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The Solar System and beyond

Spiral Galaxy

Galaxy NGC 1300 (Credit: NASA)

The universe is teeming with life. In recent years this glaring truth has gained more and more acceptance, and today even many orthodox scientists admit that probability alone would indicate that we are not alone in the universe, given its vast size. In short: to believe in extraterrestrial life is no longer the outrageous minority view that it once was – but is increasingly regarded as common sense, and rightly so!

The questions of where this life is, what form it might take, and whether or not beings from other planets are visiting Earth, remain more controversial, however, and are hotly debated. In The Aetherius Society we believe that there is intelligent life in this Solar System and beyond, which is spiritually and technologically more advanced than us.

As well as existing on other planets, life also exists on other planes of existence – also known as other “realms,” or “frequencies of vibration.” This explains why certain planets which appear to be devoid of intelligent life, such as Mars or Venus – are in fact inhabited; it is simply that the beings who reside there do so on a higher material plane than our own. This is a subject at present little understood by conventional science, although some aspects of theoretical physics exploring areas such as “parallel universes” or “other dimensions,” may be paving the way for a more widespread acceptance of higher life “not as we know it.”

In addition to believing in life on other planes and other planets, in The Aetherius Society we also believe planetary bodies themselves are alive. The Mother Earth is a living Goddess – and the Sun too is a Divine, conscious entity. Earth-worship and Sun-worship may be regarded as primitive by so-called modern civilization, but it cannot be denied that we owe our very lives to these two celestial bodies. These great beings provide us with a planetary home equipped with everything we need to survive – including air, food, warmth, light, water and so on. At our current low level of scientific advancement, our only way to begin to know the true nature of these great beings is by intuition. And this same intuition will provide the open-minded seeker not only with an awareness of the elevated spiritual status of the Sun and the Earth, but will also inspire a desire to offer prayers and blessings of gratitude to them, and the desire to use their energy wisely.

Even the Galaxy in which (or rather in whom) we live is in fact a great living God – a God which is sacrificing itself to allow the trillions of beings who live within it to gain experience. Below is a prayer to the Galaxy from The Twelve Blessings. This is one of the holiest prayers on Earth and should be said with feeling, love and great reverence.

Oh Divine One, Who allows us within Thy Body,
Take from our hearts our Love
Into Thine Own Self – this very moment.
We make this sacrifice for we dimly realize
Thy Greatness.
Oh Mighty Jehovah, Lord of Creation,
Compassionate Master of all Life,
Controller of Manifestation,
To Thee we offer our prayer of
Everlasting Thankfulness, for the sacrifice
Continually made by Thy Wondrous Angel.
Preserve this One for Its allotted time.
Then, Oh Jehovah, Lord of Lords,
Transmute it into the
Center of Centers within Thy Mind.

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