The chakras, or “psychic centers”, are floodgates in the aura which allow prana to flow in and out of the subtle body. This function is essential to our existence, in the same way that breathing is essential for our physical body. Opening and controlling each of the chakras is key to Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness and ultimately Ascension.

Through his extensive practice of advanced forms of yoga for 8-10 hours per day for 10 years, Dr. George King became an expert in the intricate functions of each of the chakras, and how to control the power of Kundalini within them.

Dr. King wrote and lectured about many of his extraordinary psychic experiences, including his very precise and technical understanding of the chakras.

Can you see the chakras?

The chakras cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, they could be seen by someone who was clairvoyant, i.e. someone who was sensitive enough to “see” subtle energy and the subtle energy body.

Dr. King:

So these tiny whirlpools of energy do exist, but not in the physical body, but they pass through the physical body of man. And they actually exist in the aura or etheric counterparts of man.

You know, around each individual there is—in fact round all things living, which means all things—there is an aura, or a subtle counterpart. And this subtle counterpart is an exact replica of the physical—only it’s on different levels of energy, or different levels of existence, at one and the same time. And it is an energy counterpart, although—I must stress this so that you will learn correctly—even though you cannot see or touch the aura with your physical eyes or fingers, it is physical. It is a physical energy. Not as physical as electricity, for instance, but nevertheless it is physical.

So, the aura is a physical body. You must get that straight. The whole foundation of metaphysics can be upset within your own mind if you don’t have that straight.

Some spiritualists who do not understand this business at all, who do not understand occultism, seem to believe that the aura is some vague, spiritual, God-made thing. Well, it may be God-made—all things are—but it’s not vague at all, and it is physical energy-matter, or matter and energy. So these psychic centers, then, are whirlpools of tremendous energy which exist in the aura.

What do the chakras look like to a clairvoyant?

There are seven major chakras and many smaller ones. In a lecture in 1960 Dr. King used the analogy of a whirlpool to describe what they look like and the way they operate:

Some of you who have bathtubs… will have, I know, occasionally taken the plug out of the bath, and you will notice that it makes a whirlpool just over the plughole. You will notice, also, that that whirlpool is shaped something similar to these [chakras], it goes down and it tapers off right to a point where it actually goes down the pipe.

Well, a psychic center is rather like that to look at. It’s virtually a whirlpool in which certain energies are drawn in or, in some cases, radiated outwards through the aura which is around the body. Either drawn in or radiated outwards, and it actually tapers off to a thin narrow channel as it joins on to the spinal column.

Every psychic center is joined on to—every major psychic center—is joined onto the spinal column, and every minor or secondary psychic center, such as these, [indicates], are joined on, indirectly, to the spinal column through the nervous system.

So if you can picture, then, this whirlpool—a multicolored whirlpool—actually existing, as in the case of the throat center, out here, [indicates] coming right the way in through the physical body and joined on to the spinal column itself, then you have some idea of a psychic center.

What are the Chakras called?

The seven major chakras, and two other chakras – one in the palm of each hand, are illustrated below.

English nameSanskrit nameApproximate location
Base CentreMuladharaBase of the spine
Sex CentreSvadhishthanaBetween the base of the spine and the navel
Solar Plexus CentreManipuraJust above the navel
Heart CentreAnahataThe chest region
Throat CentreVishuddhaThe throat
Christ Centre or Third EyeAjnaThe forehead
The Crown Centre (also: The Brahma Chakra)Sahasrara or Brahma-chakraAbove the head


Dr. King said:

Now, those are the main psychic centers. They are certainly not all of the psychic centers by any means. There are other secret psychic centers which are not spoken about, save at initiation only. But these are the only ones at this stage that you have to be very much troubled about.

‘The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development’

Why are the chakras important?

Both our thinking and our well-being are inextricably linked with the flow of energy through the chakras.

The role of the chakras in thinking and enlightenment

Dr. King said:

Without them [the chakras] we could not live. We could not think, we could not have any consciousness at all in matter as we know it. None of us could be here, or on this world, or even in manifestation.

‘The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development’

In another lecture, he elaborated further on this point:

Without the psychic centers operating you could not think at all about anything, because it is through the psychic centers that thought, mind stuff, enters and then it is slowed down and translated by the brain, which is like a receiving set, and so on.

