Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels (2007)


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Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

by Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett

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Do we live forever? 
What’s it like on the “other side”?
 Can we communicate with the deceased? 
Do “Gods” really exist?
 Who are the Ascended Masters? Could a guardian angel save your life?

Richard Lawrence explains, with captivating frankness and authority, what communicating with the departed is really like, and how the message of those beyond this plane of existence is relevant to every single one of us. Unlike many psychics, Richard wasn’t born with a ‘gift’; he began to develop his abilities through practicing the techniques of Dr. George King over 30 years ago. Richard’s remarkable accounts of a kaleidoscopic array of personal psychic experiences, from channeling poetry to performing exorcisms, are sure to fascinate any spiritual seeker.

Voted The No. 1 Spirituality Book of the year in the Kindred Spirit 21st Anniversary Awards.

Richard Lawrence is an award-winning international bestselling author who has frequently appeared on television and radio around the world, and has written for a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines. He is Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe, and was one of the foremost disciples of Dr. George King.

Mark Bennett is an International Director of The Aetherius Society and is also co-author of Prayer Energy.

Softback; 212 pages.

Recommended to anyone interested in mediumship, spirit communication and higher beings.

Also available in Portuguese and Russian.


Extract 1, Page 44

Likewise, if you are already a practising psychic or medium, you will find these techniques invaluable in enhancing concentration, discrimination, protection, detachment etc. They will also take you from just being psychic, to being genuinely spiritual. Some people mix the two up, but they can be very, very different. You can be extremely spiritual with virtually no psychic ability at all, and very unspiritual with excellent psychic ability. Of the two it is far better to be spiritual: spirituality is an awareness of the Divinity within and a conscious effort to live and act in the light of this knowledge by devoting your life in service to others.
(Chapter 4, Mediums)

Extract 2, Pages 132 – 133

Nevertheless it is important to remember that even Adepts and Masters, however great they may be, still have more to learn. They will continue to be subject to reincarnation until they are able, at will, to raise the Kundalini to the highest chakra, the crown chakra, thereby inducing the deepest mystic state of all: Cosmic Consciousness – the most complete realisation of the oneness of all things it is possible for any mortal to experience.
Every life lesson we learn – whether we realise it or not – is leading us, in albeit in most cases vey slowly, to this pinnacle of evolution. After this there is no need to continue to reincarnate upon Earth because every lesson we ever needed to learn has been learned.

The aspirant has now completely mastered terrestrial experience

But this is not the end.
It is a beginning of a greater life – of a totally spiritual existence.

(Chapter 10, Ascended Masters)

Extract 3, Page 168

Just as there are planes which exist at different frequencies of vibration on Earth, to which we go between incarnations, there are also different frequencies on other planets. This is an amazing thought because it puts the question of extraterrestrial life in a whole new light. Planets which to our limited science seem to be nothing more than barren lumps of rock, on a different frequency could be teeming with life of many kinds. Whole alien civilisations could exist for millennia while remaining completely invisible to us. We could send astronauts to a planet for a decade – researching, studying, mapping, investigating – and they could return to Earth totally unaware of the life which existed there. It would be like going to someone’s house and only looking for them downstairs, when in fact they lived on the second floor, and then concluding the house was empty.

(Chapter 12, Space)