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Jupiter 92 – Worship the God-Spark in the Temple of the Soul

Worship the God-Spark in the Temple of the Soul


Whether you regard yourself as religious, spiritual, or neither – you can never really know yourself without “going within”. It is going within that is the true journey of the soul – to Reality itself.

But what does “going within” really mean?

In the following simple words, given by a great Master from another planet,  this question is answered:

If you would attend a temple, then attend the temple within. Bathe yourself in the lasting Fire of your highest aspirations and come out as an inspired one. Yet inspired into Spiritual activity rather than theoretical lethargy. 

“The World is yours, the Universe is yours, the Cosmos is yours, but only when the Spark speaks through you to all, about all, in all. Note it, be revived by it, be inspired by it, be risen by it, and come upwards, oh children of Earth. Rise upwards, oh children, of Earth, and express the greatness in your souls, express the lasting Divinity of your higher selves. 

“Rise, oh Earth, into glory.” 

– Jupiter 92, speaking through Dr. George King in 1962

The Temple within

If we are to truly worship God, we have to go within. If we do not go within, we cannot have more than a basic conception of what God really is – and we cannot worship what we do not know.

The more we know God, the more and better we can truly worship God. (Note 1)

Earlier in this same Transmission, Jupiter 92 told us:

“Upon the temple of your very soul is placed even now great inspiration which could lift you upwards and away from your present dilemmas.” (Note 2)

Now, the temple we are being told to attend is the temple of the soul. This is where the soul worships God.

The soul worships God by causing us to evolve. As we evolve, we become conscious of higher mind – conscious of that which is closer to God. We will then live and act in the light of this consciousness – in service.

It would be easy to misread “If you would attend a temple, then attend the temple within” as an excuse not to go to church, or temple, or wherever, and just stay at home. That is not what is meant here at all. What is meant here is that unless we go within to develop an awareness of the God-Spark, there is no point in us going to any temple or any church or anywhere else, because it will be meaningless.

And yet – with an awareness of what God really is – even on a relatively basic, conventional level – attendance of a church or temple can be a glorious spiritual expression of love, devotion and goodness.

In other words, attending the “temple within”, gives meaning to attending any other temple – i.e. gives meaning to our spiritual path.

We do not need to be intelligent, or even wise, or anything else, to take a first step towards God-knowledge. All we need is the spiritual desire to have “some small glimpse” of our Real Selves – of God – “even though but dimly seen” (Note 3).

This “glimpse” of our Selves – of the God-Spark within – will inspire us to attend the best possible temple that we can – and, as a general principle, the greater the glimpse, the greater the temple we will choose. Greater in terms of truth – not magnificence of the architecture.

In short: attending the “temple within” will enable us to choose the best temple outside of ourselves, i.e. the best spiritual path for us, and to follow it in the best way we can.

So this line is not saying: stay at home and don’t go to any temples. It is saying: if you want the privilege of learning higher truths and worshipping in a great temple – then you must go within. If you don’t, you won’t know what temple to choose, and you won’t know what you are doing there.

The right kind of temple will then help you “attend the temple within” more deeply, which will then help you in your worship in the actual temple – and so on, in a positive spiral of spiritual evolution – within, and also in terms of action.

How do we attend the Temple within?

Even just a few quiet moments of thought about God, about the Self, about the Cosmos, about goodness, about compassion, about helping the world as a whole – will be a start. This is a start many people on Earth never make. And look at the result! War, ignorance, violence, thievery, greed etc.

Even so-called religious people, in some cases, may never look within. They may pray. They may even make long pilgrimages. But do they ever really think – deeply – within themselves about the truth of it all? For one thing, anyone who truly goes within – even just a little bit – could not murder in the name of God; nor could such a person lead a life of wealth and luxury without worrying about all the suffering in the world. And yet such things happen every single day.

Remember from Part 3 in this series – we will only evolve if our actions are governed by our Higher Aspect (i.e. Higher Self). For our Higher Aspect to consciously govern our actions, we have to go within – to “attend the temple within”.

Taking it a step further than just a few moments’ thought here and there, we can perform spiritual practices such as those taught in Realize Your Inner Potential – including yoga breathing specifically designed to put us in touch with our Higher Aspect. We can also contemplate on the wisdom given to us by the Masters, such as this very Transmission from Jupiter.

Bathing in Spiritual Fire

We are told to bathe ourselves in the “lasting Fire” of our “highest aspirations”.

Fire burns. Just like the Light in the first sentence of the Transmission. This Fire is that Light, but the word “Fire” conveys something in motion, something which is very much alive and very active – something which brings about a dramatic change of state – which brings about transmutation.

And yet – there is a paradox here: this Fire is “lasting”, and yet nothing active, nothing moving, can be truly lasting. Why? Because only God itself is truly lasting, and God is still, because God is all motion, and therefore above motion. Motion is but one of the seven dimensions of creation – thus anything in motion is below the state of pure unmanifest Divinity.

