A Book of Sacred Prayers


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A Book of Sacred Prayers

By Dr. George King

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A selection of some of the most beautiful prayers ever given to Earth – each one delivered by The Master Jesus through the mediumship of Dr. George King. These highly inspired yet simple prayers are perfectly balanced, with selfless service to others as their focus.

Booklet; 24 pages.

Recommended to anyone who wishes to help others through prayer.


Extract 1 (The road to success in Prayer):

The road to success in Prayer is marked with these signs:

1. A sincere, deep-rooted, burning desire on the part of the individual to want to Pray correctly.

2. The right Prayer.

Put these two ingredients together and they will cause a release of the Love and Power within, which will bring about the desired Spiritual result. Let us for a moment examine these ingredients a little more closely.

The individual must want to pray in the correct manner. He must want this so ardently, that he is willing to learn the Prayers by heart, to practise them over and over again, out loud, until they become word perfect. He must cultivate the ability within himself to treat each Prayer as a reverend and most sacred Jewel of Wisdom. He must pay every Prayer the whole of his respect. Then he must allow his heart to express every atom of Love of which he is capable, for the Prayer. After he has learned to Love this Prayer, to treat it with every vestige of his respect — then will he gradually learn, through practice, to make his Prayer live within him. When it does this, he will be able to say it correctly, with deep feeling and great power.

Extract 2:

The right Prayer is one which is not in any way selfish, one which is correctly balanced. No selfish Prayer can be correctly balanced. A Prayer, to be Metaphysically balanced, has to be all inclusive. One which includes humanity or creations outside of the Prayer. Examine the Prayers in this book and you will see that they all do this. They all go outside of you, the prayer. In each Prayer you send forth the power of your Love to other less fortunate people in the world, to people who are sick, to the whole of humanity, or even to the great Mother Earth upon which you live, to the great Galaxy in which you live, or to God Itself. Such a Prayer is correctly balanced. For as you send out, so shall you receive. This is the Law of God. So therefore, the right Prayer, is that which is constituted according to Divine Law.

The first ingredient is that which grows within your heart. The second ingredient is that which has been given to you from the mind of another. When these are mixed together by your mind in the vessel of your heart, the results must be truly magnificent! Correct Prayer is the door to self-expression. It is the door to Healing. It is the door to your advancement. A properly devised Prayer said with all your true Love is a key to the door of the miraculous.