Kundalini – Key to Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness and beyond

Kundalini is a mystical power located at the base of the spine, sometimes referred to as the “Serpent Power”. It is a female force, connected with the Mother Earth, and in some Eastern traditions is revered as a Goddess.

Whether we are aware of this power or not – whether we believe in it or not – we are completely dependent upon it. Everything we do, we are only able to do thanks to Kundalini.

Kundalini normally lies semi-dormant at the base of the spine. In fact, Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning something like “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.” According to Master of Yoga Dr. George King, the main, if not the only reason, we are here on Earth is to learn to control this power, and raise it, in its entirety, up the spine.

In most people, a part of Kundalini rises up the front of the body, which results in emotionalism, among other things. Whereas a very advanced yogi (practitioner of yoga) is able to raise Kundalini in its entirety up the spine through each chakra in turn.

A yogi capable of such a feat, like Dr. George King, will develop tremendous psychic abilities which have to be controlled – either by being used in service to others or by being rejected. As a result, the yogi can enter the higher states of consciousness, as described in The Nine Freedoms, of Enlightenment, and, beyond this, ultimately – of Cosmic Consciousness.

Dr. King wrote and lectured about many of his experiences. During his lifetime, he taught on a range of metaphysical topics, including the Kundalini. Below in bold are a series of extracts from his teachings related to the Kundalini.

What is Kundalini?

Dr. King:

At the bottom of the spinal column there is an atom, or even two or three atoms, of substance; and that substance is known by many names. We prefer, I think, the name of Kundalini. Call it the serpent power, call it the primeval force, whatever you like — it doesn’t matter what you call it at all. Call it the Kundalini—it seems to be a word very much bandied about although little understood—and it’s laying there at the bottom of the spine.

And it’s radiating energy which travels up through the spine, through the subtle nervous centers, as well as along the — not inside the physical nervous centers — but along the nerve sheaths, this energy travels. And it reacts with other energies coming into the body, and a result of this reaction is various physical movements.

For instance, without using the power of Kundalini I could not speak, neither could I blink the eyes, neither could I swallow, etc.

Even though this is the case, though, in most men—in the vast majority of men — this is dormant.

– ‘Significance and Development of the Psychic Centres

How can you raise Kundalini?

All spiritual practice, religion, worship and unselfishness pave the way for, or actively bring about, the rise of Kundalini.

In most cases, this is a very slow process. There are however certain practices that are quicker than others. In Kundalini Yoga, this power is forced up the spine. This is a very dangerous practice, unsuitable for the vast majority of spiritual students, and is therefore not recommended by The Aetherius Society.

In the third of The Nine Freedoms, we are told by Mars Sector 6 that through service – also known as Karma Yoga – the Kundalini will rise in natural, unforced fashion. This is a much safer and surer path to Enlightenment – and beyond. This is the type of yoga that The Aetherius Society regards as the most important.

Serve–and the mighty power of Kundalini will rise in natural, unforced fashion and open the chakra jewels in your higher bodies, in will pour inspiration and you will be standing on the verge of the initiation into Adeptship.

– Mars Sector 6, The Nine Freedoms

In a lecture in 1961, Dr. King outlined some of the dangers of the fast and short ways of raising Kundalini, and strongly recommended that instead of this approach people raise Kundalini by serving others.

He says that kundalini yoga is probably the shortest but also the most dangerous path. He warns us that a mistake on this path can lead to madness or severe physical disability for the rest of your life. He continues as follows:

But many people, well, a few people choose this path, willing to put up with any dangers. Kundalini yoga is that yoga where you specially force Kundalini to rise, you force, with every known… you throw everything at it you can, every known exercise, and every known breathing exercise, every known mantra, every known mental exercise, you slam that atom, Kundalini, at the bottom of the spine, forcing it to rise.

Lecture on The Fourth Freedom, ‘Enlightenment’

He goes on to reiterate the risks of this path if you make a mistake. These risks being severe physical disability or lunacy, because of the damage you could inadvertently do to the etheric structure.

Now, people might say, “Well, should I do it or shouldn’t I?” Only you can answer this question. No one else can answer it for you. It’s up to you to make your choice. You can have another path like Buddhism, and all it means. You can have a path which we are given these days, which is neither yoga nor Buddhism and yet both, that is the path of service. And if we do service to others, we are told that Kundalini will rise in unforced fashion, unforced fashion. It’s a slower path and yet it’s a sure, absolutely sure one, not fraught with the terrible dangers and, as well, the most constructive path. …You needn’t be able to read, needn’t be able to write and yet you can give service to others. And things will happen in you naturally. They will.

