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The Second Freedom Will Be Love

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The Nine Freedoms are a series of revelations regarding mankind’s future spiritual evolution – on Earth and beyond – channeled through Dr. George King by the interplanetary Cosmic Master we know as Mars Sector 6. This podcast is a discussion of the Second Freedom between two close followers of Dr. King, who have studied The Nine Freedoms for many years. Below is a series of extracts from Dr. King’s own lecture on this Freedom.

Love is the transmuter of war. Correct love – we don’t have war. How can you kill a man and love him at the same time in war? You cannot do so.

To save a planet you might have divine permission to transmute a certain thing; this is a very different thing than going to war to murder. Doesn’t matter if you go to war for the Hammer and Sickle…or the Stars and Stripes. It’s still as bad. It’s still the same. Or, even the Union Jack, it’s still as bad. You cannot love and kill in that way.

It is the creator of peace. We cannot have peace on the Earth unless love is manifest.

To some of you it is simple. You say, of course, that is quite right, we know this. Well, I think we all know this in our heart of hearts, yes, but I think we have to be all reminded of it over and over again.

Love is the healer of disease. You all know what spiritual healing is. It is very simple to understand. Nothing complicated about it at all. You can all do it. Every man. Every man can give spiritual healing in one degree or another. All you have to remember is between you and the sun, 90 million miles of space, is chock full of energy which the yogis called prana or the universal life force – an essential part of which must be love – so all you do is to remember that and send it out through your hands to a patient – and it is as easy as that and the patient gets better. Anybody can do it, spiritual healing.

It is part of your religion. You should all practice it as part of essential Christianity. You cannot be a Christian and not do spiritual healing. It ain’t possible.

It is like trying to be a Buddhist and not believing in meditation. It is just as foolish. You can’t do it. Spiritual healing is an essential part of your religion.

Do spiritual healing – remember that you shouldn’t murder, tell lies – that you should manifest love and that’s Christianity in a nutshell.

You don’t need to go to church, to a service at Aetherius House or any other place; providing you manifest that, you’re OK. You’re a Christian.

Now love, as such, is the healer of disease. Well, of course, it must be because you cannot heal a disease in a person you hate. You can make that disease get worse and of course make your own diseases get worse.

So, you must have a love for that person, when you are giving them healing whether you know them or not. You may not know them, you may disagree with them, you may dislike them – you still show love towards them by giving them healing. So, therefore, a part of that healing is that love that you show towards the patient. Simple. It’s logical.

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