The Nine Freedoms Lectures, ‘Cosmic Consciousness’

When partially closed, as the chakras would be in an ordinary person, the energy flow is greatly reduced. But when an advanced person fully activates the chakras, as could a truly enlightened Master of Yoga, these chakras would be seen as vibrant whirlpools of energy.

A chakra that was fully activated would be capable of receiving and transmitting all energies on the levels with which that chakra was attuned. This is one way of explaining the difference between an ordinary person and a great Master with advanced psychic and spiritual powers.

And as vortices of energy, or floodgates, they can be opened or closed. Now, you will find, in the majority of people—and by this I mean the ordinary man who doesn’t think very deeply about anything in particular—that if you look at him psychically, you will see that the psychic centers of such an individual are not particularly bright or glowing as they should be. Whereas the person who thinks deeply, who works in a metaphysical way, even whether they are aware of it or not, such a person has his, or her, centers glowing brightly, just like orbs of multicolored lights—or centers—in which multicolored lights move around at a tremendous speed.

The activation and correct function of the chakras is key to enlightenment. In fact, the “powers” associated with great yoga Masters are the result of the correct function and control of each of the chakras.

As the chakras are activated and controlled we not only attain certain powers, but also become able to “tune in” to higher aspects of mind and become truly inspired.

The role of the chakras in well-being

According to Dr. King, “dis-ease” or illness is the result of either:

  • damage to our physical body, including our nervous system,
  • damage to, or inhibition of, our chakras or subtle nervous system, or
  • our own wrong thought.

He said:

Some diseases start within the physical body and are reflected into the aura. Some termed ‘psychosomatic diseases’ start in the aura or psychic centers [chakras] and have their reflection in the denser cellular structure of the physical body. Some expert healers, who are able to see the aura, can make a very exact diagnosis of a physical ailment by seeing its outward reflection in the subtle bodies or in the incorrect working of a [chakra].

You Too Can Heal

Your chakras are linked together by a vast interconnected web of psychic channels, known as “nadis” which act as the subtle counterpart to your physical nervous system. This subtle nervous system relates to your physical nervous system, and this essential relationship is what helps make spiritual healing so effective.

In spiritual healing, the healer radiates energy, primarily from the chakras in the palms of their hands, into certain chakras in the body of the patient.

When the spiritual healer does this, it helps to bring harmony and balance to the aura of the patient, and this harmony and balance is then reflected in the physical body of the patient. This means that when the healer helps to heal the illness in someone’s aura, they can help to heal their physical body too.

Access to different levels of mind

Dr. King says that the significance of the chakras is that they allow us to tap into different levels of mind:

Now we begin to see the significance of the psychic centers [chakras]: that a whole new world of information and activity is opened up to a man or woman who has in any way developed these psychic centers. Or, in other words, has begun to open these flowers so that they can receive the sunlight. The eyes can only see a small part of the spectrum. They can only see from infrared—well, not quite infrared—to ultraviolet. They can’t see below infrared or above ultraviolet.

But certain psychic centers can see, and become aware of, colors and happenings, not only between infrared and ultraviolet but at the other two ends of the spectrum as well. The physical eyes can only see a room here, and can only see people in this room. The subtle eyes cannot only see a room and people in this room, but they might be able to see the aura of these people, might be able to know more about these people, may be able to see whether they’re fit or sick, whether they’re ailing, or whether they will ail. They might even be able to see what these people were in their last life, and what they might be in the next life. The subtle eyes might even see a huge temple in the middle of this room, towering for 500 feet high. In other words, they might even be able to see on another plane. They might even be able to see on a plane below this and see such ghastly sights that they nearly go mad with fright. They might be able to see the lower astral realms as well as this physical, and as well as the higher realms.

Why? Because these vortices of energy are working correctly. They are working in balance, one with another. And this is the birthright of man. This is what every man is… shall we say, can control this power, this vision, not only on this plane but on other planes far beyond this. He can control this. This is part of man. In fact, it’s a more essential part of man than seeing the things about us in this room on the physical plane. It’s more essential. The difference between the seer and John Doe is that the seer has realized the significance of these vortices of power and has controlled them.

The significance then—to sum it up—of these psychic centers, is that we can tap all levels of mind.

‘The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development’

What happens when you raise Kundalini through the chakras?

Kundalini is a mystical power located at the base of the spine, sometimes referred to as the “Serpent Power”.

In a lecture in 1960, Dr. King said:

Now, we have here in the spine what is tantamount to a natural cyclotron. We have outside in the atmosphere what is tantamount to an inexhaustible supply of energy. If we bring these two great energies together with sufficient force and impact, namely, the energy latent within the base of the spine and the energy outside of our bodies—the universal life force—we bring them together with sufficient force and impact.

