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The Living Galaxy Changes Everything

The Galaxy is a living being.

“It lives, It breathes, It thinks, It feels pain, It meditates, in the same way as does the Logos of a Planet.” – Mars Sector 6

In this month’s episode of Aetherius Radio Live hosts Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze explore the awe-inspiring revelations made in The Twelve Blessings about this extraordinary aspect of God.

The more we try to realize these truths, and the more we do to help this living being – even in a small degree, the more we will advance.

About Richard Lawrence

Richard LawrenceRichard Lawrence is the Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society at the European Headquarters and a Senior Bishop in the Aetherius Churches. He worked very closely with Dr. King, speaking to him face to face or on the phone almost every day for over 20 years. He is an international bestselling author of 11 books, including Contacts With The Gods From Space, and Realize Your Inner Potentialboth of which he co-authored with Dr. King. He is the lead author of The King Who Came To Earth (the biography of Dr. King), and an editor of Cosmic Voice (the journal of The Aetherius Society).


About Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie BlazeChrissie Blaze is a regular media guest and co-host of Aetherius Radio Live. She is an international speaker and the author of twelve books, including the bestselling book Power Prayer (co-author, Gary Blaze) and her latest book Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet – Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power. Chrissie was a student of Dr. King for 25 years. She is also an ordained Priest in the Aetherius Churches and a member of the Ecclesiastical Synod.


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  1. John G Craten on July 20, 2023 at 7:42 am

    The audio on this podcast was horrible! There was background noise, periodic breakup and the sound was very thin like it was originating from inside a trash can. Very disappointing.

    • Nikki Wood on July 21, 2023 at 4:46 am

      Thank you for your feedback John. We are aware of technical problems and have been discussing changing our recording platform for some time. We now intend to do this in the near future and we hope it will improve the audio experience for listeners.


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