King Yoga

King Yoga can be defined as union with God through the Missions, Teachings and Practices given to us by Dr. George King.

What is the background to King Yoga?

Realise Your Inner PotentialMankind as a whole is not ready for the New Age. Most would perish and be reborn on another planet if the Mother Earth were to take Her rightful place in the heavens immediately, following Her Primary Initiation on July 8th, 1964. This was known by the Cosmic Masters. They devised a plan to speed the evolution of mankind so that as many as possible could remain on Earth following Her great change. This is the Cosmic Plan for the salvation and enlightenment of mankind.

On the instructions of the Cosmic Masters, The Aetherius Society was visualized into existence by the Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling to act as the Master Cog.

The Aetherius Society is an essential part, an essential cog in the great Cosmic Plan. It is the Master Cog which is being driven by a Cosmic battery. If this cog breaks, the battery cannot discharge itself correctly and a new cog will have to be hand-moulded.

The Master Aetherius – The Master Cog

We have chosen The Aetherius Society for a great task. A task BEYOND that which we will give to any other organization upon TERRA!

The Master Aetherius – The Five Temples of God

It was manifested on the physical plane by Master of Yoga and Cosmic Avatar Dr. George King. The Aetherius Society has been left to us to continue so that we can cooperate with the Cosmic Masters and help prepare mankind for the New Age.

What makes King Yoga so different?

The most important difference between King Yoga and other yogas, is that King Yoga is first and foremost designed to help humanity as a whole rather than just for the individual. In the words of Dr. King:

There is one way to advance, and only one way. That is to not only evolve yourself but also do everything in your power to help others evolve themselves.

Dr. George King – Realize Your Inner Potential

How can King Yoga be so powerful?

The crux of King Yoga is that it was designed specifically to help mankind as a whole in close conjunction with the Cosmic Masters and in concert with the Cosmic Plan. Dr. George King came to Earth to make key moves within the Cosmic Plan – that was the only reason he came.

One of these moves was to form a Spiritual Brotherhood that could continue to cooperate with the Cosmic Masters and the Cosmic Plan after he had to leave Earth.

He knew full well how important and essential this would be. The following quote by Dr. King beautifully expresses this point:

These days you cannot, you cannot really progress, really progress, unless you are dedicated to the life of action. The only thing that counts these days – there aren’t two things that count, there’s only one, and if I’m sure of anything, I’m as sure of this as I am of God – the only thing that counts is the Cosmic Plan for the enlightenment and evolution of this and all other planets. Nothing else counts, nothing else counts, and nothing else counts!

Dr. George King – “A Spiritual Development Class”

Our world has to be put right mainly by mankind. It is due to our Karma that our world is in its current state, so it is up to us to put it right. The Cosmic Masters are only allowed to help so far; for karmic reasons they need humans to anchor their actions.

Dr. George King and the Cosmic Masters could see what actions were needed and King Yoga consists of actions directed by Them.

King Yoga is a high path

From this you can see that King Yoga is a high path. If you want to succeed in King Yoga it is important to follow the guidelines given by the founder of our path – Dr. George King.

Just as you must follow certain very strict and important rules for Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga and others, it is also important to follow the guidance of Dr. King as you tread the path of King Yoga. If you do, you will speed up your own evolution exponentially.

King Yoga includes three main aspects: Teachings, Advancement and, most importantly, Service.


It is wisdom that sets a man free. Nothing else.

Dr. George King – Realize Your Inner Potential

The teachings of The Aetherius Society take our thought way beyond what was available on Earth before. These great cosmic teachings show us where mankind came from and how we got into our current predicament.

They show us our future through The Nine Freedoms, and they show the pitfalls in our present age.

Most importantly they show us what needs to be done now to help bring in the New Age.

Understanding our teachings is essential to being able to effectively help the Cosmic Plan unfold upon Earth through cooperating with the Cosmic Masters.


Reach inwards and upwards to the Light there so you can give this Light to others. You cannot give it to others unless you realize it.

The Master Aetherius – Realize Your Inner Potential

In a world off-course, it is essential to be able to go within to a degree so as to understand and appreciate at an intuitive level the cosmic teachings. The special practices taught by Dr. King help us do that. They also help us invoke the spiritual powers needed in these days, and direct them in accordance with the Cosmic Plan.

There is another reason for practicing the practices that is not so obvious, but very necessary for the high path of King Yoga, namely protection. Any path which is doing so much good for mankind cannot avoid dealing with interference. This can come both from within, via your lower self, and from outside forces who do not want the Cosmic Plan to succeed.  Dr. King knew this and gave certain practices to combat such interference – these are very important, as you progress upon this path.

It is now time for all Spiritual Workers to strengthen their Karmic armour by increasing their spiritual practices.

Dr. George King – Realize Your Inner Potential


The greatest Yoga is – SERVICE.

The greatest Religion is – SERVICE.

The greatest act is that act done in – SERVICE.

Mars Sector 6 – The Nine Freedoms

Our unique forms of Service, in cooperation with the Cosmic Plan, are what sets King Yoga apart from all other spiritual paths in these days. The Cosmic Missions – Operation Sunbeam, The Saturn Mission, Operation Space Power, Operation Space Power II and Operation Prayer Power – are all performed in direct cooperation with the Cosmic Masters themselves. These are doing tremendous good for the world as a whole and are the most important actions taken by The Aetherius Society or any other organization on the physical plane of our world.

All the other aspects of service in King Yoga, such as attending official Aetherius Society meetings, practicing The Twelve Blessings, praying on the Holy Mountains, and giving spiritual healing are in direct support of the Cosmic Plan and are helping to put our world right.

Also very important is coming in to a Headquarters, Branch or Group in order to help in the running and/or maintenance of The Aetherius Society.  Dr. King considered this at least as important as studying the Teachings or doing your spiritual practices and often more so. He also valued donating to the Missions and work of The Aetherius Society as absolutely vital and this too is a potent aspect of King Yoga.

King Yoga is focused on helping the world; does it also help the individual?

King Yoga could be described as Karma Yoga in overdrive since it is the most potent way that any ordinary individual can help mankind to evolve in preparation for the New Age. By the Law of Karma, it must therefore be the most potent way for the ordinary individual to evolve.

This is illustrated by The Master Aetherius in the following quote:

Whether this task [given to The Aetherius Society] succeeds or fails is up to you. If it does fail, then you fail mankind and your Karmic Gods. If it does succeed, then quickly, ladies and gentlemen, not easily but quickly, will you be able to don the crowns of Adeptship – and even more resplendent crowns than that.

The Master Aetherius – The Five Temples of God

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