Why is this paradox there? Because the fact that it is “lasting” conveys the fact that this “Fire” comes straight from the God-Spark. Again, we can say that it is virtually where man’s mind – and the God-Spark within man – meet each other; where that which is manifest and impermanent is changed by that which is unmanifest and everlasting.

“Our highest aspirations” – what a beautiful phrase! Let’s think about this for a moment. Let’s ponder our aspirations. Unless you are a saint, you will have some aspirations that are not very good really – a faster car to make your friends jealous; a promotion at work in order to impress your girlfriend; a prettier wife than your brother’s wife… etc. Such things are pretty much the norm on Earth.

But what of our higher aspirations? The desire to be a better person – kinder, wiser, more disciplined, more self-sacrificing, purer, stronger, braver etc. All spiritual people have such aspirations. If you do not have any such aspirations, you are not spiritual. This is the better part of us. This is an aspect of the Light which is “not ruled by passion, nor made a tool of foolish desire”, as we learnt at the start of the Transmission. This is the soul-urge.

Now let us actually visualize this in a very real way. Imagine yourself encased and imbued with flames of Light – coming from God itself; from the God-Spark within you. Imagine this gentle, yet powerful, Fire filling every aspect of your being, even your physical body. And see these flames as having a kind of “personality” – and that “personality” is your own highest aspirations.

These flames are made from the very essence of your own most spiritual desires. This is the part of you that celebrates its Divinity and is now literally alight with the joy of this knowledge. You are now on fire with the ecstasy of longing for consciousness of God.

Feel it – enjoy it – be changed by it… And the foolishness of the lower mind, will fall like ashes, from this, the temple of the soul – and the angelic being of our true potential will be all that remains!

Having had such an experience, we then detach from it – not to forget it, not at all. Quite the reverse: to let it inspire us into service. Then, in time, we will do this again, even better, and come out of this state even more inspired, and be of greater service; this is not inspiration for its own sake – this is inspiration for “Spiritual activity”.

The silent God-Spark speaks at last…!

“The World is yours, the Universe is yours, the Cosmos is yours…”

We are given these three promises. They sound almost absurd. And yet they are true, provided that the “Spark speaks” through us “to all, about all, in all.”

The Spark is the Spark of God within us. How many times have we been told that God “dwells silently” within us? Even in the very same issue of Cosmic Voice as that in which this Transmission was published, in the series of Transmissions entitled ‘Be Not Limited’, The Master Aetherius says:

“May this power fall upon the heads of all those upon the Earth this very moment, so that they may know, that God dwells silently within them all!”

And yet, here in this message from Jupiter 92, we are told what will happen when God is no longer silent – but speaks.

Animals do not speak – at least not in the same way that we do; animals are not self-aware like we are. We speak because we are self-aware; we are conscious of our own existence – we can think “I am”, whereas an animal thinks only “it is”.

When God speaks, it is not the voice of normal terrestrial consciousness – but of our super-consciousness, or even supra-consciousness. In a nutshell, this is awareness not that “it is”, or even that “I am”, but that “I AM THAT” – i.e. “I am God”.

Speech is sound. The whole of creation is encapsulated as the great Holy Word (too holy to even include in this post). When the Spark speaks – when God speaks – it says this great Holy Word, which is the whole of manifestation – which is ALL.

Speech is an action. Action is motion and therefore can only take place within manifestation since it is one of the seven dimensions of creation. The God-Spark is above manifestation – is unmanifest. And yet, here it is acting within creation. Again we have the paradox of where unmanifest Divinity and Divinity manifest as creation – meet.

This has to happen “through” us. In other words, we have to be conscious of it. We have to be conscious of something that is above our current state of consciousness – i.e. we have to be conscious of the super-consciousness and ultimately supra-consciousness.

This Spark speaks through us “to all”. Let’s just visualize that for a moment.

The God-Spark within us is perfect and unlimited in essence; it is the very nature of freedom. This is our potential which exists outside of time. But, paradoxically, it has been silent up to this point – isolated; alone; grossly limited; gagged; denied freedom of speech – imprisoned by our own ignorance. And now, suddenly, in this glorious burst of illumination – it is free. It is in communion with all the billions of billions of billions of other God-Sparks – which are one. It is linked to everything in creation that is God – which is everything. It is no longer bound by the conscious mind of man – but freed by the conscious mind of man, which has freed it by becoming superconscious and supraconscious, and man has thereby also freed himself – for man is God.

Imagine a tiger released from a cage to run free in the grasslands of its natural habitat. What a moving scene this would be! But, fantastic though this is, it is nothing compared to the freedom experienced when the God-Spark is realized and released, by consciousness, into the infinitude of creation – one with its Father, the Creator; limitlessly expansive in its natural habitat, which is all of manifestation. The prison of the body, and the basic mind – at this point are nothing but the memory of a tiny cage; a memory which makes it all the more ecstatically blissful in its current freedom.

