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Jupiter 92 – Let cosmic inspiration change your life!

let cosmic inspiration change your life


This blogpost is the second in a series which analyzes the outstandingly beautiful Transmission given through Dr. George King on February 2nd, 1962, by a great Cosmic Master known simply to us as “Jupiter 92”, as published in Cosmic Voice Issue No. 26 (July-August 1962).

Civilization on Jupiter exists at a higher material plane of existence, therefore it is not detectable by terrestrial science – this, however, certainly does not mean that it does not exist!

In this post we will look at the next nine sentences of this great Transmission, which talk about inspiration:

For centuries we have impregnated your World with our different essences. The essence of music we have sent upon you. The essence of colour we have laid at your feet. The essence of sound, of Love, of inspiration, these we have sent unto you. The essence of subtle beneficence, we have sent, but alas, too few have reached and grasped this from the very living ethers around them and taken this essence of inspirational culture to their very souls. Nay, they have eaten of the fruits of Earth without appreciating the greatness which was still small, yet all resounding. We have impregnated you with these essences, quite freely, save for an inward searching on your part, a lack of selfishness on your part, an urge to rise upwards on your part and this their only cost. Upon the temple of your very soul is placed even now great inspiration which could lift you upwards and away from your present dilemmas. Reach out the hand of your conscious mind and accept the fruits of super-consciousness and mentally digest them and life will become different for you.


The first sentence reveals that the Cosmic Masters have been sending us “different essences” for centuries. In very simple terms these “essences” are different forms of inspiration.

When studying the teachings, I find it very helpful to use a dictionary. English is my first language, and the Cosmic Masters almost invariably use simple, accessible vocabulary. However, often we think we know what a word means, and we do – but only up to a point. Looking a word up for a precise definition can sometimes be surprisingly illuminating.

According to Google, this is the definition of “essence”:

1) The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character.

2) An extract or concentrate obtained from a plant or other matter and used for flavouring or scent.

So these “essences” could be regarded as the quality that determines what these things actually are.

1) Music

The first “essence” mentioned is music. The essence of music is that mysterious thing that makes music – music. It is not necessarily a particular song, or composition, they are sending us – it is something deeper, something closer to the Divine Essence. Remember that in meditation upon a particular thing you can know why that thing exists – its significance to creation – in other words, virtually its relationship to God. All the more so on an advanced planet like Jupiter where they begin to know even the “why” of creation itself, never mind a particular aspect of it. It is almost as though rather than sending us music, they are sending us the inspirational wisdom of why music exists as the key to what makes music – music. (Note 1)

Looking at Google’s second definition is also revealing. This “essence” that they are sending us is like a concentrate. They are not sending us fully-formed works of music, like dictation through the cosmic ethers. They are, as it were, sending us concentrated magic powder for music, which is useless on its own, but when mixed with the water of our own efforts, produces the Divine nectar of musical harmony.

2) Colour

The essence of colour, he says, has been laid at our feet. That’s how simple it is to access. It is not being sold to us for money; it has not been hidden, or made difficult to get at – it’s right there! But it will never be any use to us at our feet, unless we have the awareness and humility to kneel down and pick it up it.

3) Sound

Sound is listed as distinct from music. Mantra – sacred sound – for example, may have a tonal aspect to it, but it could not be described as music – and yet it has a tremendous inspirational power.

4) Love

Mars Sector 6 has stated in the Second Freedom that:

LOVE is not possession.

It is not the emotionalism rife on Earth – sickly-sweet one minute, and violently hostile the next. If we wish to think of this all-pervading energy in terms of a feeling at all, it can be thought of as the desire for the very best for all life; all life – not just the people that you know and like.

Mozart said of love: “True genius without heart is a thing of nought – for not great understanding alone, not intelligence alone, nor both together, make genius. Love! Love! Love! That is the soul of genius.” That Mozart was a genius, is indisputable. Personally, I would also cite him as someone who definitely did make use of the essence of music sent by Jupiter, not that I imagine he would have known he was doing this.

