Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air

Over 200 Spiritual workers from many different Faiths gather in service on Mount Baldy in Southern California for the World Peace Pilgrimage – now in its 8th consecutive year.

Change is in the air. 2016 has brought two significant and controversial political changes. Brexit in the U.K., and now a Trump victory in America.

Both votes were extremely close; in fact in America President-elect Trump actually lost the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes, but won the electoral votes.

In America, many, if not most States, cities, groups, and even families were mixed in who they supported.

Tensions remain very high in America. There is a very unsettled vibe across the land. The election has indeed raised a great deal of dust; shaken up the status quo.

From the perspective of the Teachings of The Aetherius Society, upheaval of the status quo should really be expected; in fact, the likelihood is that change, often drastic, will increase. We have been told we are living in the end times of the old order. Change must come.

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