The Aura – Your Energy Counterpart

What is the aura? Can you see it? Can you feel it? Master of Yoga Dr. George King answered these questions and more from his own extensive psychic experience.

Dr. King devoted 8-10 hours per day for 10 years to advanced yoga practice, including pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation and prayer. As a result of this extraordinary effort, he was able to raise the mystic power of Kundalini from the base of the spine into the Crown Chakra, at the top of the head – an achievement as rare as it is great. This gave him profound wisdom and great spiritual powers.

He was able to speak from his own first-hand experience about the function of the aura and the chakras in great detail, making him an invaluable source of accurate spiritual information.

During his lifetime, Dr. King lectured for many years on a range of subjects including the aura. Below in bold are a series of extracts from his teachings related to the aura.

What is the aura?

We all have an aura – whether we can see it or feel it or not. The aura is an energy field made of a more subtle substance than the physical body but this doesn’t make it any less real or physical – it is simply physical in a different way. The aura is affected by all kinds of things: the way we think, who we come into contact with, our environment and so on.

A skilled psychic, or clairvoyant, can see the aura and learn a lot about a person from what they see. But even people who do not consider themselves psychic can sometimes sense what a person is like by tuning in to a person’s aura instinctively.

The aura is roughly ovoid in shape. It extends a few inches away from your physical body and glows with many different colors and patterns. It contains within it chakras, or psychic centers, through which energy enters and leaves it. Chakras allow energy to flow through the aura and subtle nervous system, which is a network of channels known as nadis connecting the chakras.

Dr King described the aura in this way:

Around your physical structure you have what is termed an “aura.” This aura is outside of the body and yet is interrelated to the body through, what the yogis call, the subtle or nadic nerve centres. The subtle nerve centres are an exact reflection of the mento-physical nerve centres and membranes which can be seen by the normal senses. Just as the basic material cellular body that you inhabit needs a system of nerves through which it can become aware of outside and internal impulses, so also does your subtle or auric body need its own nervous centre so it too can become fully aware of what is happening on the more subtle planes of existence. The two are closely interrelated, one with another, and no physical matter could exist unless it had an auric counterpart, be it a blue whale or a diamond. The more you delve into the science of metaphysics, the more sure you are of this truth.

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…this subtle counterpart is an exact replica of the physical, only it’s on different levels of energy or different levels of existence, at one and the same time. And it is an energy counterpart; although—I must stress this so that you will learn correctly, even though you cannot see or touch the aura with your physical eyes or fingers, it is physical. It is a physical energy not as physical as electricity, for instance, but nevertheless it is physical. So, the aura is a physical body. You must get that straight. The whole foundation of metaphysics can be upset within your own mind if you don’t have that straight.

– ‘Significance And Development of The Psychic Centers

…we have to regard the body as it is—not as we see it, or not as we want it to be, but as it is. And if we are capable of clairvoyant perception, we will see that the body of every living thing—including, of course, all plant life, and even the rocks themselves—is surrounded by a magnetic force screen of varying frequency. When this is applied to the human we call it the aura.

– ‘Spiritual Healing

Can you see the aura?

Dr. King said:

Practice a good clairvoyant development practice for yourself, and you too will be able to see the aura.

– ‘Spiritual Healing

When you are able to see the aura psychically it can appear to follow the contours of the body. This can look like a yellow or golden light around the person you are looking at which is not the full aura, but just an etheric reflection of the physical body. If it grows and expands, revealing other colors and patterns, then you are seeing the aura itself.

It is important to distinguish between a psychic vision of the body and the photoelectric effect, which is a purely physical phenomenon. When you look at an object and then look away, you can often see what seems to be a transparent image of the object in the sky or wherever you are looking. This is a photoelectric image caused by the eyes, which soon fades away. A clairvoyant vision of the aura does the exact opposite – instead of fading away it seems to grow and expand before your vision as you are able to see more and more of it.

It is not necessary to be clairvoyant, though, to detect a person’s aura. We all know how it feels to be in the presence of a dynamic, charismatic person – energy is radiated all around them for better or for worse. Our mental, emotional and physical condition is contained within the aura as pools of energy, manifesting as colour. A clairvoyant may see these and be able to determine our state of mind.

What are chakras, also known as psychic centers?

The seven major chakras, as well as the chakras in the palms of the hands. The chakras channel prana, also known as Universal Life Force.

