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How we can help the Mother Earth

With the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference just behind us, host Chrissie Blaze and her guest Alyson Lawrence take a moment to reflect on a deeper aspect of our relationship with the planet Earth.

In The Aetherius Society, we believe that the Earth is a being; a living, breathing Goddess – millions of lives more spiritually evolved than we are.

One of the most important aspects of our spiritual evolution is our relationship with the planet itself. This includes being more conscious about the way we treat her because of how important she is, rather than just for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

But there’s more. The Earth is actually holding back her own spiritual evolution so that we can live here. She has dampened her own vibration to suit us better. This is a crushing limitation for her, but a sacrifice she has made out of compassion for us.

So what can we all do to help the Mother Earth?

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– Our forgotten history on Earth
– Insights into how and why conditions on Earth are now changing
– What we can do to spiritualize ourselves and raise the consciousness of humanity
– How The Aetherius Society makes a token repayment of thanks to the Mother Earth on behalf of humanity
– How you can connect with the spirits of nature

About Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze is a regular media guest and co-host of Aetherius Radio Live. She is an international speaker and the author of twelve books, including the bestselling book Power Prayer (co-author, Gary Blaze) and her latest book Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet – Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power. Chrissie was a student of Dr. King for 25 years. She is also an ordained Priest in the Aetherius Churches and a member of the Ecclesiastical Synod.


About Alyson Lawrence

Alyson LawrenceAlyson Lawrence is a Bishop in the Aetherius Churches and an International Director of The Aetherius Society at the European Headquarters in London. She was a devoted follower of Dr. George King during his lifetime, and has lectured in several countries and written articles on many and varied metaphysical topics.


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  1. Vincent Adika on November 23, 2021 at 1:58 am

    The very reason why I love listening to the Aetherius podcasts. Well done ladies, humanity needs to hear this broadcasts regardless of whether they believe or not believe because Gaïa is ascending and those not prepared to ascend with her will go to a different dimension suitable for their evolution, those who ascend with Gaïa will begin to enjoy their life on Earth and their Ascension, allowing them to begin to see their true magnificence as to how a human was originally meant to be and live on Planet Earth. We are seeing the changes right now and it is accelerating so fast that we will see profound changes in our life time. Thanks Darren.

    • Chrissie Blaze on November 23, 2021 at 1:10 pm

      Thank you, Vincent, for your thoughtful reply. We do agree that this is such an important topic at this time. It is the missing element in the environmental movement – and the most important of all. If humanity could just realize the significance of Mother Earth and Her great advancement, I believe it would put so much into perspective and begin to bring humanity back into balance with the Earth. You are indeed correct that we are seeing changes happening very quickly right now. We mainly hear about the crises but I believe there is also an awakening going on. Certainly we have a wonderful opportunity to help tremendously through The Aetherius Society and its Cosmic Missions. Blessings, Chrissie Blaze

  2. London Campbell on November 23, 2021 at 11:02 am

    Thank you Alyson and Christie for your wonderful words of wisdom! Sunlight and surrounding oneself with Nature through plants is especially soothing in these times. Pulling Nature into your environment as much as possible is a way to reawaken our energy with Mother Earth.
    Fung Shui (mostly a reconnection with the elements and using our instincts to strengthen our own sanctuary) can send ripple effects of love. Thank you for your amazing insight and such beautiful energy and vitality!!!

    London Campbell ❤️

    • Chrissie Blaze on November 23, 2021 at 1:04 pm

      Thank you, London, for your very kind reply! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show; we certainly enjoyed talking about our beautiful Mother Earth and discussing ways we can help. I agree that our connection with the Earth’s kingdom of Nature is so helpful for us all at this time. We have become so disconnected with Her at a time when we most need this helpful, healing connection. Blessings to you, Chrissie Blaze

  3. Darlene Harris on November 23, 2021 at 9:17 pm

    I feel inspired by Allyson’s presentation. I am getting more clarity on the functions of the Aetherius
    Society and its mission and how I might participate.
    Thank you so much Chrissie Blaze!

    • Chrissie Blaze on November 28, 2021 at 1:51 pm

      Thank you, Darlene. I am so glad you enjoyed Alyson’s excellent presentation which helped to clarify the Society’s Missions and your part in them. That is great news!

  4. Andrew Elston on November 28, 2021 at 11:32 am

    I listened with interest to this. Having also been reflecting lately on such as the concepts of Planetary Psychic Centres I have found there are quite a number of sources online relating to Earth Chakras. Particularly a writer named Robert Coon from 1967 ( who has a website and books published on this subject) who among others ( indeed to type earth Chakras on the internet reveals a number of sources which I recently found to my surprise) identifies key chakras at sites across the Planet relating to Base,Sacral,Solar Plexus,Heart,Throat,brow, Crown Chakras and other related matters of the Mother Earth. I wondered if Master George King had ever mentioned any of these? Surely the notion of Planetary Psychic Centres is a major possible perspective to offer in these times of Planetary concern- a major alternative or complementary perspective. It is interesting also to find that a fair number of people are interested in the notion of Earth Chakras. Possibly the psychic centres used in Aetherius Society operations are possibly known only to The Aetherius Society and indeed could be any of various psychic centres on the Planet. Yet still it would be interesting to enquire if Master George King or any other Aetherius Society sources have mentioned anything about there being a structure of Psychic Centres corresponding to any other the formentioned writings, which, either way, are currently part of wider thinking amongst people on this? I wonder if any sources or those who worked closely with The Master George King can shed information on this, It is surely a major subject to research. Either way it seems there is sizeable interest in this subject that could be further looked into.I wonder, did The Master or any Aetherius sources allude at all to the Planet having heart chakra and other such centres similar to the other writings mentioned above? Also of interest is that current people have been seeking to interact positively with their notions of these centres to help the Planet – showing there is is interest in this and it does offer another perspective or further perspectives to consider.. Regards ( Member)

  5. Chrissie Blaze on November 28, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    Thank you, Andrew. I agree that the concept of planetary chakras is very interesting and I am not surprised that there is research and books about this topic at this time. As far as I know, our Master did not discuss the Earth’s chakras, apart from what is published about the psychic centers He discovered and used in the Cosmic Missions.
    Since the planetary chakras are very sacred, as huge vortices of power through which energy flows through the whole nervous system of the planet, my own feeling is that it is probably a good thing at this point in our evolution, we do not know the locations of all the chakras of Earth.

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