How detached is too detached?

How detached is too detached?


Stress, worry, expectations and ambitions are part of everyday life, and over time they take their toll – physically, mentally and emotionally.

They are not necessarily bad things, but that doesn’t make them any the less wearing on the heart, mind and body. However impractical or improbable it may be, haven’t you ever dreamt of just being alone in a little cottage by a lake – with no TV, no radio, no WiFi, no phone – just simple peace and quiet – to escape it all?

Detachment is something we all crave from time to time – perhaps without even realizing it. But real detachment, in a spiritual sense, isn’t about where you live, or even about how busy you are, it’s about your state of mind – and, paradoxically, it cannot work without the balance of the correct attachment.

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Service – Oneness – Joy


Selflessness lies at the heart of true happiness. In his booklet on this subject Dr. George King wisely stated:

You have heard many vague references to happiness coming from within. Well, we know that it must, but you have to plant it within. Strangely enough, you will not be able to plant it within while you enclose yourself in a tight little box of selfishness. You can only plant spiritual happiness within yourself by giving of yourself…

The Importance of Commemoration and Spiritual Happiness

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A 5-Point Guide to Transmuting Fear by Mars Sector 8

A 5-Point Guide to Transmuting Fear by Mars Sector 8

One of the most regular communicators through Dr. George King as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel was that all-knowing source: Mars Sector 8 – General Information. There was a very close link, possibly a bond, between Dr. King and this source who ranks extremely highly in our cosmic pantheon as a unique and absolutely essential giver of timeless wisdom, invaluable information and practical assistance.

His teachings are delivered in a distinctive manner, pulling no punches and, at times, supplying authoritative data on a range of matters which has changed metaphysics on this planet forever. He was the go-to source for exact analysis on particular aspects of truth and, it seems to me, that he was very in tune with Dr. King’s practical, almost down-to-earth approach rather than armchair theory.

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Is kindness enough?

Is kindness enough?

Christmas is a season when a lot of people start talking about the importance of kindness. But what really is kindness – and is kindness enough to change the world?

If you google “kindness” you will see the definition: “friendly, generous, considerate.” When I hear the word “kind”, I picture the smiling face of an honest person – let’s call him Bob – perhaps putting some change into a charity collection box, or picking up his neighbor’s kids from school. Someone who is giving, trustworthy and good-natured.

In other words, someone who goes out of their way to help others without wanting anything back in payment. But on a small scale.

If someone – let’s call him Patrick – sold a luxury property and moved into a small house, donating all the surplus money from the sale to a worthy charity – I wouldn’t use the word “kind”, I would say something like “outstandingly generous virtually to the point of sainthood.”

Bob is kind, but may not be anything like as generous as Patrick. And conversely Patrick may not be kind – at least not on a personal level. He may be stingy with Christmas presents and refuse to do even the simplest of favors for his closest friends and relatives. He may be unfriendly and far less pleasant to be around than Bob, but nevertheless he has demonstrated a degree of spirituality vastly outshining anything that Bob has ever dreamt of doing.

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The Higher Self – your own personal superhero

Three little pigs lost in the forest – a parable

Once upon a time there were three little pigs – Bob, Patrick and Arthur. They were walking through a big forest and somehow they got separated. They had never been away from the farm before, and knew nothing about what to expect.

Before long Bob met a wolf. Having never seen a wolf before, he gave no thought as to whether or not it was dangerous, and walked up to it and sniffed its nose. The wolf was furious and bit Bob’s left ear.

Bob ran away, but soon came across another wolf. What did Bob do? Exactly the same – sniffed its nose. And this wolf bit his right ear.

Once again Bob ran away, but he soon came across yet another wolf. What did he do? Exactly the same – sniffed its nose. And this wolf bit his left ear again.

Patrick also met a wolf in the forest, and he did exactly what Bob had done – he walked up to it and sniffed its nose. The wolf was furious and bit Patrick’s left ear.

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Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air

Over 200 Spiritual workers from many different Faiths gather in service on Mount Baldy in Southern California for the World Peace Pilgrimage – now in its 8th consecutive year.

Change is in the air. 2016 has brought two significant and controversial political changes. Brexit in the U.K., and now a Trump victory in America.

Both votes were extremely close; in fact in America President-elect Trump actually lost the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes, but won the electoral votes.

In America, many, if not most States, cities, groups, and even families were mixed in who they supported.