Lecture on The Fourth Freedom, ‘Enlightenment’

My advice to the metaphysical student is to be very, very careful. I have seen it happen. I saw a man who was a brilliant metaphysician in England having to drive himself about in an invalid carriage. He can’t walk. It happened like that! He moved Kundalini, he couldn’t put it right again quick enough, and he’s paralyzed for life. No healing can do the slightest bit of good. Not only is his physical body damaged, the etheric is too, the mental body is too, the astral body is too.

Let us never forget this—we’re here to raise Kundalini. It might take a half a million lives. If we raise it in one life we might be speeding up our evolution so much that we couldn’t possibly calculate it. So, naturally, it’s dangerous, because it’s the biggest thing in life. So, it’s up to you. I’d strongly advise people to serve others.

Lecture on The Fourth Freedom, ‘Enlightenment’

What does Kundalini awakening feel like?

The highest chakras, which yield the greatest powers, and, more importantly, the greatest enlightenment, are the christ center in the forehead and the brahma chakra above the head. In The Nine Freedoms Dr. King describes the feat of raising the Kundalini into these centers as the true definition of mastery.

What is it really like to raise Kundalini in full into the Brahma Chakra? Listen to this fantastic reading of Dr. George King’s own experience of the elevated state of Cosmic Consciousness.

What happens when you raise Kundalini?

In a lecture in 1962, Dr. King explained:

Supposing that the Kundalini within your spine, instead of radiating for thousands of years or even millions of years—which it will in one way or another, either in the physical or subtle spines—supposing the energy is released at once; and—unlike the hydrogen bomb which is uncontrolled—supposing it’s released and controlled: what happens? Jesus, Buddha, Sankara, Patanjali, Confucius, and so on and so on and so on. That’s what happens. The few Great Ones standing, towering, above the majority of mankind like Mount Everest would tower above a desert if it was on it—millions of years ahead of the masses. The few. The difference? A split up of these atoms and the control of the resultant power release. When I said you’re here for this reason, I meant it. It’s not a conclusion I’ve arrived at in two minutes. I’ve studied many, many years to come to that conclusion, and it is a result of meditation—not theory, but true experience.

So we split this atom and we raise the Kundalini up through the spine and, as it’s raised up through the spine, again what happens? As it comes through each psychic center [chakra] in turn—through here, [indicates], not round through the front but up through the spine, through each psychic center in turn—that center comes into its own, and it begins to function and great energy is drawn into the body and pushed out from the body—tremendous energies. And the powers come: clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, projection, and so on and so on. I could reel them off for a long time—these different powers which come.
And then it’s controlled again, and the powers are rejected—which they have to be: that’s the big temptation by the way—and then again it’s risen to the next psychic center and the powers become higher still, and so on and so on and so on, until it’s risen to this center here, [indicates] and that’s the physical place where it will lodge in the spine. And this center is opened and then the powers become higher still. And then it’s moved further up here, and you can leave the Earth whenever you wish. You are then a great Master.

– ‘Significance and Development of the Psychic Centres

Why raise Kundalini?

Dr. King:

You are here to bring this power of Kundalini from the bottom to the top. And all your experience, and all your manifestation, and all your teaching tells you that, because there’s nothing outside of that. That’s all that there is. That’s the secret of you and your universe.

There isn’t anything more. We’re all told this in the beginning, we’ve been reminded a hundred thousand times, and we’ll be reminded another hundred thousand times—if teachers come along with enough patience—that this is it.

Lecture on The Second Freedom, ‘Love’

It’s funny, when you come to look at it. You’ve been on Earth for thousands of lives, and all we have to do…and you can—the more you think about this, the more it is sure—all you have to do, really and truly—if you boil it down to a few simple words—is to raise a power up the spine, and then you can leave Earth on the next life, or you can come back to Earth again, impose limitation on yourself in order to lead others towards the gateway to their salvation. You’ve heard about the narrow road to salvation? It’s the spinal column.

Lecture on The Third Freedom, ‘Service’

What is The Nine Freedoms?

The Nine Freedoms is one of the most profound series of revelations ever given to mankind; it explains not only what life on Earth is really all about, but also gives a tantalizing glimpse of life beyond the cycle of reincarnation – through Ascension, and on to future lives on other planets, and even to existence as a part of the mighty Sun itself. Each of the Freedoms was given by a cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 through the mediumship of Dr. George King. Discover more about The Nine Freedoms.

King Yoga

The most powerful form of Karma Yoga is King Yoga – because it is the most powerful way of being of service to the world, and therefore of attaining Enlightenment. The name King Yoga was coined by the disciples of Dr. George King after his passing, to describe the unique spiritual path that he taught to his students and gave to the world as a whole.

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