One of the greatest definitions of love ever given to Earth was given by Mars Sector 6 in the Second Freedom in five simple words:

LOVE is sacrifice – real sacrifice.

Love is something powerful, something selfless, something liberating – and all these qualities are encapsulated in the concept of sacrifice. This is the “One Energy” of the cosmos. The whole of manifestation is, in a sense, the Divine sacrifice made by God, in becoming manifestation.

5) Inspiration

Next we see “inspiration” as its own separate entity. Perhaps this refers to more direct spiritual inspiration, rather than inspiration through art or feeling. Perhaps a more “jnana yoga” (the yoga of wisdom) approach, rather than “bhakti yoga” (the yoga of devotion) approach.

Mars Sector 6 stresses the importance of inspiration in the following pronouncement he made in the Fourth Freedom that, in its truest sense, meditation is only possible when the aspirant can take the step of:

…the transmutation of mental energies upon the plane of inspiration, called high Intuition.

Inspiration is not just a nice feeling, or having an idea, it is absolutely integral to the very nature of wisdom.

6) Subtle beneficence

“Beneficence” means doing good for others.

You could say there are three ways of helping people. One is to help them with whatever they want, even if it’s bad – like buying a bottle of vodka for an alcoholic. This kind of “help” is in fact not helpful at all, quite the reverse. Therefore it is not real beneficence.

Then there’s the “nice” kind of help. For example, helping your friend to move house. Nothing wrong with that at all, but even this, I don’t think is what is meant here by “beneficence”, because the beneficence Jupiter 92 is referring to is qualified as being “subtle”. Moving house is not subtle!

This word “subtle” appeared earlier in the Transmission as an adverb, and in the previous blogpost (How to overcome spiritual aloneness) I explained this as relating to something above manifestation – something beyond all forms of physicality – i.e. the God-spark within us all. The beneficence that Jupiter 92 is referring to, I believe, is only that help or charity that actually helps people to come closer to the realization of this God-Spark.

There are many ways to do this – including by manifesting the essences as previously mentioned. Prayer for example – as an expression of love – can do tremendous good in this regard. But even physical forms of service can achieve this too. For example, if you give people medical care, and help them to prolong their active lives, you are giving them more experience on this plane of existence before they pass on. How they use this experience is up to them – but they might, thanks to your care – use their extra years to help others, advance themselves and better prepare for their next life. In other words, they can, if they use this opportunity wisely, get to the realization of the God-Spark more quickly.

The Tragedy

The Master continues:

… but alas, too few have reached and grasped this from the very living ethers around them…

There is a note of tragedy in this. We have, as a planetary race, by and large, wasted the essence of subtle beneficence. Not only is it “few” who have used it, but, much more alarmingly: “too few”. Let us not forget that the Spiritual Energy Crisis on Earth really is a crisis. This is a dire situation which could lead to far worse global catastrophes than we have yet witnessed.

Manifestation of this “subtle beneficence” will serve to alleviate this crisis. If everyone on Earth did this – the crisis would no longer exist.

It is noteworthy that this one comes at the end of the list, as if, in this case, perhaps saving the best for last. You get the feeling that this is, in a sense, the essence of essences. After all, you cannot have great music, for example, without, somewhere inside you, the feeling of subtle beneficence. It simply is not possible. Even love has to be put into active manifestation through service, and service is what subtle beneficence really is.

These essences are not just “nice things” to make life a bit more interesting or pleasant – they are powerful tools for global transformation and terrestrial salvation, with simple goodness at their core.

Living Ethers

“Ethers” – this a word we hear a lot in spiritual circles, and all-too-seldom do we really understand what it means. One reason for this is that it is used in different ways to mean very different things. One way it is sometimes used is to describe another realm – e.g. “the etheric realms”. But here I think it is referring to ether in a different sense.

