Other Cosmic Missions

In addition to Operation Prayer Power, The Aetherius Society also performs four other Cosmic Missions. What distinguishes a Cosmic Mission from other spiritual work is that it involves direct cooperation with the Cosmic Masters. This direct cooperation is one of the things that makes the Aetherius Society so unique.

Operation Sunbeam

Dr. King working on a Missions’ boat

In Operation Sunbeam spiritual energy is sent to the Mother Earth – the living Goddess who has sacrificed so much to enable us to live here. The colossal spiritual debt we owe her puts us, as a planetary race, in a grave karmic position, since it is not possible, by Divine Law, to endlessly take without ever giving anything back in return. Operation Sunbeam was devised by Dr. King in 1966 to help solve this problem.

In the current modus operandi, large quantities of very high quality spiritual energy originating from holy mountains and other planets, are invoked by Cosmic Masters from outside of this Solar System. This energy is then sent through equipment specially designed by Dr. King for this purpose into a “psychic centre” (another term for chakra) of the Mother Earth.

The following words from a Cosmic Master, received telepathically by Dr. King in 1995, give us an idea of the importance of this Mission.

Without Operation Sunbeam certain parts of the surface of this planet would be quite different. There would be more upheavals under the oceans and the [tectonic] plates would tend to move much more rapidly than they do at the moment, thus causing tremendous upheavals.

Operation Sunbeam is saving you from many catastrophes. And when upheavals do happen, the frequency of these are spread out over a much longer period of time.

Your Operation Sunbeam is a world saver.

This obviously makes Operation Sunbeam today, as in the past, one of the most important Missions ever carried out by Earth people on the surface of this planet.

(Source: Cosmic Voice  –  Volume 16, Issues 1-3, January-February 1995)


The Saturn Mission

This Mission was devised by Cosmic Masters from Saturn – which is the most advanced planet in the Solar System. It was given to Earth through Dr. King and began in 1981. A spiritual energy battery is charged with high quality spiritual energy by Cosmic Masters, and then taken onto a boat and released over a psychic center of Earth. The spiritual energies released are not, for the most part, going into the psychic centre but are amalgamated with the natural flow of energy from the centre.

The Saturn Mission has two main results. Firstly, it helps to bring about world peace. Secondly, very high frequency energy is sent to the devic kingdom, which helps to bring about a stabilization of natural conditions on Earth.

Operation Space Power

Dr. King discusses the Spiritual Energy Radiator

Every day of every Spiritual Push energy is sent from an extraterrestrial spacecraft through a machine on Earth designed by Dr. King. This machine is known as a “Spiritual Energy Radiator” – and there are currently five of these around the world. During these holy periods each one is activated for a certain amount of time each day to release much-needed spiritual energy to help the world.

Operation Space Power II

Through the unique abilities and hard work of our founder, Dr. George King, The Aetherius Society is able to request spiritual energy from a cosmic source to be released through a Spiritual Energy Radiator in times of emergency, such as following a major earthquake for example. This energy is then directed by the Cosmic Masters like in Operation Prayer Power, regardless of whether or not it is a Spiritual Push.



There are a few people around the world like Sir George King who have tried to show the world that when Spiritual energies are harnessed they can contribute enormously to the transformation of our society.

–Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne – Gandhi Peace Prize (1996) and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2005), Founder of Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka.

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