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A day to reflect on the Karmic Gods

A day to reflect on the Karmic Gods

Today is the second most important date in The Aetherius Society calendar because we commemorate what we call the eviction of the alien. This day in 1965 saw a key moment in the Alien Mission which was performed by those Cosmic Beings known simply to us as the Adepts.

On September 23rd, 1967 in a Cosmic Transmission through Dr. George King, the Master Jesus stated about the Three Adepts:

You should devote your whole life in Service to These, for by serving Them, you serve all men – and vastly more important than this – you serve the Karmic Gods.

How can we devote our whole lives in service to these and thereby obey the commandment of the Master Jesus? After all, we do not have a direct physical connection with any of these god-like beings. There is, though, a life-line to the Adepts in the form of Dr. George King. He was above all else a great strategist and through him we can discover the kind of thought processes which lay behind the missions performed by the Adepts, who fought in the lower astral realms of Earth for our salvation.

In particular, he was a foremost expert in Karma and how it can be manipulated for the greatest good. In 1977 he said in an address:

There are very few Masters who have ever walked this Earth who could teach me one thing about the Law of Karma. This is one of my great specialities and everything I have done in the past 23 years connected with The Aetherius Society has been a karmic manipulation in one way or another.

His understanding of Karma and the application of this Law, was unprecedented. We see it, for example, in Operation Prayer Power, which was designed to enable us to store energy so that we can release it in world crisis situations very quickly indeed. This in itself is a concept of genius, but his design also involves the direct participation of the Cosmic Masters, who manipulate our energy. This puts it on a completely different karmic level.

In March 1959, the Master Aetherius informed us that performing The Twelve Blessings upon a charged mountain is the new yoga of this present age. It is indeed a wonderful thing to do and you are warmly invited to join us on our official pilgrimages. But years later, when he launched Operation Prayer Power, Dr. King described this as “a new yoga for a new age”. He had inscribed another page in the great Cosmic Book. Those who are able to attend Operation Prayer Power in London, Los Angeles, Michigan, Barnsley or Auckland are directly cooperating with the Cosmic Forces who will later manipulate the energy where it is most needed in the world.

An even greater example is Operation Sunbeam which was described by Mars Sector 6, as “a karmic beam of manipulative light”. Again Dr. King’s concept is simple once you know it: to repay a small token to the Mother Earth using energy from a holy mountain which was originally intended for the benefit of humanity. As such, this is a sacrifice made by us for Her, which guarantees its karmic power.

Like Operation Prayer Power this mission has escalated immeasurably, involving beings from other worlds, and energy from other planets as well as the mountains. Far greater quantities of energy have been sent out than were originally envisaged and it has undoubtedly and radically changed the Cosmic Plan for our world.

Another mission, Operation Space Power, was initiated by the Master Aetherius but predominantly designed by Dr. King. It too has escalated way beyond its beginnings thanks to him. Now, during a Spiritual Push, over 30,000 prayer hours are sent out per day through our five Spiritual Energy Radiators. This is much more than was sent out on this physical realm by all of humanity combined, according to figures given to us in 1978 by that great source of information, Mars Sector 8 Special Advisor S2.

If that wasn’t enough Operation Space Power II has made millions more prayer hours of energy available, even outside of a Spiritual Push. This was entirely a result of Dr. King’s strategic mind – he assessed, revised and improved the Cosmic Plan while living in an ordinary terrestrial body.

These are major examples of King Yoga at its zenith. Many more can be found in the teachings and practices of The Aetherius Society and they all have in common the mind of their originator. If you support The Aetherius Society, you automatically support the Missions it performs and the strategy of the Master who devised them. This includes Members who would dearly love to attend Operation Prayer Power, but are unable to do so, for example at our African Branches and Groups. They do, however, actively support The Aetherius Society in other ways which must impact on the Missions.

By giving service through The Aetherius Society we are taking a significant step towards the statement made by the Master Jesus about the Adepts. We can serve all men, and thanks to the unique mind of Dr. George King – a mind which is closely aligned to the Adepts who evicted the alien fifty-one years ago today – we even have the opportunity to serve the Karmic Gods.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About the author
Dr. Richard Lawrence is the Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe and a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches. He has devoted his life to the work of his master and personal friend, Dr. George King (1919-1997), who founded the Society. He is also an international bestselling author of more than 10 books.

All the blogposts written for are written by experienced Aetherius Society personnel and approach themes relating to the teachings, practices and ideals of the Society. However, they also contain personal opinions, insights and interpretations that are not necessarily representative of the Society as a whole, or all of its Members as individuals.

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  1. Ron on October 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    How do we support The Adepts? They seem to bo very important but inaccessible?

    • Darren on October 28, 2016 at 8:59 am

      Hi Ron,
      Thank you very much for your question. You can support the Adepts by working for and with The Aetherius Society, and most of all as part of one of the Missions, many of which are listed in the post. Anyone can participate in Operation Prayer Power, which is held in London, Los Angeles, Barnsley and Auckland. You can also support the Adepts by supporting The Aetherius Society in any way that you can because in that way too you are ultimately supporting the Missions.

  2. Cosmic Buddhi on October 31, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    I notice there is a Prayer for the Three Adepts in the book The Three Saviours Are Here! by Dr George King. May I ask if this Prayer is still applicable for use by us today considering the wording which appeared geared towards offering them one’s love for the performance of Operation Karmalight.(a past event). What Prayer might we offer to These Ones today? Inspirational Prayers and Mantras?

    • Darren on November 1, 2016 at 8:50 am

      We still recite the prayer for the Adepts at virtually every service. During Dr. King’s lifetime, it was altered, however, to the SIX Adepts, not just the THREE. The prayer carries a certain power simply by virtue of having been delivered by the Master Jesus through Dr. King. The purpose of the prayer is to send energy to the Adepts, and it will do this irrespective of whether or not the wording is in date. Performing inspirational prayers and mantras in honor of the Adepts is also a wonderful practice to perform.

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