Richard Lawrence reflects on UFO and ET revelations as new edition of book is launched today

By Darren / May 5, 2020 /
UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message

With Darren Ball Darren Ball (DB): I was 23 when I first discovered The Aetherius Society in 2009. Before that time I had no conception of the link between extraterrestrials…

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Living The Spiritual Approach Will Change Everything

By Ayub Malik / April 27, 2020 /
Living the Spiritual approach will change everything_text

Have you considered whether the coronavirus pandemic is yet another outward reminder, to us all, that the way we have been living our lives is not really working? What if…

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New Morning – A New Year’s Poem by Master of Yoga Dr. George King

By Aetherius Society / December 31, 2019 /
New Morning Poem

Happy New Year! In this post we wanted to share with you a New Year’s poem written by Master of Yoga Dr. George King, as well as his own commentary…

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The King and I – Centenary Tribute 2

By Richard Lawrence / May 15, 2019 /

“Why don’t you sit down and have a drink with me?” “I’d love to, Master”, I replied as I poured myself a drink and sat next to him. “Yes, but…

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Spiritual Optimism

By Julian / April 22, 2019 /
Spiritual Optimism

“Evil is made up of lies and pessimistic dwellings.” So said the great Karmic Lord Mars Sector 6. From a young age, we’re taught not to lie. There’s still a…

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What comes first: faith or spiritual experience?

By Paul Nugent / February 13, 2019 /
Faith and spiritual experience

One of life’s oldest riddles is “What comes first: the chicken or the egg?” It might be easier to answer “What comes first: faith or spiritual experience?” To the latter…

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The King and I: A centenary tribute to my Master

By Richard Lawrence / January 11, 2019 /
Centenary tribute to Master of Yoga Dr George King_FB

“Did you want something?” The words were said with a gentle kindness, but what took me by surprise was the person who had spoken them. “Oh, I’m sorry to disturb…

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Go forward into light!

By Aetherius Society / December 6, 2018 /

  Through service, not sympathy, we will go forward into light! This post is based on a series of extracts from a profound spiritual message given to us by the…

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Religion is the answer!

By Aetherius Society / November 12, 2018 /
Religion is the answer

Religion of the future will be free from lies and dogma. It will teach people in simple, understandable language about the unchangeable laws of God. It will teach people how…

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The Three Habits of the Spiritually Successful

By Julian / October 8, 2018 /
The three habits of the spiritually successful

A horse suddenly came galloping quickly down the road. It seemed as though the man on it had somewhere important to go. Another man who was standing alongside the road…

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