UFOs and the extraterrestrial message


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UFOs and the extraterrestrial message – A spiritual insight into UFOs and Cosmic Transmissions

By Richard Lawrence

(Published by CICO Books)

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Richard Lawrence presents the evidence for extraterrestrial contact in a whole new light, revealing how UFOs are sometimes much more than just strange shapes in the sky. From ancient texts to little-known eyewitness accounts, Richard looks at X-file exposés, fascinating experiences of extraterrestrial contact, and channelled messages from cosmic beings – showing how these messages hold the key to our spiritual advancement and to world peace. Enlightening and controversial, this book answers many of our questions about extraterrestrial life, but reveals, too, that understanding the greater universe is part of our own journey towards higher consciousness in our everyday lives.

Richard Lawrence is a world-renowned expert on UFOs and an award-winning international bestselling author, who frequently appears on radio and TV around the world explaining the seemingly unexplainable. As Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe, he worked closely with Dr. George King for many years, and was the first to bring certain declassified CIA and Pentagon UFO files to Britain in 1979, and has lectured in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Nigeria. His books have been translated into eight languages and provide an invaluable resource in a variety of spiritual subjects.

“Give this book a go. I for one am glad to have had the chance to read it.” UFO Matrix

“Important messages for our times.” Nexus Magazine

Softback; 192 pages.

Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in UFOs, extraterrestrial life and spirituality – ideal for beginners in this field.

Also available in Portuguese.


Extract 1, Pages 50 – 51

Militia officers and reporters interviewed the children and those who saw the anomaly. There are no contradictions in the description of the ball or of the alien’s actions. All the children who saw the alien craft are still afraid. The local section that studies anomalies is investigating the incident, the paper said. The section includes scientists, physicists and biologists.

TASS – Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union.
As with the documents released by the CIA, it is not so much the sensationalist aspect that interests me as the underlying spiritual message. There is technology at work here, which demonstrates yet again that UFOs and their occupants have a control over matter that is literally light years ahead of our science. The crowd was shown through an indisputable demonstration of power, that these beings could easily do damage if they wished to. They could control a boy with a glance, they could even make him disappear and reappear, and yet nobody was harmed, and hey left peacefully without forcing anyone to do or believe anything they did not wish to.

(X–Files, cover-ups, and downright lies)

Extract 2, Pages 90 – 91

The Sanskrit word for UFO enthusiasts in this text is ‘vimana’. The internet is full of references to vimanas because they are evidence of the long-term presence of extraterrestrial visitors in our skies. Translated variously as flying vehicle, aerial chariot, or airborne car, vimana is a better term than UFO or the very twentieth-century flying saucer. In the passage quoted above, for example Chandra used the word ‘car’, which is not surprising considering the period in which he translated it. These text make it clear that the vimanas are very much identified flying objects, and that they are superb aircraft of great beauty, speed, and versatility. There is even a reference to vimanas having the capacity to become invisible, something that thousands of UFO spotters have witnessed when these objects disappear and reappear. Gods such as Rama an other elevated beings, travel in these vimanas, sometimes meeting with other enlightened or more prominent intelligences than themselves. In this extract, for example, there is a reference to Sri Krishna being in celestial region. Taken literally, this could imply that Sri Krishna, who delivered one of he most profound of all ancient teachings, The Bhagavad Gita, was himself an extraterrestrial being. What better explanation could there be than this for his otherworldly wisdom and powers?
(ETs in ancient records and religions)