The Practices of Aetherius


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The Practices of Aetherius

By Dr. George King

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This booklet contains seven simple practices, relating to breathing, eating, drinking, travelling, protection and cleansing the aura, given by The Master Aetherius through the mediumship of Dr. George King. It also contains numerous spiritual insights of great profundity which are tantalizing clues into a whole world of advanced cosmic wisdom – especially in relation to spiritual healing.

Booklet; 28 pages.

Recommended to complementary therapists and anyone interested in techniques for enhanced wellbeing and spiritual attunement.


From page 27

The foregoing practices can be successfully carried out by all, irrespective of class, creed or religious belief. They have been specially designed by the mind of a Cosmic Adept for the use of all right-thinking men to meet a specific need in these troubled times.

With regard to religious beliefs, the Master Aetherius has this to say: “Choose a Spiritual Teacher whose teachings seem right for you and—LIVE THOSE TEACHINGS.”

Such a statement illustrates the broad, unlimited Cosmic outlook of Aetherius. An outlook not bound by the selfish desire to gain personal fame or even thousands of servile worshipping followers. “Give your loving thanks to God—not to me” advises this modern sage from Venus.

Although regular diligent practice of the whole series of these exercises will bring great benefit, there are times when their benefit can be enhanced very greatly. These times are announced in “COSMIC VOICE” when they are given by Aetherius. Such a period is known as a Spiritual Push. During a Spiritual Push, our Space Brothers from the more highly evolved planets, arrange to radiate a necessary magnetic power to the whole of Earth. This power can be beamed down even to a single individual in the exact degree that he can absorb it and transmit it out to other less fortunate people wherever they may be. During the times of a Spiritual Push or “Magnetisation Period” all these practices, and indeed all Spiritual exercises, are potentised some THREE THOUSAND TIMES.