You Too Can Heal


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You Too Can Heal – An illustrated explanation of a well-tried technique of spiritual healing which anyone can use

By Dr. George King

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“Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by man for God” – so said Dr. George King who revolutionized the spiritual healing movement with the publication of You Too Can Heal in 1976. The brilliantly simple techniques outlined in this book will teach you how to give both contact and absent healing – as well as self-healing – in a way that is safe and easy to learn. This is not faith healing, but a way of invoking and directing spiritual energy through visualization, which is the cornerstone of mystic Christianity – and a sure path to psychic development and spiritual joy.

Softback; 133 pages.

Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in spiritual energy and helping others. Please note that the techniques described are designed to be used in conjunction with conventional medical care, not to take its place.


From pages 99-100:

QUESTION: Before commencing the Healing treatment, should one request to be a channel for The Holy Power to flow forth?

ANSWER: Yes, most certainly. I personally always do that and also take a few deep breaths up one nostril and down the other. Learn some basic Yoga type of breathing and request that you be filled with Healing energy. Some people feel they heal better after having said Prayers. Some people say Prayers whilst giving Healing. Whatever helps you to be a better channel, to heal better, by all means adopt it. Everybody is an individual in this respect. One thing you should not do is to have a heavy meal just before you give Healing, because this will very often upset you. Just have a light meal or a meal a few hours beforehand. This is the best way. Another absolute must before approaching the first patient of a particular Healing session is to perform the “Practice Of The Presence” as described fully in Chapter Two of this book.

QUESTION: Why is it called “Spiritual Healing?”

ANSWER: Somebody invented the title a long time ago, probably because they thought Spiritual powers were being used. Personally, I prefer the title “Natural Healing” because it is the most natural method of Healing in the world, but most people would not know what you were talking about if you called it that.

QUESTION: Can you give a guideline as to how long one should give individual Healing?

ANSWER: It really depends on when you, as the healer, think that the patient has had enough Healing for one session. Some patients will take.
a lot of power from you, others not so much. However, a broad guideline would be about fifteen to twenty-five minutes per patient.

QUESTION: How often can one give Healing to the same patient?

ANSWER: If you are a very powerful healer, then you should not give too much Healing to the patient too quickly – say once or twice weekly. If you are a moderate healer, you can give it more often, leaving a few days between Healing sessions. It all depends on the severity of the complaint suffered by the patient. Use good judgement. Study the Chapter on Absent Healing — this will give you a good idea of the frequency of Healing sessions which should be given to a patient who is dangerously ill.

From pages 95-96:

This book has given you an insight into the wonderful power which has been put into your hands. A power which can be given to your suffering brothers through the aura, by contact or over a distance, and it is to be hoped that a whole new world of Service has been opened for you.
 You should remember that the greatest Yoga of all is the Yoga of Service, and by the administration of Spiritual Healing, you are giving a true, selfless Service to suffering mankind. You are helping him to progress as well, for your Healing power not only cures the physical effects in the body, but will often help to cure the mental causes in the mind as well, will bring the patient a greater realization of the wondrous world of the Spiritual forces. As well as this, you are progressing yourself by performing two great types of Service, namely, the Bhakti Yoga of love and compassion and the Karma Yoga of actively helping your fellow man.

By the Divine Law of Karma, you must also reap your own reward. Because by your potent Service, you will balance your Karmic pattern to such an extent that you will gain a deeper realization and appreciation of the Divinity around you, as well as a knowledge of the use of the miraculous tools contained within Nature’s finer forces.

Learn. Apply.
 And you will discover that — YOU TOO CAN HEAL.