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#3 – Victory through experience

Episode #3 - Victory through experience

If I asked you what you thought the first step on the ladder to enlightenment was, what would you say? Compassion? Kindness? Humility? Mars Sector 6 tells us–unambiguously–that the first step on the ladder is Bravery.

Without it, to paraphrase another great Master, we will get nowhere.

Life is about experience. This experience is comprised of many tests. And difficult as it may be–because we all have fears–it is wise to remember that whatever tests we face in life, they can all be overcome–providing we have bravery.

For example, taking to the spiritual path and devoting ourselves to Truth, no matter what anyone says to discourage us, is one test we all must face sooner or later…

When we demonstrate bravery and pass the tests that face us in life, we become better, wiser people – and take one step closer to true spiritual enlightenment.

In short: Bravery is essential on the path to wisdom.

The victory of true spiritual bravery in our own lives, through experience, is an aspect of the only victory that really matters – the victory of our Higher Selves over our lower selves, for the sake of the God Spark within us all.

Catch the third episode of the Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence – as he explores the revolutionary message of Mars Sector 6 to help you demonstrate greater spiritual bravery in your life.

Don’t miss:

  • Why we face the tests that confront us in life
  • Is our life pre-destined or do we choose?
  • How to get back to the spiritual path when we fall away
  • Jamie Bates’s “Moment of Truth”: how he went from racing go-karts to travelling the world in search of truth
  • A practice led by Noémi Bates that you can use to purify your aura using the power of positive visualisation

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  1. Helen Jennings on February 15, 2021 at 11:51 am

    Thanks very much for such an interesting show. It was particularly helpful for me to listen to your comments about the need for bravery in the face of ridicule from family, and even friends, as this is something that I have experienced for a number of years now. The spiritual path does indeed require bravery!
    Helen Jennings

    • Darren Ball on February 15, 2021 at 12:02 pm

      Hi Helen, thanks very much for writing. I think you’re certainly not alone there. There are lots of ways to serve, as you know, but one is simply to stand firm in the face of ridicule. It’s just my opinion but I feel strongly that this helps to empower spirituality on Earth. With Blessings, Darren

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