Unlock Your Psychic Powers


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Unlock Your Psychic Powers

by Richard Lawrence

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Second edition of the classic bestseller.

“Explains clearly every aspect of seeing the future… and how to awaken your own psychic abilities.” The Daily Mail

“Everyone can be psychic. There’s nothing strange about it. It’s just another part of being human… I wasn’t born with any ‘gift’ – I learnt from scratch. SO CAN YOU!” Richard Lawrence

With countless useful tips, and dozens of fascinating insights, this classic international bestseller is the ultimate guide for everyone wishing to enjoy a new level of psychic and intuitive awareness. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner, here is the key to psychic development in order to help others and yourself.

Psychic Touch • Aura Viewing • Healing • Clairvoyance • Dos & Don’ts • Yoga Wisdom • Visualization • Telepathy • Crystal Gazing • Clairvoyance • Intuition • Dreams • Channeling • Destiny • Karma

This new, improved edition, contains eleven additional exercises, used over many years by thousands of people around the world with outstanding results.

“A useful guide for anyone wishing to enjoy a new level of psychic and intuitive awareness … it is suitable for both the complete beginner and experienced practitioner.” – Psychic News, UK

Softback; 190 pages.

Suitable for beginners and recommended to anyone seeking sensible practical advice on the often misunderstood subject of psychic development.

Also available in Russian.


Unlock Your Psychic Powers, Second Edition (2008)

From Page 67:

One of the keys to developing psychic ability is the control and use of the imagination. The sceptic may say that all psychic ability is a result of imagination. His assumption will be that imagination is something contrary to the truth and that reason is something synonymous with the truth, but this is not always so.

Uncontrolled imagination can be dangerous. But it is only through the controlled use of our imagination that we will glimpse what is possible to us and to others. It is this glimpse of what is possible that gives us the opportunity to attain it. If a person never imagined she could be a writer, she would never write; if a person never imagined she could cook a good meal, she could never be a good cook, and so on and so on. The same is definitely true of using imagination in our psychic development, providing always that we use it in a controlled manner.

Reason alone, without the imaginative flair that characterises great thinking is bland and not necessarily accurate.

From Pages 73 – 74:

Regular practice of a balanced set of visualisations will bring you many benefits, but the main one is the gradual awakening of the inner eye, which is the term used to denote clairvoyance.

In deciding which psychic sense to concentrate on, whether it be psychic seeing, psychic hearing or another psychic sense, the choice is very personal one. In some ways it is similar to the arts: some are more attracted to visual representation through paintings, sculpture and so forth, others to the aural sense through music. People are generally attracted to both in different degrees, and it is good to include both these main senses of psychic seeing and psychic hearing to a greater or lesser extent. But usually an individual will have a particular flair in one direction or another. In fact the old wives’ tale about having a ‘sixth sense’ does not do justice to psychic ability. It would me more correct to say that we have psychic centres complementing the five basic physical senses.

Clairvoyance has two separate meanings, both of which are associated with vision. The first is divination and the second is the ability to have psychic vision through seeing objects and occurrences on a different psychic level of existence.

From Page 111:

Through developing your psychic abilities you will gain a much deeper insight into the true facts about life after death. It no longer becomes an issue for mere philosophical discussion when you start to become aware through clairvoyance or clairaudience of those people who have passed on from the physical realm and now exist on higher planes around this word. In my opinion, this alone makes psychic development worthwhile, never mind all the other benefits which can be gained from it. It is so much more conclusive to receive your information through personal experience than just having to rely on faith or a deeply held religious or philosophical conviction.

You will gain far greater awareness of the realms that exist around our world. You will also start to perceive the existence of the aura of yourself and others, and those higher bodies which do not die when the physical body dies.