What do we have?

We have something which is tantamount to a minor atomic explosion. An explosion, which releases energies through the spinal column, and this energy is referred to in the ancient books as the “fire of Kundalini.” The Kundalini which is the goddess. It is called: the goddess with three and a half coils that lies sleeping in muladhara, or the basic spinal center.

In another lecture on the same subject, he elaborated further:

As it comes through each psychic center [chakra] in turn—through here, [indicates], not round through the front but up through the spine, through each psychic center in turn—that center comes into its own, and it begins to function and great energy is drawn into the body and pushed out from the body—tremendous energies. And the powers come: clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, projection, and so on and so on. I could reel them off for a long time—these different powers which come.

And then it’s controlled again, and the powers are rejected—which they have to be: that’s the big temptation by the way—and then again it’s risen to the next psychic center and the powers become higher still, and so on and so on and so on, until it’s risen to this center here [indicates], and that’s the physical place where it will lodge in the spine. And this center is opened and then the powers become higher still. And then it’s moved further up here, and you can leave the Earth whenever you wish. You are then a great Master.

‘The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development’

The highest chakras, which yield the greatest powers, and, more importantly, the greatest enlightenment, are the christ center in the forehead and the brahma chakra above the head. In The Nine Freedoms Dr. King describes the feat of raising the Kundalini into these centers as the true definition of mastery.

What do you experience when you activate each chakra in full?

In The Nine Freedoms, and in various lectures (see the recommendations at the bottom of this page), Dr. King related from his own experiences, what happens when you raise the mystic power of Kundalini in full into each of the six major chakras above the base chakra. There are not very many people on Earth who can speak from experience in this respect!

How do you develop the chakras?

First of all, we do not—repeat, we do not—try in any way at all to force this development either with drugs: and there are some drugs that will force the development of psychic centers [chakras] — this we do not do. Neither do we force the development of these psychic centers [chakras] with any other particular exercise which is designed to put pressure on certain nervous systems, and so bring on an unnatural or forced development. Neither, under any condition at all, do we force the development of these psychic centers [chakras] by concentrating on certain parts of the body.

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

Dr. King goes on to advise us, in the strongest possible terms, that in his experience around the world investigating this subject, he has seen people who have become severely mentally and physically disabled by concentrating on areas such as the solar plexus area and the sex center.

He continues:

Concentration on these two areas can bring—as the yogi says—premature death and madness; and it can—there is no doubt. We don’t employ methods like that, but one sure method that we can employ, if we wish, is deep breathing exercises.

Regarding their development, as I said before, there is one way that I know—there are many ways that I know—there’s one sure way, though. That is deep breathing…

Now, there is another way—and this is the way, probably, that we are most interested in, of raising Kundalini—and this is the completely and absolutely safe way of raising this energy.

It is probably a way which is slower than some of the other ways I’ve told you—deep breathing, mantra and so on. But it is a way which can give to mankind a great balance and help mankind in afterlives, and that is the way of service to others. This, too, will bring about the release of this energy. The release may not be so spectacular as to cause this tremendous fire to raise suddenly through sushumna [a tiny channel] in the spinal column. It may not be as spectacular as that. It may be a piece—a bit—of the fire at a time, a slow raise, but it will be balanced… But service to others is one sure balanced, completely sane way of raising and activating this great primeval force which gradually opens each psychic center [chakra].

…It’s best always to be as balanced as possible in this, and service being the key—as far as the Space People are concerned—one can always do service, prayer, and other things as well, and then one supplements the other…

What is The Nine Freedoms?

The Nine Freedoms is one of the most profound series of revelations ever given to mankind; it explains not only what life on Earth is really all about, but also gives a tantalizing glimpse of life beyond the cycle of reincarnation – through Ascension, and on to future lives on other planets, and even to existence as a part of the mighty Sun itself. Each of the Freedoms was given by a cosmic intelligence known as Mars Sector 6 through the mediumship of Dr. George King. Discover more about The Nine Freedoms.

King Yoga

The most powerful form of Karma Yoga is King Yoga – because it is the most powerful way of being of service to the world, and therefore of attaining Enlightenment. The name King Yoga was coined by the disciples of Dr. George King after his passing, to describe the unique spiritual path that he taught to his students and gave to the world as a whole.

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