Jesus is from Venus

By Aetherius Society / April 7, 2016 /
Jesus is from Venus

In the Aetherius Society we do not believe that Jesus is the one and only Son of God. We believe he is an advanced Master from the planet Venus. Not Venus as we know it – but a higher material plane of Venus which exists at a different frequency of vibration. Find out more about…

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New Year Reflections on a New Age Meditation

By Richard Lawrence / December 31, 2015 /

In 2015, Brian Keneipp and I made a pilgrimage to the picturesque town of St Mawes on the south coast of Cornwall. It was some 60 years earlier that Dr. George King had stayed here for a historic purpose when he devised The Aetherius Society Symbol. Later he wrote, referring to the ancient Sanskrit symbol…

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“Beyond a shadow of a doubt”

By Richard Lawrence / July 10, 2015 /

Dr. George King

The calibre of our teachings is proof enough of their authenticity; so is the enormity of the life-saving missions we have performed for decades. But it also displays a degree of humility which, if anyone else had said it, would be preposterous. Dr. King’s mind was the exact opposite to puny – indeed it was one of the greatest minds ever to grace our planet. He knew God as the eternal simple from direct experience and could therefore understand the complexities of mankind’s involution – and more importantly provide the solution.

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