It speaks “about all” – because it is all. It is all knowledge. The “Godness” within you, is the same Godness as within all things – whether it be an electron, a galaxy, a murderer or a saint. (Note 4)

It speaks “in all”, because it is in all. In its pure form, it is the essence within all things.

The World is yours, the Universe is yours, the Cosmos is yours

When the Spark speaks through us in this way, the world is ours. This is the key to all knowledge, all power, all wisdom. Not only at this point are we God (we were God all along) – but now we know we are God. It is this realization which makes us virtually omnipotent. Psychic powers which may seem miraculous to us now will become normal to us. And wisdom – the depth of which we cannot yet conceive – will be what will make us the great Masters that then we will be.

We are not even limited to the confines of a single world – for we are told that the universe is ours. And more even than this, we are told that the cosmos is ours. The cosmos is not just the universe – but the principles governing the universe. According to google it is “the universe seen as a well-ordered whole”. That makes it even greater than the universe itself. The universe is time and space etc. – but the cosmos is the very mind of God that makes the universe what it is. This is the degree of awareness we gain in the higher states. Not just “knowledge of things” – but oneness with the very mind of our own dear Father – the Creator – our Real Self!

Be revived

We are told to note this, be revived by it, be inspired by it, be risen by it, and come upwards.

The point I would like to focus on here is – being “revived”. “To revive” means “to bring life back to”. As we discussed in the second of this series of posts about this Transmission from Jupiter, “prana is life”. Prana, when directed by will, realizes potential. Here we are being told to realize that potential again.

Let’s not forget that in Atlantis, and even more so in Lemuria, and even more so on Maldek, we were less limited beings than we now are. Mankind has fallen. It is not simply that we are slow, and have not kept up with our older and wiser interplanetary neighbours; we have actually failed and fallen (Note 5). Now it is time to get back on the horse and be what we once were – but this time, stay on the horse all the way through the journey of life, galloping to God-realization.

According to google, “revive” also means “restore to consciousness”, which is interesting, because consciousness is the key to realization of our potential. We are here being urged to use this wisdom to regain that more elevated consciousness which once we had – albeit thousands or even millions of years ago.

Another meaning of “revive” is of course simply to “give new strength or energy to”. Jupiter 92 is virtually imploring us, in the most positive possible way, to use this wisdom and be “risen”.


It is not so much what we are now that counts – but what we do now.

If we follow the three-pronged path of King Yoga – service, wisdom, and self-development – described at the start of this Transmission by Jupiter 92 as reaching “outwards, upwards and yet more subtly inwards” – then we will attain the great state of inspiration and oneness that this Master describes.

We will hear the Spark speak… at last!

We will listen, as, after millennia of silence, the very voice of God resounds within our souls, and we will be free – for we will finally be our Real Selves…!

* * *

This blogpost is the fourth in a series which analyzes the outstandingly beautiful Transmission given through Dr. George King on February 2nd, 1962, by a great Cosmic Master known simply to us as “Jupiter 92”, as published in Cosmic Voice Issue No. 26 (July-August 1962).

Civilization on Jupiter exists at a higher material plane of existence, therefore it is not yet detectable by terrestrial science. This, however, certainly does not mean that it does not exist! The spiritual profundity of this Transmission is more than enough to prove to any true spiritual seeker that life does indeed exist on Jupiter. Physical evidence can sometimes be faked, but wisdom never can!

* * *

Note 1: Compare these words of Dr. George King in his address ‘The Men who won Operation Karmalight for you’:

“I don’t know what it is with these people, that kept them so balanced, so straight, unless it’s the love of God through realization. I think it has to be something like that. It has to be something above the norm, and the love of God through realization is above the norm because very few people have it. They say they love God but they don’t really realize what God is, to the extent that the Adepts must realize what God is and that’s why their true love, TRUE LOVE, TRUE LOVE, TRUE LOVE, not the thing you call love, but TRUE LOVE, must be so much greater than the capabilities of a terrestrial; because it’s borne out of realization, out of a knowledge of God, A KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, A KNOWLEDGE OF GOD – and it must have been this.”

Note 2: See Part 2 – ‘Let Cosmic Inspiration Change Your Life’ for more insights into the “temple of the soul”.

Note 3: As described by the Master Jesus in the prayer after the Fourth of The Twelve Blessings.

Note 4: “Godness” – The Master Aetherius in ‘Prepare Ye Oh Men’:

“Somewhere down the line, someone helped you. They told you what to do in order to enhance that great realization of Godness within you.”

Note 5: For the true, secret history of mankind, study the Introduction to The Nine Freedoms.

About the author
Mark BennettMark Bennett is the co-author of two books, both of which he wrote with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, namely Prayer Energy and Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, which was voted “best book on spirituality 2007” by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. He is the youngest International Director of The Aetherius Society, whose teachings he chose as his spiritual path at an early age.

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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