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Blessed Are The Wise Ones

twelve blessings podcasts - blessed are the wise ones

The Twelve Blessings are a series of profound spiritual revelations channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Jesus. This podcast is a discussion of the 2nd Blessing by Paul Nugent & Richard Quezada, both of whom were close followers of Dr. King and have studied and practiced The Twelve Blessings for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Blessing.

…everything that you do affects all people upon Earth… you affect all people upon Earth either for good or bad. If you yourself become a wise person you gradually shed wisdom into the world because you have that effect upon all people… whether you meet them or not.

To give healing to a brother who suffers helps all the people who suffer on the world just that bit.

…Blessed, indeed blessed, are the wise ones because wherever they go their wisdom wipes off on people. You know yourself that a person who is a very dynamic person has tremendous power radiating from them. When you are in their presence you feel better.… more confidence… It’s because [of] their energy; they’re radiating energy from their psychic centres, and your psychic centres in turn pick up that energy, take it into yourself and you have some of their attributes.

…you give your attributes – for good or bad. …So indeed…the wise ones should have your blessings.…You may be a wise one yourself. …You may be a person who is spreading the light of this wisdom yourself. Certainly you may. But when you send a blessing to the wise ones you are helping, again, the mass of the wise ones and they in turn…help you. And you deserve to be helped because you’re activating the law.

…When you begin to perform the Twelve Blessings don’t forget this major fact please – that you are a cell in the great whole. And you are a cell which is, by its own efforts, activating a law in order to alter its vibration, therefore you are altering the vibration of the whole. You are altering the karma of the whole.

Image credit: Swami Sivananda, Courtesy of The Divine Live Society

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  1. Pat Timmermans, Purveyor of “Endless Possibilities!” on February 8, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    “Moving in this world as a Being of Light, exclusively willing to will the Will of God. Seeing Humanity & The Global Mindset from a Higher Perspective, through the Sight of The Eye of One. Forever asking for Divine Direction in the Energy of Impeccability, living a life as a Dynamic Child of God, awestruck at the Magnificence of The Absolute, opening oneself up to being a Cosmic Conduit of Pure Love. In great humility receiving Eternal Wisdom that is open for us all, for we are, indeed, Most Beloved Children of God! Jesus says, “This, too, ye shall do & more!…✨💖”

  2. Mbu on May 26, 2020 at 11:01 pm

    Sir the podcast was wonderful thanks a lot from Mbu in south Africa!

  3. Sonia on June 7, 2020 at 9:40 pm

    Om namah Shivaya I am greatful and thankful for the podcast, so magnificent, I keep doing 12 blessings for the rest of my life, Namaste

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