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Jupiter 92 – How to overcome spiritual aloneness – a three-point plan

How to overcome spiritual aloneness

This blogpost is the first in a series which will analyze the outstandingly beautiful Transmission given through Dr. George King on February 2nd, 1962, by a great extraterrestrial Master known simply to us as Jupiter 92. Civilization on Jupiter exists at a higher material plane of existence, therefore it is not detectable by terrestrial science – this, however, certainly does not mean that it does not exist!

In this post we will look at the first four sentences of this great Transmission, which talk about how to overcome spiritual aloneness – something which no doubt many of us have experienced at one time or another. So rich is the wisdom of just these few lines – that even a whole blogpost seems to do faint justice to the full extent of the spiritual depth and refinement of the truths expressed.

The Transmission begins as follows:

In the coldness of your Spiritual aloneness, oh friends, reach outwards, upwards and yet more subtly inwards for the Light which burneth there, pure unadulterated, not contaminated by thought, nor ruled by passion, nor made a tool of foolish desire. The Light which shineth not, yet Which is all Light in Light. Let this shine through you. Let this very Power which is you, manifest as you and then you may become the lasting you.

Spiritual aloneness – what is it?

The phrase “spiritual aloneness” could mean at least three different things – all interrelated.

1) Separation from like-minded people

Aloneness will at times afflict spiritual people on Earth – in large part because this is such an unspiritual world, and spiritual people are in a small minority.

2) Separation from the rest of the cultures in the Solar System and beyond

We are not yet spiritually advanced enough to be allowed by karmic law to have open interaction with alien civilizations. This makes us virtually alone – as a planetary race.

3) Separation from God

The aloneness brought about by separation from God is the most serious aloneness of all.

God is all. Each of us is God in essence. When we realize that we are God, we realize our oneness with all things. This stops spiritual aloneness in its deeper sense, because we are no longer alone, but in union with literally everything.

Separation from God pains us all – though few people realize this. The voids we feel in our lives, all boil down to this one thing, but since we don’t understand this, instead of getting to the heart of the issue, we do the exact opposite. We seek to fill this void with materialistic pleasures, which ultimately will only make the situation worse.

Separation from God is actually impossible, since all is God. What causes us “spiritual aloneness” is not really separation from God, but the illusion that we are separated from God. This is an aspect of what the great yogis would term maya. The solution is not becoming one with God, but realizing that we have been one with God all along – and always will be. In fact, not even just one with God, but, God itself. This is God-consciousness. (Note 1)

Three-point plan to overcome spiritual aloneness

We are told that in this state of spiritual aloneness we should:

…reach outwards, upwards and yet more subtly inwards for the Light which burneth there…

1) Reach outwards

Reach out to others – i.e. be of service to others. As is so typical of the Cosmic Masters, this is first on the list – service being the number one priority. There are countless ways to serve – charity, aid-work, prayer, spiritual healing, medical work, inspirational speaking etc – anything that helps others in their evolutionary journey through life.

2) Reach upwards

Reach upwards to something greater – i.e. have spiritual aspiration, spiritual ambition, a spiritual quest, spiritual goals; a yearning for Truth. Also – to take advantage of the wisdom of those greater than ourselves; to study the holy words of the great Masters, for example The Nine Freedoms.

In its highest form, “reaching upwards” is accessing higher mind – i.e. inspiration through meditation.

3) Reach inwards

Within us all is the God Spark. This is the purest, most spiritual part of us. It is above mind, and of course not physical.

Every bit of us is Divine. It must be – otherwise we would be saying that there was something outside of God, which is impossible. Therefore, every part of absolutely everything in manifestation is Divine.

However, everything in manifestation is the Divine under limitation. You and I are 100% Divine, but Divine under tremendous limitation (limitation of our own making, through our wrong thought and action) – hence our manifested selves are nothing but unenlightened specks of dust in an unimaginably vast cosmos.

But the Spark of God within us is that part of us that is pure Divinity without limitation. Therefore, it is not in manifestation. Yet it still exists; in fact, it is the most real part of us.

The journey within, is the quest for contact with the God Spark. This is why it has to be done “subtly” as Jupiter 92 puts it. Why “subtly”? Because it is the quest for something above manifestation. Here “subtle” is virtually the opposite of “physical”, to put it in very simple terms. We can serve in physical ways, we can seek truth in physical ways – but going within is the journey towards something above physicality.