Dr. King has brilliantly explained ether in metaphorical terms as the cloth upon which all the diamonds that we know as manifestation are sewn. He goes on to say that ether is the thing that contains all these things, and yet has the potential of all things.

What brings potential into active manifestation? Prana, which Dr. King explains as follows:

Without Prana, there could be no motion of any kind and all Cosmic manifestation would fade into its original state of dark, motionless potential; for Prana is the energy which brings forth the realization of the original possibilities into numerous phases of activated manifestation which constitute the whole of Cosmic Creation… Prana is LIFE.

Realize Your Inner Potential, reproduced from Contact Your Higher Self through Yoga

Prana is that energy which realizes potential. When we do deep-breathing for example, we are consciously taking in extra prana, to realize our inner potential and contact our Higher Selves.

The ethers referred to here are “living”. I think this implies that they have somehow had life breathed into them by the Cosmic Masters to make the potential of subtle beneficence more accessible. Etheric potential exists everywhere, all the time. But the Masters of Jupiter have breathed life into the ethers of Earth in such a way as to make the potential of these essences easier for us to realize.

Forgive the banality of the analogy, but it is a bit like this: if the ethers were food, then the Cosmic Masters have already cooked the meal for us, all we have to do now is warm it up. This means we have to find it; once we have found it and warmed it up, we can then eat it and digest it. (cf. analogy of digesting later in the Transmission)

Prana is life – the ethers here are living, therefore prana must have been breathed into them. We now need to add more prana – more effort, in this case – to bring this essence into full manifestation. This is described as “reaching and grasping” – two actions. One is extending the hand, the other is seizing it in our hand. I think this means that we have to not only heighten our consciousness sufficiently to reach this essence, but to grasp it – i.e. understand it.

Essence of inspirational culture

Subtle beneficence is described as “this essence of inspirational culture”. What a beautiful phrase – what a beautiful concept!

It is subtle beneficence, i.e. service, that is the very essence of a culture that is truly inspired. If a culture is inspired, then service will quickly become its essence. If a culture has service as its essence, it will quickly become inspired. This positive cycle goes on and on ad infinitum: the more inspired you are, the more you will serve; the more you serve, the more inspired you will become, and so on. Consider these words of Mars Sector 6 in the Third Freedom, which shed tremendous light on the relationship between service and inspiration:

Serve – and the mighty Power of Kundalini will rise in natural, unforced fashion and open the Chakra jewels in your higher bodies, in will pour inspiration and you will be standing on the verge of the Initiation into Adeptship.

What is inspiration? In its true spiritual sense, it is higher mind. Another way of looking at it is as controlled imagination – in a spiritual direction. It is thoughts which are of a vibration closer than normal thoughts to the “pure unadulterated” Light radiated by the God Spark within. Its motive is love, and its result is service. As our Master put it in a talk on this subject:

The most inspired people are those people who have the greatest feeling for others.


The other planets in this Solar System are the perfect exemplars of inspirational culture. We are now being helped by our interplanetary neighbors to manifest such a culture on this Earth.

The soul

This essence of subtle beneficence, this essence of inspirational culture, should be taken to our “very souls”.

Let’s recap.

  1. Jupiter has sent energy to this world.
  2. This energy has brought the ethers of this world to life such that certain inspiration is more accessible. This means we can get the inspiration more easily.
  3. When we use our lives (i.e. apply prana) to get this inspiration, we will be successful in this.
  4. We do this by raising our consciousness to “reach” this higher mind.
  5. We then need to “grasp” it – i.e. understand it.
  6. We then need to take it to the soul.

What is the soul?

The soul is the will of the God-Spark within, exerted through the mind, over prana (i.e. life). (Note 2)

As such it is virtually the bridge between conscious man and unmanifest Divinity. It is the key to the great mystery of how the God-Spark within all things, which is above all forms of physicality and manifestation, exerts an influence over the ordinary mind of man. 

