The Truth About Dynamic Prayer


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The Truth about Dynamic Prayer

By Dr. George King

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This inspiring booklet explains the importance of dynamic prayer as a potent and practical tool to bring about positive change. Dynamic prayer is not some kind of hit-and-miss superstition or just wishful thinking; on the contrary it is a spiritual science which everyone can learn providing they have a reverence for the Divine Creator and a burning desire to help those in need.

Booklet; 5 pages.

Recommended to all.


From pages 1-2

Dynamic Prayer definitely does require a greater effort than Prayer said in the normal half-hearted fashion. If ordinary Prayer is a lifeless appeal to Divinity, then Dynamic Prayer is a deep expression of soul-feeling put behind that appeal. It is because of the effort expended in Dynamic Prayer that truly great results are brought about by its use.

If you cast your bread upon the waters, it is said, this will return after many days. In other words, in order to bring about a result, you must expend the effort to guarantee that this result is brought about, whether or not that result is feeding yourself or praying for another who is sick.

I believe, contrary to what some of you may tell me, that most people— not all in this life—but most people, are capable of a form of Dynamic Prayer if only they will expend sufficient effort—if only they will rise above the lazy habits which they have brought upon themselves throughout the years. Such people may be fine workers; they may be people who you can trust in the business world to do whatever job they say they will do correctly. Yet, when it comes to Prayer, they have convinced themselves that they are not capable of saying it in a dynamic fashion, and they take a lot of unconvincing.

Dynamic Prayer is not so much the result of training as it is the result of an unshakeable belief in God and a burning desire to help another or a race. This is true beyond any doubt.

From page 4

Dynamic Prayer is a wonderful expression, it is a song of the soul and the soul wants to sing, it wants to express light all around itself, it wants to go forward and help and raise others who need the transmuting power output of a joyous soul. You must allow your inner soul to do this; you must allow this beautiful manifestation to take place, this great surge of energy to fill your mind and aura to such an extent that the bread you cast upon the waters is indeed plentiful and beneficial to all. And the more effort you expend in this respect, the more sure the result must be. This is the Law. If you want an impossible thing it is this: you cannot send out Dynamic Prayers for mankind without having certain results—it is impossible, it cannot be done, the results must come, sooner or later they must come! God, if I could only get this mighty Truth over to the lazy people on this Planet, we would have 3-1/2 billion prayers this very morning and before this afternoon, the world would be changed completely!

So, ladies and gentlemen, be not deluded by your lower selves, be not even deluded by that allegedly logical part of yourself, which is sometimes the most illogical part of all, your conscious mind—but do let your soul sing. It can be taken over by the higher part of you, and the change will be such as to amaze you; and once you have mentally tasted this, you will not want to slip back again.