That’s why this final point has been singled out by Jupiter 92 for “special treatment” as it were. Service is the most important priority, certainly, that’s why it’s first on the list. Spiritual aspiration is vital, certainly. But going within is not only vital, but something unlike anything else, because it is the beginning of knowledge of what we are – of our Real Selves – and of the very nature of God itself. (Note 2)

There are many ways to go within – all true spiritual practices will take you within to some degree. A good place to start is deep breathing, through the yoga breathing system taught in Realize Your Inner Potential, which also contains numerous other spiritual practices. Here is a very simple free introduction to the basics of beginning meditation on our website.

King Yoga

These three things – reaching outwards, upwards and inwards – could be regarded as a definition of King Yoga, which is a complete path to world salvation and self-illumination at this critical juncture in our history. It is the path given to Earth by Dr. George King, and put into practice by The Aetherius Society in the most potent way that it is currently manifest on this plane.

How do these three things overcome spiritual aloneness?

None of these three will really work long-term without the other two; they are utterly inseparable. When applied together, however, they will have the following outstanding benefits.

1) How do they overcome separation from like-minded people

Working in service is usually best done in cooperation with others. As Dr. George King said:

“It is a fact that a few really dedicated humanitarians, working alone, can do much good for humanity. But bring these together in a common Spiritual purpose and they can save the world.”
The Nine Freedoms

This is one way that spiritual aloneness will naturally fade away.

2) Separation from the rest of the cultures in the Solar System and beyond

If we follow the three-point plan of Jupiter 92, we will become evolved enough, and our karma will be good enough, to interact freely with the Cosmic Masters, and even visit the higher planes of other planets. This is a long way off – but, as it says in the Dao De Jing: “The journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.

3) Separation from God

Reaching “outwards, upwards and yet more subtly inwards for the Light” are three things which, together, karmically, and in every other way, cause us to realize that we are one with God and therefore one with all things.

The Light within – what is it?

We are given a great deal of information to answer this question in just a few simple words by the great Master from Jupiter:

…inwards for the Light which burneth there, pure unadulterated, not contaminated by thought, nor ruled by passion, nor made a tool of foolish desire. The Light which shineth not, yet Which is all Light in Light. Let this shine through you. Let this very Power which is you…

The God Spark within is not Light – it is too great even to be Light. Light is something manifested; the God Spark is above manifestation. But although the God Spark is not Light, it is the source of Light. (Note 3)

When we go within, we do not actually literally touch the God Spark itself, but we get as close as we possibly can. The closer we get, the brighter and purer the Light is, because the God Spark is the source of the Light. (Note 4)

Now let’s look at the characteristics of this Light:

1) It burns

The God Spark “burns” away the dross of ignorance. Potentially it does this all the time, though its effects may be rejected by an individual, maybe unconsciously; or the effects may simply be very much reduced, as the light radiations seep from the soul down through ever coarser layers of mind. Basic mind is like a screen hiding this Light. In meditation the aspirant seeks to make that screen as thin as possible, so as to see as much of the Light as possible. We can then bathe in this transmuting – “burning” – power, which spiritualizes us.

Note also that the imagery of “burning” fits well with the imagery of the “coldness” of our spiritual aloneness. We can turn to this burning Light to warm ourselves, and thus expel the “coldness”. (Note 5)

“Burning” is an action, and therefore involves motion. This reaffirms that the Light that Jupiter 92 is talking about cannot be the God Spark itself, but is something coming from the God Spark. The reason for this is that motion is one of the seven dimensions of manifestation – note that: of manifestation. Divinity in its pure state cannot be in motion, because if it is in motion, then it is in manifestation. If it is in manifestation, then, by definition, it is not Divinity in its pure state.

2) It is pure and unadulterated

“Pure” and “unadulterated” are virtually synonyms here – but not quite. “Pure” means “without flaw”, whereas “unadulterated” means “without being mixed with anything else”. So here we are told that this Light is flawless, and there is nothing mixed with it. This is explored in more depth by Jupiter 92, as he expands on this point by saying that the Light is: “not contaminated by thought, nor ruled by passion, nor made a tool of foolish desire”.

3) It is not contaminated by thought

The three things – contamination by thought; rule by passion; and being a tool of foolish desire – are what normally happens to this Light. This is the very life force within us; it shines constantly, and yet – we lessen its radiations. We use this power in basic thought (in fact without it we could not think at all) – instead of seeing it for what it is, and using it for its true dual-purpose of service and enlightenment. In this Transmission we are being exhorted to experience this Light, as it is, without modifying it into basic thought forms.

Looking at it on a deeper level, this is describing a state above mind as we know it – super-consciousness, or even supra-consciousness.

4) It is not ruled by passion

This great Light – this great power – should be ruled only by its source: the God Spark, but instead all too often its master is passion – i.e. our likes and dislikes. The only passion that should rule it – if passion is the word – is passion for God. But true passion for God in its highest sense, is totally unlike normal passion – in that it is a perfect state of balance and control.

