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The living universe

Celestial Geode

N44F Nebula (Credit: ESA/Hubble)

The universe is a living being. Every atom and molecule – every rock and every amoeba – every plant and even every sea – is alive – and interconnected. As living things, they have consciousness. Not in quite the same way we do, of course, but they are nevertheless, to one degree or another – conscious entities, with feeling, and with an evolutionary journey to make back to the Divine source.

Planets and stars – like the Mother Earth and the Sun of our Solar System – are also living entities. Not just the atoms and molecules which constitute their physical forms – but living entities in their own right. The Earth is a great being – and the Sun is an even greater being. Their spiritual power, wisdom and compassion are literally beyond our comprehension. The Earth is the most holy being we will ever physically touch, and the mighty Sun – the shining light and life-giver of the whole Solar System – is the nearest thing to God in our concept of manifestation.

As insignificant as we are, nonetheless we are essential parts of this great living universe. Nothing can be taken out of creation, and nothing can be added into creation – all that can happen is change within creation, otherwise there would be imbalance. The universe is manifested by God as the Creator – and the essence of every part of it is Divine, since nothing can exist outside of Divinity. Spiritual evolution is about manifesting this Divine essence – about realizing the inner potential within all life. The more that effort is made to evolve spiritually, through selfless service and so on, the more closely manifestation will reflect its Divine origin, and resemble the perfection that is God.

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