Tensions remain very high in America. There is a very unsettled vibe across the land. The election has indeed raised a great deal of dust; shaken up the status quo.

From the perspective of the Teachings of The Aetherius Society, upheaval of the status quo should really be expected; in fact, the likelihood is that change, often drastic, will increase. We have been told we are living in the end times of the old order. Change must come.

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The Only True Democracy…

The only true democracy
In these uncertain times of political change, let us reflect on the stirring words of the Cosmic Master Mars Sector 6 given through the trance mediumship of Dr. George King on August 28th, 1960:

A vast number of the inhabitants of Terra have allowed themselves to become the pawns of communism. Another great number have allowed themselves to become the pawns of so-called democracy.

The few, the thinking few, the Glorious Few, have divorced themselves from these things and are not the pawns of any political creed, any dogmatic belief. These Few know a greater freedom than the majority, for they are not limited to basic materialistic concepts.

Cosmic Voice, Issue No. 26, July-August 1962


It is not communism or even so-called democracy that is the key to correct government on this or any other planet. It is wisdom – gained through experience.

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A day to reflect on the Karmic Gods

A day to reflect on the Karmic Gods

Today is the second most important date in The Aetherius Society calendar because we commemorate what we call the eviction of the alien. This day in 1965 saw a key moment in the Alien Mission which was performed by those Cosmic Beings known simply to us as the Adepts.

On September 23rd, 1967 in a Cosmic Transmission through Dr. George King, the Master Jesus stated about the Three Adepts:

You should devote your whole life in Service to These, for by serving Them, you serve all men – and vastly more important than this – you serve the Karmic Gods.

How can we devote our whole lives in service to these and thereby obey the commandment of the Master Jesus? After all, we do not have a direct physical connection with any of these god-like beings. There is, though, a life-line to the Adepts in the form of Dr. George King. He was above all else a great strategist and through him we can discover the kind of thought processes which lay behind the missions performed by the Adepts, who fought in the lower astral realms of Earth for our salvation.

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Spiritual energy sent by extraterrestrial intelligences to help people in North Korea

Spiritual Energy for North Korea

Our extraterrestrial neighbors – known as “Cosmic Masters” in deference to their advanced level of evolution – have always been very definite in warning of the dangers of nuclear experimentation. This is not just for the sake of peace and stability, but due to implications regarding public health and the environment as well, in ways that conventional terrestrial science does not yet fully understand.

In reply to a question posed in the 1950s to The Master Aetherius – a prominent Cosmic Master speaking through the trance mediumship of Dr. George King – as to whether or not we on Earth had to abandon all forms of nuclear power, he had this to say:

“Yes, definitely – beyond all shadow of doubt. Abandon it completely… Nuclear energy should not be touched at all by you because on the whole the motives of the governments of Terra [i.e. Earth] are quite wrong.”

From You Are Responsible! by Dr. George King (p.143)

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King Yoga

King Yoga

This post is based on an address given by Rt. Rev. Richard Lawrence on 7th August 2016 at The Aetherius Temple in London to launch the concept of King Yoga to the world on behalf of The Aetherius Society.

On January 23rd 1919 a Cosmic Avatar was born upon Earth. On May 8th 1954 he was activated by his Master, The Master Aetherius. On July 12th 1997 he departed this world leaving the greatest path to God for ordinary people to follow in these days. This path is practised and taught by The Aetherius Society and its name could be termed: King Yoga.

The last book Dr. George King wrote, Realize Your Inner Potential, includes many aspects of King Yoga.

It is the ideal primer and as such it is unequalled on this and, I would suggest, most other realms too.

The Third Edition of this book has just been published under the following title:
Realize Your Inner Potential
through the Path of Spiritual Service – King Yoga.

I have the honour to launch it today.

I would like to read the introduction I wrote to this 3rd Edition which is very short but I hope very clear.

Dr. George King was, in my opinion, the greatest exponent of Karma Yoga the world has ever seen. Some of the spiritual techniques in this book were transmitted through him by his Cosmic Teacher, The Master Aetherius; others, drawn from his vast knowledge of numerous ancient yoga practices, he put in a safe and usable form for today; and the remainder he devised himself from his own profound experience. When used in conjunction with the global service he devised, they take Karma Yoga to a whole new level – one which could be fittingly termed: King Yoga.

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