at the time, as to whether or not he will answer at all, or in the degree that he benefits from these treatments.


– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

These setbacks happen to everybody and they will happen to you. What’s important is that you are strong enough to carry on.

It is important to remind yourself in those cases where no improvement is apparent that it does not necessarily mean no good has been done. 

For example, you may help someone to deal with a condition and become more positive. Or, if a very ill patient does pass on, they may pass on more peacefully and with less suffering than they would have done otherwise – because of the effort that you made for them. 

It is extremely rare for someone to receive healing and then report no improvement afterwards whatsoever, and indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better, often where other treatments have failed.

The right karmic moment

There will also be cases you experience where it really is the right karmic moment for someone to be healed and the results are significant – dramatic even! 

One of the most startling cases that Dr. King shared took place at the Caxton Hall in London during a stage demonstration in the late 50s:

I remember in about 1957, after a meeting in the Caxton Hall, London, England, I asked people to come up for Spiritual Healing. About forty people came forward, and myself and one or two more healers started to work on these patients. 

We were giving Contact Healing and adopting the same technique as outlined herein, except that I had evolved the technique to better suit my own abilities through years of previous experience. One man came forward who was suffering from a large hump on the back. I will never forget it. He was smartly dressed in a brown tailored suit, obviously made by a good tailor who had actually tailored the jacket around this natural deformity. 

I asked the man how long he had had this and he said, 'Since birth.' Making it approximately fifty years. Also, he had received medical opinions and an operation was out of the question because of the dangerous effect it would have on his spinal column and nervous system. So, he had to carry this deformity through life. 

I put my hands on the growth and much to my shocked amazement, I felt it physically shrink beneath my hands! Needless to say, all other activity in the hall stopped, because other people witnessed the “miracle” which was taking place before their astounded eyes. That man, in front of more than a hundred witnesses, got up in a dumbfounded, bewildered manner, and when he walked down the aisle between the people, his jacket, which had been tailored for the deformity, hung down like a pouch between his shoulder blades! He was so bewildered, he did not even stop to thank me, but walked out of the hall and I never saw him again.

I was absolutely amazed at what had happened. It was the right Karmic moment for that man to be healed—and he was healed! What was most amazing to me was the fact that, when I laid my hands on the deformity, I did not feel any extra power seeming to go through them into the body of the patient. I had the same feeling of power flow as I have experienced many times in the past and no more than that.


– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Healing Workshop

The Aetherius Society offers one-day spiritual healing workshops teaching The King Technique at our Centers around the world.

Never give up

Spiritual healing is something everyone can do. If you are someone who has always wanted to help people who are suffering, you can do that with the King Technique.

Anyone can do it, but it takes love, determination, fortitude and humility to make your best effort and detach from the results. 

Don’t expect miracles at first. Don’t ever expect miracles. You’ll get terrible disappointments with this healing. Expect those. Take the rough with the smooth. Take the knocks and bangs but don’t give up. That’s the main thing. Just don’t give up.

And you’ll get to a stage where you’ll be able to lay your hands on a person for a few minutes and that person will afterwards feel better. Maybe, in some cases, even miraculously so. And when you have done this, don’t dwell on it. Don’t even mention it. Pass on to the next person. Shrug your shoulders and say, 'Well I’m only a channel.'

If a person says to you, ‘Oh, well, you did a marvelous healing’, say, ‘Go home and thank God for that – not me’. This is the attitude...


– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

It isn’t easy, but it is rewarding, and you will find some of your greatest joys in the healing experiences that you will no doubt have. 

Remember, spiritual healing is a natural process. It does work.

With faith in your own abilities, compassion and the right technique you will succeed!

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