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The Third Freedom Will Be Service

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The Nine Freedoms are a series of revelations regarding mankind’s future spiritual evolution – on Earth and beyond – channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Mars Sector 6. This podcast is a discussion of the Third Freedom between two close followers of Dr. King, who have studied The Nine Freedoms for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Freedom.

…Of course, we know that one cannot be selfish and serve at the same time. You have to be either one or the other. You’ve either got to consider yourself or consider others. And whether we like it or not, and some of us may not like it – I, for one, don’t personally like it – the fact that I am my brother’s keeper. I don’t like this, to be honest with you, but it doesn’t make any difference whether I like it or not, it is so, it’s truth, and it just has to be faced.

In these days there is much service which is vitally important to Terra, and there are very few servers. Service, in this respect, means – is meant in a very, very wide form and we do know that there are very few servers. Don’t forget, this is service to others in a very unselfish fashion…It’s service to the Earth as a whole, whether you love the Earth as a whole or, put it this way, whether you like the Earth…or not, does not matter…

Service is a combination of experiences, which denote the server as being on the ladder of evolution, firmly on this ladder. We’ll see that service is becoming more and more important in these days, because it is the new yoga of the age. It is the new religion. It will bypass all other religions. It will see all other religions out and transmuted into religions of service…

There will come a day when all religious beliefs will be transmuted into the action of service to others, and those religions which, today, and there are some, are purely academic religions, will be replaced. They’ll be wiped off the surface of the Earth if necessary. And this, too, appertains to all societies, clubs, committees, whatever they might call themselves, as belonging to this that or the other, unless those organisations are planned, or can be planned in such a way that they give service to others, even if it’s only to two or three, nevertheless gives service to others, they will be replaced. There is no place for them in the New World. There cannot be.

Now there are many organisations about which are giving service. They’re giving service to the people who belong to the organisation. They often give service to people outside. There are organisations which send out prayers and help and healing and so on to all the world, irrespective of who they are. Such organisations as these will last, but those very tight little cliques, and there are some in this country, and in Europe, who are only concerned with some teaching which came through 200 years ago, anyway, and they are now purely theoretical organisations, can close their book today, or it will be closed for them.

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