Dr. King:

…the psychic centres [chakras] are really vortices within the etheric structure. These vortices of power allow energy to flow through the aura and the subtle nervous system. They allow the individual, as a conscious being, to use this power for good or evil.

To give an illustration of what they look like, you will notice that when taking the plug out of the bathtub, the escaping water creates a whirlpool over the plug hole. It goes down and tapers off to a point. A psychic centre is shaped rather like this. It is virtually a whirlpool in which certain energies are drawn in or, in some cases, radiated outwards through the aura which is around the body. These centres taper off to very thin channels which are joined onto the spinal column. Every major psychic centre is joined to the spine in this way. The secondary psychic centres are joined to the spine also, but more indirectly through the nervous system. If you imagine these centres like multi-coloured whirlpools, starting at a point on the spinal column and coming right out in the aura, like a flower, through the physical body to the front, you will have some idea of what a psychic centre looks like.

Without them, we could not possibly live. We could not think; we would not have any consciousness at all. None of us could be here on this Earth, or even in manifestation. The psychic centres are the most valuable things in all of our existence, with the exception, naturally, of life itself. They are not the spirit— the God-Spark—but essential tools used by the God-Spark in order to bring to us all an opportunity to gain experience in a material world.

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Dr. King emphasized the importance of the psychic centers [chakras], and their relationship to the aura:

…without the solar plexus centre operating as it does, none of you could live—certainly not in this environment, and certainly not in the physical bodies you now inhabit. You are greatly dependent on the flow of forces into the aura and out from the aura through the solar plexus centre. Without this you would have to have entirely different bodies on an entirely different energy system in order to enable life to exist in the robots that you now manipulate through life—the body being a robot driven by mind impulses.

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Can you see diseases in the aura?

Dr. King:

Any blockage with any of these psychic centers [chakras] has a definite reflection upon the physical structure or the mental structure—definitely. There is no doubt about it. If you have a build-up in any psychic center of energy, that build-up will cause a reflection. That reflection will probably start off as tension, in one form or another. And you have the beginning of a psychosomatic condition.

– ‘Spiritual Healing

Discomfort or “dis-ease” results. Some “dis-eases” start within the physical body and are reflected out into the aura. Some termed “psychosomatic diseases” start in the aura or the psychic centres and have their reflection in the denser cellular structure of the physical body.

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Some expert [spiritual] healers, who are able to see the aura, can make a very exact diagnosis of a physical ailment by seeing its outward reflection in the subtle bodies or in the incorrect working of a psychic centre. Medical science tends to study the effect, namely the reflection in the physical body and treat that effect without always being aware of the cause, which may quite well be a “psychosomatic condition” started by contamination or damage to the aura.

You Too Can Heal

Here Dr. King described an incident in which someone became clairvoyant accidentally:

I know a case of some scientists doing an experiment with electrical force fields, and one of the women touched an electrical bar—or a bar charged with electrical energy—with the tip of her tongue. The charge knocked her unconscious. When she woke up she had perfect clairvoyance. She could see through the walls of the lab into the laboratory next door; she could see through the walls of the laboratory next door into the one after. And she didn’t quite understand it.

She was a very orthodox scientist—and she had this amazing clairvoyant ability. And she could see people going around with patches of dark color—muddy dark color—in their aura, and she found that these patches denoted dis-ease. And eventually, of course, the ability left her because she did not really keep it up. But that is what can happen by the sudden, uncontrolled over-activation of a minor psychic center [chakra]. Therefore we do not dwell so much on the minor centers [chakras] as the major ones.

– ‘Spiritual Healing

How do our thoughts affect the aura?

Dr. King:

Wrong thought patterns will also affect the aura in such a way as to cause a psychosomatic condition which can adversely affect the physical body. It is absolutely vital to harmonious existence that man does not harbor thoughts of murder, greed and hate; as his thought-forms, generated by negative emotions such as these, contaminate the aura and actually inhibit the ebb and flow of subtle forces through the highest centres, namely: Crown Chakra, Christ Centre, Throat Centre and Heart Centre, and in this way his aura gradually becomes ossified and incapable of letting through energies of the highest Intuition. If these thoughts are held for long periods, then his energies begin to fall below the Solar Plexus Centre, and so contaminate the aura, that disease is reflected in the physical body.

