A 5-Point Guide to Transmuting Fear by Mars Sector 8

A 5-Point Guide to Transmuting Fear by Mars Sector 8

One of the most regular communicators through Dr. George King as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel was that all-knowing source: Mars Sector 8 – General Information. There was a very close link, possibly a bond, between Dr. King and this source who ranks extremely highly in our cosmic pantheon as a unique and absolutely essential giver of timeless wisdom, invaluable information and practical assistance.

His teachings are delivered in a distinctive manner, pulling no punches and, at times, supplying authoritative data on a range of matters which has changed metaphysics on this planet forever. He was the go-to source for exact analysis on particular aspects of truth and, it seems to me, that he was very in tune with Dr. King’s practical, almost down-to-earth approach rather than armchair theory.

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A day to reflect on the Karmic Gods

A day to reflect on the Karmic Gods

Today is the second most important date in The Aetherius Society calendar because we commemorate what we call the eviction of the alien. This day in 1965 saw a key moment in the Alien Mission which was performed by those Cosmic Beings known simply to us as the Adepts.

On September 23rd, 1967 in a Cosmic Transmission through Dr. George King, the Master Jesus stated about the Three Adepts:

You should devote your whole life in Service to These, for by serving Them, you serve all men – and vastly more important than this – you serve the Karmic Gods.

How can we devote our whole lives in service to these and thereby obey the commandment of the Master Jesus? After all, we do not have a direct physical connection with any of these god-like beings. There is, though, a life-line to the Adepts in the form of Dr. George King. He was above all else a great strategist and through him we can discover the kind of thought processes which lay behind the missions performed by the Adepts, who fought in the lower astral realms of Earth for our salvation.

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King Yoga

King Yoga

This post is based on an address given by Rt. Rev. Richard Lawrence on 7th August 2016 at The Aetherius Temple in London to launch the concept of King Yoga to the world on behalf of The Aetherius Society.

On January 23rd 1919 a Cosmic Avatar was born upon Earth. On May 8th 1954 he was activated by his Master, The Master Aetherius. On July 12th 1997 he departed this world leaving the greatest path to God for ordinary people to follow in these days. This path is practised and taught by The Aetherius Society and its name could be termed: King Yoga.

The last book Dr. George King wrote, Realize Your Inner Potential, includes many aspects of King Yoga.

It is the ideal primer and as such it is unequalled on this and, I would suggest, most other realms too.

The Third Edition of this book has just been published under the following title:
Realize Your Inner Potential
through the Path of Spiritual Service – King Yoga.

I have the honour to launch it today.

I would like to read the introduction I wrote to this 3rd Edition which is very short but I hope very clear.

Dr. George King was, in my opinion, the greatest exponent of Karma Yoga the world has ever seen. Some of the spiritual techniques in this book were transmitted through him by his Cosmic Teacher, The Master Aetherius; others, drawn from his vast knowledge of numerous ancient yoga practices, he put in a safe and usable form for today; and the remainder he devised himself from his own profound experience. When used in conjunction with the global service he devised, they take Karma Yoga to a whole new level – one which could be fittingly termed: King Yoga.

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A timeless spiritual lesson

A timeless spiritual lesson

Truth sometimes really is stranger than fiction. And even the best science fiction pales in comparison to the TRUE story of the Masters from Gotha.

36,000 light years from Earth in another part of the galaxy is an extremely enlightened race of beings, thousands of years in advance of our own culture and technology. Their planetary system is known as Gotha; its exact location is unknown. Three of these alien intelligences are living on Earth today helping mankind.

In this special podcast Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze, both disciples of Master of Yoga and medium Dr. George King, discuss the Gotha story and its profound implications in terms of our understanding of the much-debated spiritual dilemma between self-defence and total pacifism.

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Dr. George King: “Star Pupil”

GK Star Pupil Blog Post

Today marks the birthdate of legendary Master of Yoga and world-renowned medium Dr. George King.

As part of the celebrations of this special day we have great pleasure in sharing with you a podcast that makes history. For the first time ever in public Rt. Revs. Richard Lawrence and Brian Keneipp, both Bishops in The Aetherius Churches and close disciples of Dr. King, discuss one of the most unusual extraterrestrial communications anyone on Earth has ever received.

It is a message of profound revelation that underlines how little we have begun to appreciate this enigmatic Master and the vastness of his work – including his true stature.

Humble, understated, and millennia ahead of his time, for the unseeing eye it could be easy to miss the significance of the role that he has played on Earth. As The Master Aetherius stated in 1965:

“A man can have two great faults. One, he can be nothing. The other, he can be so great as to appear nothing because of his very greatness. This has happened.”

We invite you to take this opportunity to hear some of the amazing true stories of those who lived literally by the side of a man who devoted his life and the whole of his energies to humanity – and most of all to the great Goddess Earth.

“I can tell you that without him and his cooperation, and his suffering throughout the years, your Earth would be an entirely different place, and millions of you would not be able to live here because of extremely adverse conditions.

– The Master Aetherius – ‘Unusual Statement about George King’, 1990

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New Year Reflections on a New Age Meditation


In 2015, Brian Keneipp and I made a pilgrimage to the picturesque town of St Mawes on the south coast of Cornwall. It was some 60 years earlier that Dr. George King had stayed here for a historic purpose when he devised The Aetherius Society Symbol.

Later he wrote, referring to the ancient Sanskrit symbol for God: “In an unbroken meditation lasting 65 hours, I meditated upon this Symbol and upon the triangle, which is the Symbol of Universal Wisdom, and realised afterwards that it was my destiny to start an organisation under the banner of the amalgamation of these two greatest and most ancient Symbols.”

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“Beyond a shadow of a doubt”

Dr. George King

During a TV interview in England in the 1970s, Dr. George King made the following statement about the teachings he had received from the Cosmic Masters:

From the philosophical content alone, they are pretty fantastic – so they did come from somewhere. Either they came from my mind or they came from another source. If they came from another source, they’re excellent. If they came from my puny little mind, then I’m quite a person.

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