5) It is not made a tool of foolish desire

As soon as we have “like” and “dislike” – we have desire and aversion (i.e. the desire not to have something). Note the term “foolish”. Not all desire is foolish – true spiritual desire is not foolish, in fact true spiritual desire is an aspect of this Light. But any desire that is counter to our spiritual nature, is foolish. Ultimately, such a desire will cause us pain – and probably cause others pain too, to one degree or another.

This Light exists constantly – making it exist is not the issue. We could not exist without it. The problem is not whether it exists or not, but what we do with it.

Do we darken it, warp it, and waste it – or apply it in service and enlightenment in its true state? Here we have the image of turning it into a “tool” for satisfying our foolish desires. What a tragic image this is! Do we really want to carry on subjecting the radiations of the God Spark within us to this kind of petty limitation – or do we want to live in the full Divine glory that is our potential?!

6) It does not shine

Here we have a paradox. A Light always shines, or else it is not a Light. That is exactly the point – this is not a Light, because it is the God Spark (which is above Light). And yet, it is Light, in that it creates and radiates Light.

Notice that Jupiter 92 uses the word “Light” both to describe the radiations of the God Spark, and also, here, the God Spark itself – and yet makes it clear, through paradox, that they are not the same.

This whole subject is the very hub of paradox – in that it is virtually where God and manifestation meet, so to speak. The Light radiations of the God Spark are the closest to God (Divine Spirit) we can get, and the God Spark is the closest thing to manifestation that God can be while still being above manifestation.

By being apparently contradictory, Jupiter 92 illustrates that when talking about Divinity we are in a whole different realm of thought, where the normal logic which we apply to basic manifestation no longer applies – and a higher logic takes over.

7) It is all Light in Light

It is not a Light, because it is all Light. This is a description of God – God is not and cannot be any one single thing in creation, because it is all things. And yet this “allness” is also within all things, because God is in all things.

8) It shines

The text appears contradictory when we are told that the Light “shineth not”, and then, in the next sentence, told to “let it shine”. This is another deliberate paradox. It shines in that it is the source of Light, but it itself does not shine because it is above manifestation.

9) It is a power

We may not think of Light as a power – but of course it is, even on a basic level. Power can be used for good or bad. This Transmission is about how to use this power correctly.

10) It is us

We are told that this power is us. It’s not something given to us, or that we take; it is not something extra to what we naturally are – this is literally what we are. Let us take a moment – even now as we are reading this – to absorb that; to really believe that. This is not some invisible magical fairy-light within us; it is not some arcane symbolic part of our minds – this is what we are – literally!

We are God in manifestation. This is that part of us that is the most God-like, in terms of the pure Light that shines – and in fact it is God as God, in terms of the Light that “shineth not”.

Even the basic “unGod-like” parts of us are this Light – but a very dim, and sometimes horribly distorted form of it. It is our job to stop this dimming and distorting as much as we can – and to let this Light shine as it could.

What should we do with this Light?

We are told to let this Light shine through us.

How do we do this? Countless ways – but in short, by being as spiritual as possible. Not spiritual in a fake or superficial sort of way, but really spiritual – i.e. dedicated to practical selfless service. Sometimes this will literally be consciously letting Light shine through us, e.g. in prayer or spiritual healing. But other times, it may be doing something quite ordinary, like painting a wall or driving a car, but for a spiritual purpose.

The other two aspects of letting the Light shine through us are of course: reaching “upwards” and “inwards” – as discussed above.

We are then told to:

Let this very Power which is you, manifest as you and then you may become the lasting you.

This is another paradox. If we are already this Power, then why do we have to manifest it?

We are this Light, as described above, but here we are being told to let that Light shine in a pure and unadulterated way, rather than imposing unnecessary limitation upon it, as we do now.

We are manifesting this power all the time, but, as far as most of us are concerned, in very basic and often incorrect ways. Here we are not being told to become this power, but to be conscious that we are this power, and to manifest it in its highest sense.

In very simple terms, we should live and act as the God Spark would have us live and act. We are the God Spark already, but we have not yet manifested that Divine nature. This is what we can and should do – for our own sakes, and, most importantly of all, for the sake of others. This is the path to enlightenment – freedom from ignorance.

If we do this, we will become the “lasting” us. In other words, we will evolve beyond change as we know it. We will still change – but we will be consciously part of the very nature of change, rather than just the result of change.