Let us never forget, that it is the auric body we inhabit when we pass away from the so-called physical planes. If any of you have visited the hells, you do not need me to tell you what happens to the auric bodies of a murderer or a drug addict; they are warped, bent, twisted and filled with disease because they have been ill-treated in former lives when the life forms were physical structures.

Whereas the average person, with good intent and good motives, has a purer auric body and can, at death, pass away to a plane higher than the physical plane of Earth and there await his reincarnation and another life span through the karmic classroom called Earth.

You Too Can Heal

Spiritual healing and the aura

Dr. King:

It is because of the intimate interrelationship between the aura, the psychic centres, the subtle nerve centres, the physical nervous system, and the physical body, that makes spiritual healing so successful.

“Dis-ease” or discomfort is brought about by some wrong function of either the mental or physical workings of man, or the workings of the psychic centres.

You Too Can Heal

How can your aura be affected by other people?

Dr. King:

This aura around you can be charged continually by you and can be cleansed continually by you, so that if it picks up any contamination… and it will. The next time you go on a bus and sit by a stranger, your aura will either be good or bad, through that intimacy. Will either be good or bad. You’ll either be a better person or a worse person to some extent. Don’t think about this. Don’t let it get you down. Don’t worry about it, or treat it as though it’s the end of all things, it isn’t. It’s been happening all through this life and all through every other life you’ve had. Whether you knew about it or not, this thing has been happening.

– ‘Psychic Self Defense

What can you do to cleanse your aura?

Here are two practices you can use to cleanse your aura and protect yourself from interfering energies:

  • The Violet Flame
  • The Practice of The Presence

The Violet Flame:

…inside the Earth, there is a tremendous power. A great, highly advanced Cosmic Master is this Earth. Not only inside the Earth but is the Earth. The Earth is a living thing. When you request of this Earth certain help, the Earth gives you this help. Even though for centuries you have ill-treated her. You have bored oil wells when you wanted oil. You have put dams up to block off her bloodstream so that you would have water to fill your own bellies. Even though for years you have blasted great chunks out of this Earth in order to take her riches, her diamonds, her precious stones, her gold, her silver. Even though you have committed these atrocities without gaining permission from the Earth—even so—she will help you every time you ask. Because, you see, she is so great that she will help you.

If you request the power of the Violet Flame it will be given to you. And if you request this power to flow up through your body and through your aura to the heart center, it will flow. So, therefore, request this great, vibrant surge of Violet Fire to flow up through your feet, legs, right up through your body to the heart center, and through your aura as well. Hold it there. Imagine it’s there. Visualize the fact it’s there. Your only creative power—the only creative faculty that mankind has—is his imagination. Imagine it’s there. Gradually it’ll be there, until one day, you will feel it.

– ‘Psychic Self Defense

Dr. King introduces the Practice of the Presence:

This practice, revealed by the Master Aetherius, can be practiced at any time. It contains much occult wisdom which has hitherto been kept secret, if known at all. The regular request of the powers mentioned here impregnates the physical, mental and astral bodies with power which, in itself, forms an armour of protection against the interference by the lower forces now working upon this planet. As well as this, the practice itself, if performed with diligent care, can bring about that state of transmutation which becomes a veritable key to unlock the door to spiritual illumination.

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Dr. King continued in another lecture:

If you do this practice regularly, and if you do this practice well, your aura will be cleansed. You will be charged with an untold force. You will be given great powers yourself. You will be protected in many, many ways from the dark forces. This is one of the great steps of psychic self-defense, because they cannot stand the Violet Flame. They cannot stand the White Flame of Transmutation, but worse than that, they cannot stand the Golden Flame.

Some of us know this. Had it not been for this, I couldn’t have spoken to you tonight. I would be on other realms, my physical body torn to shreds. So I speak from first-hand experience. The Golden Fire is your great weapon. Not weapon inasmuch as it’ll harm. But your great method of protection and transmutation.

When you do this you, yourself, vibrate more. You’re a better cell in the whole. And wherever you go, you’ll give off power and energy, and you affect people. They feel a lift from your presence. They don’t know why—you never tell them. The man with powers is the man who does not speak of them. You never tell them, but they feel this lift. You’ve given them this lift. If they ask you why, tell them about the practice. Give it to them…

They’ll practice it.

They’ll see a brightness about your body and eyes that they like.

They’ll practice it. And they will become protected against the dark forces. That is one of the finest practices I can give you.

– ‘Psychic Self Defense

You can find instructions describing how to perform both of these practices in either of the following books:

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