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AI & the True History of Humanity

What if, instead of going into the field of electronics and all its side branches, we had gone into the field of “spiritual-onics” if you like, or studied the universal life forces in their higher state—what would life be like on Earth today?

Recently, we have seen an explosion of interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

While it has a myriad of potential benefits, some worry about the rise of this new technology: how will we be able to discern truth from AI generated material? Will it create a new age of misinformation? Will it get out of control and attack humans?

But when we look back at the true history of the human race, a stranger concern arises.

This concern isn’t about the technology itself going awry. It is about how we – the human race – respond to it. It is about the implications for our spiritual evolution.

What if it becomes so good, it does virtually everything for us?

Today, we have the benefit of technology to perform many of our mundane tasks. Perhaps one day we could have AI robots that would carry out more and more of our mundane tasks, to the point that there is very little for us to do ourselves.

If all our menial tasks were fulfilled, what would we do?

On the surface, this hardly sounds like something to be concerned about. Perhaps it even sounds like a dream scenario. But a study of our true history shows how it could be problematic.

Before Earth, the human race resided on another planet in this Solar System. Maldek was a green and beautiful planet. The inhabitants – the human race – were much more advanced than we are today. They had greater technology and had created robots that took care of most of the basic tasks. This meant that the population didn’t really have much to do. They became a lazy, lackadaisical race of people, content to while away their lives in the sun.

But not all. There were some who sought power. And because the majority were so lackadaisical, those seeking power were able to find it. They advanced their militaristic technology and created a weapon so powerful, it could destroy their entire planet. And they did!

The whole race of people were murdered and, even worse, so was the planet itself. Now all that remains of it is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The people of Maldek were gradually reincarnated upon Earth where we repeated virtually the same scenario: gradually evolving and building up an advanced civilization, known as Lemuria, only to destroy it through nuclear war.

Once again, the human race had to go back to the beginning and evolve. Almost unbelievably, after having gradually built up a new civilization – Atlantis – we again destroyed ourselves through nuclear war. Thankfully, in the cases of Lemuria and Altantis, at least the planet itself – the Mother Earth – was not killed.

Today, once again, we have rebuilt our civilization. We have advanced our technology, but neglected our spirituality.

Once again, we are standing on the precipice, with the nuclear “sword of Damocles” hanging over our collective heads.

If we want to avoid going down the same route we have taken before, how do we use AI and other new technologies more productively?

Perhaps this isn’t really the most important question we should be asking ourselves.

A far greater question would be: how do we use spiritual energy productively?

Our technology has greatly advanced over the last couple of centuries. But what about our spirituality? The majority of people are still stuck with very basic ideas about God and religion – whether believers or non-believers.

Not only that, we still haven’t learned the basics of life: to demonstrate love and compassion for one other. Our civilization is still fraught with violence, hatred and war.

To create a brighter future, far removed from our dark past, we must turn our attention to our spiritual development. We must learn to love one another. If we can open our hearts and bring forth this love, then no technology we create will ever be our master. We will infuse it with our love and only create that which is in all ways helpful.

Here’s a glimpse of the future if our civilization spent its energies in a more spiritual direction, from an address given by Master of yoga Dr. George King in 1967:

If mankind had spent as much effort on the control and transmission and internal use of spiritual energies as he has on perfecting flight, for instance, war would—and talk and thought of war—would be so alien to the natures of the people now existing on Earth that if such a thought dawned on anyone they would immediately—without having to be asked or ordered—they would immediately go for a complete analysis to assure themselves their brain was not turning down wrong channels.

If the control and use of what we call universal life forces had been really studied as, for instance, has the motorcar, today we would on this Earth be able—with permission—to detach ourselves from the human body and visit Africa, the North Pole, the South Pole, or even the moon. We would know far more about the stars and the planets than ever we know today. We would have vehicles which we could use, which makes the fastest jet airplane look like a child’s toy—and a backward child’s toy as well.

If we had thrown as much effort into the study and control and use of the natural forces which bombard this Earth for 24 hours per day, as we have in perfecting the atom bomb, there is no end—your imagination can be let freely roam before you can come to an end of what would be our capabilities today. All sickness would be gone. People would be able to live, I would estimate, three to four hundred years in the same physical body and still look young. The physical body regenerating itself from the energies which are available, which could be concentrated, which could be directed.

No disease of course. Naturally, of course, no poverty. Ignorance would gradually be dispelled because of the concentration of forces which activate and vibrate the cells of the brain. So we would not have some people capable of writing books on philosophy and others incapable of reading two simple words. There would not be this division in the human race. It would all be brought up onto a higher level.

Listen to the full audio of Dr. King’s address on Aetherius Cloud.

Imagine a world where even having a thought of war would make you want to get yourself checked out in case you were unwell – that is certainly a future I would like to live in! And that is the future we can build for ourselves.

How can we start in this direction? By being of service to others. This is the crux of the message of the Cosmic Masters – advanced intelligences from other planets who spoke through the yogic mediumship of Dr. King.

They tell us that service to others is the key to our individual and collective evolution.

Giving spiritual service to others is within the reach of each and every one of us. It’s something we all can, and should, do. Even if we have never helped anyone before, we can start today and create a brighter future for ourselves and others.

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About the author
Julian Rosser is a Priest and a Director of The Aetherius Society based in Los Angeles. He has previously worked for The Aetherius Society at its European Headquarters in London and prior to that was on the volunteer staff at the New Zealand Branch. He is a regular blogger, presenter and author of One Elephant: a Spiritual Journey to the Cosmos from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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  1. Jack on December 14, 2023 at 3:16 am

    Indeed! We are heading for disaster if we entrust our lives to robots.
    And what of the alien android? Which was capable of such incredible feats, that are indeed beyond our imagination.

  2. Leonor R. Cadete on December 15, 2023 at 9:07 am

    Edited comment.

    Following on Jack´s comment:
    We are heading for disaster if we entrust our lives to social media platforms and other forms of digital enslavement, too.

    This reflection (e.g.) may be helpful:

    Definitely always helpful are, indeed, our Master´s words (e.g.):

    «More and more is man becoming dependent upon man; and, as civilisation becomes more sophisticated, more than ever will man become dependent upon man – and let´s hope it always stays that way on this Earth, because – My God, friends! – if ever man becomes dependent upon electronic machines, then God help him!
    Because that will doom mankind.
    It has happened before; it has happened before in this Galaxy and the people who have become dependent upon electronic inventions have been doomed by them.
    I am in a position to know this.»

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