The Nine Freedoms


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The Nine Freedoms – An authoritative metaphysical treatise on the progress through Ascension to Cosmic Existence

By Dr. George King

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This remarkable book reveals the secrets of mastering the wheel of rebirth on Earth – leading to Ascension and even beyond. The mysteries of life after death, higher states of consciousness, kundalini, chakras, karma, cosmic initiations, Atlantis, Lemuria, Maldek and life on other planets – are explained simply and concisely. The book consists of nine sacred texts given by a cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 through the mediumship of Dr. George King, and also contains detailed commentaries by Dr. King.

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Hardback; 200 pages.

Highly recommended to all.

Also available for purchase: The Nine Freedoms lectures album and The Nine Freedoms transmissions album.


From pages 5-6 (Richard Lawrence):

Reverend Charles Abrahamson’s Introduction to the Author gives an excellent insight into Dr. King’s exceptional achievements up to the delivery of The Nine Freedoms. After this, Dr. King’s work continued unabated from mission to mission, and teaching to teaching, until his demise in 1997. To the best of my knowledge, there is simply no one else who has even claimed to be in regular contact with Interplanetary Masters for anything like the same period of over 43 years.

The authenticity of this claim, I believe, is confirmed by the otherworldly calibre of the knowledge Dr. King brought to The Earth. A subjective view, you might think, but there have been objective results for the thousands who have discovered, as a result, greater enlightenment, a more purposeful life and above all the ability to make a real difference in the world. And if, like me, you encounter cynicism about such things all too frequently, you too will find the antidote for this in The Nine Freedoms.

The style of Mars Sector 6, Who has been described by other Masters as a Lord of Karma, is superbly concise, yet resonant with meaning. As well as studying the texts you would be advised to contemplate deeply on them one by one. Each Freedom is introduced by a prominent and wise Ascended Master from this Earth known as Saint Goo-Ling. There is also a beautiful Transmission by that great Master of Love, Jesus, Who came from the Planet Venus.

Dr. King’s commentaries at the end of each text are truly brilliant, even when compared with, say, the mystical perceptions on the I-Ching by Confucius or the penetrating analysis of Patanjali’s Aphorisms by Swami Vivekananda. With his hallmark of down-to-earth practicality, blended with a clear explanation of even the most advanced concepts, Dr. King gives us a treasure of knowledge at the end of each Freedom.

It is a privilege for me to write the Foreword to this edition, which is more than a book or even a Bible — it is the ultimate signpost on the road to human evolution.

From page 65 (Mars Sector 6):

ENLIGHTENMENT is a result of the controlled application of specific energies and procedures towards a predetermined end.

Physical man can predetermine the end of his physical energy and cause this to be used in its best sense according to the Law.

Mental man can so control his picturisation that he can direct his mental energies towards a goal which is in all ways constructive, a goal of Service, of Spiritual co-operation. A great beam of creative, controlled, mental energy can be directed towards all terrestrials, so that those ready, will be mentally transmuted by this constructive, creative beam of energy. Mental man can form those visualizations only which are constructive, which help to bring into being a transmutation of all things up to the Higher Planes.

Psychic man can escape from his prison of psychic frustration by tasks such as the dispensation of energies upon a psycho-Spiritual level, such as the rendering of Spiritual Healing. Of all tasks capable to psychic man, this is the most beneficial.

Psychic man can so control the subtle Universal Life Forces that he can bring about strict mental control. By so doing, he is capable of concentration. He can, at this stage, so enhance his concentrative abilities that he is capable of contemplation, with open-minded diligence, which will bring about even greater awareness, a greater understanding and which will begin to open the door of ENLIGHTENMENT.

The next essential step he can then take is the transmutation of mental energies upon the plane of inspiration, called ‘High Intuition’. This is brought about by strict control and the manipulation of the individual’s Karmic pattern through Service — and so on.

At this stage he is then capable of Meditation. Through such Meditation the aspirant opens the door, even wider, so that the brilliant, everlasting vibration of ENLIGHTENMENT may forever surround him.

From page 100 (Dr George King):

As the great Goddess of Power dwelt within this Chakra, the Adept, in true deep Meditation, became a Knower. He felt that this state, despite his complete aloneness — was the ultimate. He knew later that this feeling was but an expression of his ignorance, for suddenly, even as a great shock to him, this great Power reached to the upper most branch of the tree and then, gradually at first, but surely, the Highest Centre opened.

It was as though in a moment, he wore above his head a crown of indescribable magnificence!

A glorious brilliant flash of illumination came to him. The Powers before were nothing in comparison with this. Oh God, he was going even further upwards!

His loneliness subsided, as a calm will stop the turbulence of the waves at sea and peace began — but not static peace, for in this was all movement. He began to stretch outwards as though he had immense arms which were embracing all things. His consciousness reached outwards — holding, and gradually came the realisation of oneness. No longer was he a Light in the wilderness as he had been before, but now he was an essential part, an intimate part, an inter-related part of All Things. His consciousness soared above the environment, above the city in which his cold body sat immobile, around the city, around All Things and all people and all environments. Soaring upwards and outwards, he was now in the full and complete realization that he was Life, which was manifesting in countless different ways in order to gain the experience necessary, the control demanded over matter itself. Here, in such an elevated state as this, came a deeper realization than ever before, of the interrelationship of all things, of the Life of All Things ….