So we take this ”essence” – which is, in itself, higher mind, but outside of ourselves, and we apply it to the higher mind (i.e. the soul) within us. It is a bit like feeding the soul; or to put it better – empowering the soul; i.e. empowering the will of the God-Spark over the conscious mind. (Note 3

The Greatness

Terrestrials, we are told, have “eaten the fruits of the Earth”, i.e. made use of the Earth’s physical resources, without appreciating “the greatness”. “The greatness” here, I believe, is the God-Spark.

The God-Spark is “small” in that it does not actually occupy physical space at all. As such it is the smallest thing that exists, because nothing else that actually exists occupies no physical space whatsoever.

And yet it is “all resounding” – another paradox in this Transmission. The God-Spark is small – and yet all resounding, i.e. all sound; it is everything; it is the ultimate distance, area and mass.

The cost

We are told that we have been impregnated with these essences “quite freely”. But that there is a price to pay. It is not that the Cosmic Masters want any repayment, though we are in their karmic debt; the price to pay is simply one of our effort, and is three-fold:

  1. An inward searching
  2. A lack of selfishness
  3. An urge to rise upwards

These three are very reminiscent of the opening sentence of this Transmission, though the order is different. These things, which we should be doing anyway, are described as the “only cost” of these wonderful “essences” – this great inspiration. (See previous post: How to overcome spiritual aloneness)

The Temple of the Soul

We are told that great inspiration has been placed upon the temple of our very souls. What is a temple? It is a place to worship God. How does the soul worship God? It worships God by making higher mind part of our conscious awareness; by making the higher things in life – things which are closer to the God-Spark – making these things known to us consciously. The Masters of Jupiter have made this higher mind more accessible to us as we do this, to help us to do this more and better.

This will lift us “upwards” – the third time the Master uses this word. In other words, the conscious acceptance of higher mind – of inspiration – will raise our whole being in terms of vibration and consciousness. It will also make us ever more able to access ever higher forms of mind.

But there is a promise too – and a very appealing one! That is, that this will also take us away from our “present dilemmas”. Is there anyone reading this with no present dilemmas? Is there anyone reading this who would not be glad to rise above these dilemmas? I know I would be absolutely delighted to rise above all my present dilemmas! (Note 4)

The key to accessing inspiration

Strangely, for all these great things to happen one very basic thing is absolutely essential. And that is for the “hand” of our conscious mind to “reach out” and “accept the fruits of super-consciousness and mentally digest them…” In other words, we – you and me – in our ordinary limited mental state have to determine that we want a higher state of consciousness, and we have to work to get it, and then we have to accept it when we do get it. Easier said than done!

But, however difficult it may seem to us now, we are given the promise that if we do this, then “life will become different” for us.

Again, I ask you – is there anyone reading this who would not like life to be different in any way…?!


Note 1: Mars Sector 6 tells us in the Seventh Freedom that when someone becomes a Cosmic Master, he/she:

“…begins to be a knower; begins to realize the ‘why’ of existence.”

Note 2: A beautiful analogy of how the soul relates to the God-Spark, the mind and prana is explained by Dr. King in Realize Your Inner Potential, reproduced from Contact Your Higher Self through Yoga.

Note 3: An explanation of the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious aspects of mind is given in Dr. King’s lecture ‘Man’s Mind’.

Note 4: Compare these words about transcending “worldly difficulties” delivered by Mars Sector 6 in the Transmission ‘Heaven on Earth’ given in 1956, published in Cosmic Voice Volume 30 Winter 2009/2010, available on request:

“…you will be able to transcend your worldly difficulties with faith, which is born – which is some living, existing thing – out of the visions of Reality.”

About the author
Mark BennettMark Bennett is the co-author of two books, both of which he wrote with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, namely Prayer Energy and Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, which was voted “best book on spirituality 2007” by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. He is the youngest International Director of The Aetherius Society, whose teachings he chose as his spiritual path at an early age.

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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    • Darren on July 25, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      Dear Charles,
      I’m glad you were so inspired by this post and found it helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about it. Blessings, Mark

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