* * *

This Transmission gives us a fascinating insight into what spiritual Light really is, and into what the God Spark is. As well as this, it gives practical instructions of how to advance. Any of us who truly follows these four sentences – will advance to a tremendous degree. Let us resolve to reflect more – even through our daily lives – on what we really are – and, in doing so, make our Divine nature feel more like the reality that it is. By understanding what God is, and what we are, and that in some paradoxical way we are the same, we will be inspired to liberate ourselves from our self-imposed ignorance and let the Light that is us – shine outwards to all – as us.

* * *

Note 1: Compare the prayer given by the Master Jesus – ‘Manifest Your Higher Self’– which talks about overcoming the “cold” of our “aloneness”, so that we can once again feel our “affinity” with God. This is discussed briefly in the blogpost entitled ‘Service – Oneness – Joy’.

Note 2: Compare ‘The True Message’ by the Master Aetherius, who also uses the terms “outwards” and “upwards” in a similar way, and says that these lead to the “Light within”:

Listen to the Spiritual man who will tell you how to project your consciousness outwards and upwards, to the great Spiritual Light within yourself, so that you may be impregnated with this Mighty Light, with this vibrant Flame, this all pervasive Flame, the everlasting Flame of That which is GOOD and TRUE. Then indeed will you shine in the World.

In other words the Master Aetherius says that the “inwards” part of the three things is the result of the first two, whereas Jupiter 92 gives all three as separate instructions. Putting these two approaches together we can see that going within is indeed the result of service and spiritual aspiration (as per the Master Aetherius), but that it too must be worked for in its own right (as per Jupiter 92). The good karma accrued from service does not in itself guarantee enlightenment, this karma has to be applied to bring about enlightenment – a bit like the fact that money earned is not enough to make more money unless it is correctly invested.

Note 3: Compare The Fifth Freedom, in which Mars Sector 6 says: “…within you burns a Flame… which is neither light nor darkness…” In other words here we are told explicitly that the God Spark is not light, the God Spark here being referred to as a “Flame”.

Note 4: Compare The Fifth Freedom, in which Mars Sector 6 says of someone in Cosmic Consciousness: “The Spark of God resides in man, untouched, until man takes this Cosmic step. Even then, he toucheth not this Flame, but liveth, with all feeling, through its brilliant radiations – light…” In other words, it is the light radiations which are touched, not the source of them.

Note 5: Compare the use of the term “coldness” here, in a negative sense indicating a separation from God, with the term “warmth” used in the opposite way by the Master Jesus in the First Blessing, when he talks about feeling the “warmth of the Heart of God.”

About the author
Mark BennettMark Bennett is the co-author of two books, both of which he wrote with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, namely Prayer Energy and Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, which was voted “best book on spirituality 2007” by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. He is the youngest International Director of The Aetherius Society, whose teachings he chose as his spiritual path at an early age.

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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  1. Paul W White on May 31, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you Mark ,great analysis on your blog relating to this transmission and it’s implications / meaning. I can certainly relate to having to reach out in service to others with your spiritual brothers and sisters , to the Cosmic Masters and divine inspiration as well as to the source of all knowledge that lies within thereby although maybe being few in number you are not really alone and never really lonely in your spiritual endeavours. Had also to comment on this blog with the exact date and year of this transmission being very auspicious for me i.e. it is my birthdate / year. Very uplifting inspirational transmissions from Jupiter 92 . With Blessings Paul W White .

  2. Zascha on June 1, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    Thank you for this beautifully inspiring and strengthening blog. The timing of this for me is spot on. Really needed this now. Bless you.

  3. Kunle Kolawole on June 2, 2017 at 1:51 am

    Thank you so much for this Spiritual Education. It has done it all. My birthday celebration is brightened up and at a time am seriously studying Aetherius materials. God bless you Sir

  4. David on June 2, 2017 at 2:13 am

    It is a great help to have your analysis of this beautiful Transmission, which is full of paradoxes, and your insights into just what the God Spark within is. Very many thanks.

  5. Brenda Ward on June 2, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Thank you Mark for your illuminating comments. It is so good to have someone put into words what you sense but cannot articulate.

  6. Elizabeth on June 2, 2017 at 3:36 am

    Your explanation and commentary on this profoundly important transmission is brilliant and extremely helpful. You have thrown a light of understanding on the Master’s words of wisdom to enable a deeper understand of the truth – so vital for spiritual progression. Thank you so much Mark for the time and effort expended for the benefit of all.

  7. Lilita Boden on June 5, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Thank you, Mark, for your illuminating explanation of who we really are. Truth is paradoxical and needs such a wonderful revelation of its true nature as you have so outstandingly given to us. Thank you so very much for this great knowledge.

  8. Sergio Perez Melo on November 13, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Excellent article ! So much to ponder . God bless !

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